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Did Kim Kardashian Fake The Paris Robbery? Charges May Be Filed Against Her

Did Kim Kardashian fake the entire Paris robbery? That’s what sources are beginning to claim after no physical evidence of a robbery taking place was found. So far, there have been no witnesses, no camera footage, and no physical marks on Kardashian to back up her story of being bound and gagged by five masked men. After giving her statement to police in Paris, Kim boarded a private jet and immediately headed back to the United States. Since then, there have been no reports of any leads or suspects in the case. With the amount of terrorism activity that has been taking place in Paris, it’s said the city has surveillance cameras on most streets. That fact, combined with the fact Kardashian was staying in a swanky private apartment that would most likely have its own security cameras, has people wondering if a crime was committed at all. One source is even stating Kim faked the robbery in order to boost ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the family’s reality show on E!. The network announced the show is on an indefinite break following the robbery. It’s said the show has since been cancelled after Kim admitted to setting up the fake robbery to the production crew. Many are also wondering where her so-called security team was at during the robbery. She was traveling with millions of dollars in jewelry, so why was there no security in place? Kim has been keeping a low profile since the robbery and has even cancelled upcoming public appearances. It’s been stated that her silence on social media can cost her millions of lost revenue, while her cancelled appearances are also costing her money. However, she may just lose it all if there is any truth in the robbery being a hoax. As of now, it’s being reported both Kim and Kanye West may be investigated for fabricating the crime. READ NEXT: See The Kardashian Family’s Drastic Transformations Over The Years


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