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Dine N’ Dash Diva Thought She Could Get Away With It, She Was Wrong

She owed them a lot of money, money they never got back. So now they wanted revenge. 

They always hung out, but this time it would be different. They were planning this moment for weeks. Little did she know, their sense of loyalty and nostalgia towards her was long gone. It was time to make her pay – literally! 

Meet Dee, she’s the newest member of a group of friends that have been together since the end of middle school. 

But now that they’re all in college together, and meeting up more frequently, they discovered something they didn’t know about Dee. She’s turned into a rumour-spreading, drama queen who’s an expert in hiding with acting skills that could win a grammy.

Dee stood up quickly and declared a state of emergency. She raced out the restaurant door. Her friends watched her leave, worried and sympathetic. They absorbed her bill as a one-time favour for a friend in need. 

Later, they all called her, no answer. Then they sent texts, still no answer. They presumed she was dealing with her unexpected crisis and let it slide. For now. 

Two weeks later, they were eating out again. Dee excused herself to the bathroom just before the bill came out. Her friends noticed she was taking a while so they went to check on her. 

When they found the bathrooms empty, they called her phone. No answer. They never saw her again that night. The next day, they learnt she drove home drunk. But that’s not all. 

They ended up talking about Dee’s wild behaviour to each other and found out that Dee has left each of them with the bill individually, multiple times. She was playing them for a fool.

If she did this all the time to her friends, they dreaded what kind of person this really made her. They wanted to find out more, so they went finishing for more evidence. 

Contacting more of Dee’s friends through social media, they asked questions about her and if she had ever scammed them out of money. Their response shocked them. 

A few of her friends recalled similar experiences of her occasionally leaving the bill to them and never paying them back, but what her next friend had to say didn’t match up to the Dee they knew at all.

They found out that Dee was receiving a lot of money from her father. Not only that, but she was in the midst of saving to buy herself a new Tesla. 

So, not only did she have a job, and act broke but she was also receiving a stipend from her dad. Other than total stinginess and selfishness, there was no reason for her to be dodging bills. Now all they needed was revenge.

Dee had put all of her friends $300 + out of pocket. They all felt deceived by her and were fed up with her cheap behavior, so they decided to plan their revenge. 

Now that they knew she had the cash, and the audacity to leave them all with her bills, their sense of loyalty and nostalgia towards her was gone. It was time to execute their genius revenge plan. 

Like always, they decided to eat out again, but this time at a really nice restaurant where the food and drinks were about twice the price of what they’d normally go for. 

Dee was particularly excited about this fancy restaurant, bless her. She announced to the group how excited she was for cocktails. If only she knew she’d actually have to pay for them this time. 

They didn’t hold back. It was a three course meal, everyone had a starter, main and dessert. As they ate, the drinks kept flowing too. And Dee wasn’t kidding about those cocktails. 

She drank almost double the amount of everyone else. Everyone was having a great time, including Dee, but that was all about to change. 

Just as the desert was over and the prospect of after-dinner coffee was being tossed around, the group of friends told Dee that they had a surprise for her. 

Using her birthday next month as an excuse, they asked her to close her eyes and wait because it would take them a while to prepare her present. Dee did as she was told. Then she got a serving she would never forget!

Quietly, they all got up, and tip-toed out of the restaurant. Dee still had her eyes closed when she got a tap on the shoulder from the waiter giving her their bill of $738.17. 

Sobering up, she looked around at the empty seats surrounding the table. The bill in her hand dropped to the floor as she ran out the door after her “friends”. The waiter followed her. 

Her friends carpooled to the restaurant together, leaving Dee to drive in her own car, as she always did. This way, they could all hop in the designated getaway car faster and leave before Dee would have the chance to catch them. 

She didn’t have a chance. As she bust through the doors of the restaurant, she screamed.

They had just pulled out of the parking space, when they saw Dee running out of the doors searching wildly through the parking lot for them.

Before their car rolled away, Dee saw them and screamed as she raised her middle fingers at them. Their phones began to blow up like crazy with tons of vile messages and voicemails.

With no choice, Dee was forced to pay but she left no tip – classy! She then received a text from her group of “friends” that read, “Guess you’ll have to dip into your Tesla fund. Take an Uber home before you lose your scholarship and your friends, boozer. We know you can afford it.”

Only time will tell if this revenge plan has taught her to pay for herself like a grown adult!


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