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Dog Keeps Barking At Belly, Knows Something’s Off

Alhanna felt sick to her stomach. It wasn’t because she was pregnant, or because she just ate an entire jar of pickles no. Her dog Keola had been growling at her big belly for weeks; it was as if the beloved pup was trying to warn her about something, but what? 

Alhanna was tired and pregnancy had started to take its toll on her and her body, so she dismissed Keola and told him to get off the sofa. But she had no idea this dog was about to save her, and her unborn baby’s life. 

When Alhanna Butler found out she was pregnant, she was over the moon. Her husband, Ricky was equally as speechless but Alhanna knew that she and Ricky would make fantastic parents. 

Even their dog Keola seemed excited! But this new mom had no idea her entire world was about to be turned upside down. 

With a baby on the way, Alhanna was ready to start a new chapter in her life. But halfway through her pregnancy, she noticed that her dog Keola had started barking at her and following her around. 

She didn’t realize it at the time, but this dog was going to save her and her unborn baby’s life. 

For as long as she could remember Alhanna knew she wanted to be a mother. But it came as a struggle. She and Ricky had tried for five years to get pregnant, and then finally, the hard work paid off. Alhanna was pregnant! 

Everybody was on cloud nine when hearing the news of Alhanna’s pregnancy. But the excited mom had no idea what was coming to her. 

The pregnancy started out great for Alhanna, she was literally glowing. But as the months went on, she noticed her dog Keola’s behavior had started getting more and more strange.

Her beloved pup had started following Alhanna around the house and growling at her stomach. He was becoming clingy but why? When Alhanna found out the reason she felt sick to her stomach. 

With pregnancy starting to take its toll on Alhanna and her body, Alhanna just dismissed her dog’s behavior as him being protective. 

Although he had never been this possessive before, he was just being protective. But she was so wrong. 

One dark night Alhanna woke up in a cold sweat. She reached out for her husband Ricky and he was there, but out for the count. 

She turned over but then suddenly, what she saw at the edge of her bed left her lost for words. 

It was Keola, his face staring straight at Alhanna. What was he doing here? “Keola,” says Alhanna in a quiet yet stern tone. “Get down,” she insisted, indicating the dog to move. But the dog just stared straight at her. 

Alhanna decided to leave him there and she turned over to fall back asleep. But that night, Alhanna didn’t sleep a wink. 

The months passed and Alhanna started to suffer from severe back pain. Every move she made felt like agony. The pain started to become intolerable, so she went to pay her doctor a visit. 

She was hopeful that everything would be fine. But in reality, everything was far from fine. 

Unfortunately, Alhanna’s doctor dismissed it as just a pregnancy condition. She went home thinking everything was ok. After all the doctor knows best, right? 

It was just a side effect of being pregnant, right? But Keola disagreed, he knew that something was wrong with his owner. 

A few weeks later and Alhanna was still suffering from back pain and her dog Keola was still acting strange. It was as if he knew that his owner was in pain. 

Keola would nudge and cry to Alhanna which left Alhanna stumped. Her dog had never acted like this before? Alhanna knew she couldn’t ignore Keola’s behavior anymore. This dog was trying to warn Alhanna, but what about? 

Alhanna finally caved into her dog’s strange behavior and went back to her doctors. She knew it sounded strange, but she needed to put her mind at ease. 

But as soon as Alhanna set foot into the doctors, she was rushed to an intensive care unit, just moments away from death. 

When Alhanna was finally told the truth about everything she was lost for words. She couldn’t believe what her dog had been warning her about. 

Her dog had quite literally saved her and her unborn child’s life. How could she ever repay him? Alhanna knew her dog Keola was something social and she was right.

You see the doctors found that Alhanna had a double kidney infection, which was the cause of the pains in her back. 

The doctors told Alhanna that it was one of the worst infections they had ever seen. But the reason why? Because it was untreated for so long. But Keola did warn Alhanna about it. 

If it wasn’t for Keola, this story could have ended nasty, right? Thankfully Alhanna swiftly you recovered and gave birth to a healthy baby boy! 

Finally, this family felt complete. A mom, a dad, a new baby, and a very, very clever dog.


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