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Discontinued SUVs That Everyone Wants To See Make A Comeback

In today’s car market, SUV models of all shapes and sizes rule the dealership lots and are in very high demand. In fact, in some countries, SUVs are affecting the sales of regular sedan and station wagons. SUV’s are the vehicle of the future due to their diverse uses. There are hundreds of different kinds of models in this car class. They range from small to full-size, as well as powerful and expensive models. Despite the popularity and numerous models, there are quite a few SUVs that have been discontinued from the market. Here are the top SUV models that many hope will be making a comeback soon.

1. Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer was one of the classic models that made Jeep one of the world’s best manufacturer of off-road vehicles and SUVs. In the early 60s, Jeep presented itself as the first luxurious off-road models. It was a vehicle that did extraordinarily well crossing deserts as well as cruising highways. Before this car, the comet of a luxurious off-roader didn’t exist. As the Wagoneer became popular, it evolved into the Grand Wagoneer. It came with a leather interior, a wooden dashboard and all kinds of luxurious comforts. Despite the fact Jeep already has the luxurious Grand Cherokee in it’s model lineup, there are still rumors that they could introduce the Wagoneer in the next few years.

2. Mitsubishi Pajero

Over the few years, Pajero was upgraded and made out to be a luxurious machine, and it was even used to race. In the late 90s, they introduced the Pajero Pinin as smaller and more affordable version of the original. The Pajero began it’s decline when the European SUVs in the same class were introduced. These days, they no longer sell the Pajero in Europe and it’s presence is limited to a small amount of markets around the world. The most current generation was introduced in 2006. The Pajero has potential. If modernized, it could be a modern-looking and comfortable SUV while having a powerful engine and off-roading abilities.

3. International Harvester Scout

The International Harvester is a well-known American company that is mostly dedicated to producing trucks and agricultural machinery. The first of it’s kind was a big, seven-seat SUV with massive engines and tough mechanics intended for professional users and extreme challenges. The second was very popular, and more compact than the original. This version was called the Scout, and it was a small and usable off-road SUV with choices of engines ranging from 2.5-liter straight four to 4.4-liter V8. It also came with a removable top, meaning it was a convertible. The first models were used by most nature lovers, hunters and forest patrols, and the second generation came with more options, better engine and exterior trim. Although they discontinued Scout in 1980 after 19 years of production, it is still a very popular and sought after model.

4. Land Rover Defender

Unfortunately, the future for this model doesn’t look so bright. They discontinued it in 2016 after staying in production for almost 70 years, and Land Rover announced it will replace it with a new and much-improved model better suited for the 21st century. The history of this vehicle can be traced back to the necessity for them after war shortages in Great Britain. Used military Jeeps weren’t enough, and then Rover began producing the compact Land Rover in 1948. It had many promising capabilities such as it’s small weight, and off-roading abilities. Land Rover soon became the ultimate off roading SUV, able to cruise through many kinds of terrain. Land Rover eventually introduced Range Rover, but the Defender still remained in production. Despite the popularity of the model, it’s days became numbered.


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