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Dog Gives Birth, Vets Notice They Are Cow Pups

Rosie’s owners abandoned her at the shelter. She was a  golden retriever mix, an ideal family dog and people’s best friend. The problem here was that this dog was pregnant.

The staff at the shelter were worried because it would be difficult for them to take care of puppies and Rosie needed help.

The shelter employees contacted Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, an organization specifically for the dog breed, and they found a perfect couple for dog adoption.

This couple was Katie and John Black. They had raised more than 20 dogs together and had all the experience to assist Rosie with her birth. But they had no idea what was going to happen next.

The Blacks were very happy with this beautiful dog and were looking forward to the birth.

When Rosie went into labor, Kate and John did everything they could to help her and provide a safe haven for the puppy. But when they saw the first puppy, they couldn’t believe it.

The pair was taken aback. When Rosie gave birth to all puppies. The puppies had the most unexpected color. Katie quickly posted their photos on Instagram.

“Our foster dog, a Golden mix, gave birth yesterday… To baby cows,” Kate wrote. The Blacks named them Clarabelle, Betsy, Daisy, and Moo.

There are several dog breeds with “cow” pattern fur. Kate’s followers sought to figure out who fathered the mysterious “cow” puppies.

It could either be a Dalmation or even an English setter. There were a lot of theories, but which one was actually right?

The social network was blown up by Rosie and her “cows.” Their photo was liked by over 90,000 people.

But not all followers were polite to the couple and the new mother.

There were accusations made against the unknowing couple. Some claimed that Kate and John made Rosie breed with another dog.

They adopted Rosie, though, while she was already pregnant! But this problem wasn’t as significant because Kate and John were dealing with another issue.

Unfortunately, Rosie’s recovery wasn’t going well.

The delivery was successful but Rosie’s health was getting worse. The Blacks were worried that she had an infection.

It was Metritis, a bacterial infection in her uterus. This condition can develop as a result of a difficult delivery.

The veterinarian prescribed a special treatment for Rosie. As she was getting the treatment the Blacks took care of the pups. 

And then slowly the mother got better. Rosie was able to nurse her puppies after she was fully recovered.

She was a good mother, and the couple saw that the dog adored her puppies.

As the puppies grew older, they started to resemble more like their mother.

Kate and John were smitten by these adorable pups. They lived like a big friendly family and were happy about it. However, the facility was approached by people over time who wanted to adopt the puppies.

Rosie and her babies were difficult to separate. She was such a wonderful mother!

But it was difficult to take care of all the puppies together. Each pup needed its share of love. They deserved a home.

When dogs were ten weeks old, they were adopted by their new owners. 

But was Rosie happy with this? It must have been difficult for her.

She was also given a new home. After reading a story about a dog and her amazing “cows,” one man came forward to adopt her.

She now has a lovely home and a beautiful deserving family.

Many people were amazed by this extraordinary story.

Rosie was able to start a new life with the help of the Blacks, and her puppies were safe and secure as well.


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