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Dog Goes For Walk In Snow, Finds Something Buried Underneath

Britney watched as Henry dug frantically. He was yelping as his body slowly sunk deeper into the snow. Confused, Britney hurried closer to get a better look. Suddenly, she froze. 

Henry did something that left Britney in complete awe. She had heard of dogs doing this before, she’d seen it on the internet, but she never thought she’d actually witness something like this!

It was just another evening as Britney Hogan walked her dog around her neighborhood like she usually did. 

It was winter, a time when the cold froze everything in her hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina. The familiar sight of snow stretched as far as the eye could see. But something else was lurking in the distance. 

New to working from home, and new to having a fur baby, Britney lived for her evening walks with her dog, Henry. Britney adopted Henry from a shelter 6 months ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 

Despite getting into mischief sometimes, Britney describes Henry as a sweet and friendly dog. He’s a good boy, but today he was about to give Britney the shock of her life. 

Britney’s voice came to a squeak as she asked Henry, “Do you wanna go for a walk?”. His ears shot up. He jumped over to her and then raced to the door, his paw-nails tapping the floorboards as he giddily wobbled from side to side. 

Britney put his lead on and ventured out into their favorite part of the day. Little did she know this would be a walk like no other.

Not long after they left, Henry began to pull Britney up to a pile of snow that was just beyond the sidewalk. He sniffed frantically and then started to bark. 

Britney told him to quieten down but he wouldn’t listen, instead, his nose hit the snow-covered ground and he started digging. He dug until half his body was underground. What did he find?

With Britney’s hands going numb from the cold, she didn’t have time to wait and find out. So, she dropped her tone and gave him a firm command to stop and continue walking. 

Reluctantly, he followed Britney but he had already begun to uncover something that would change their lives forever. There was no going back now.

At first, everything was normal, then Britney noticed Henry’s demeanor change. He was constantly looking behind him. His frame was sullen, almost nervous looking. Did he hurt himself when he was digging earlier? 

Britney sat him down and checked his paws, everything seemed fine. But now, he didn’t seem to want to get back up. She knew something was definitely wrong. 

Worried, Britney decided to take him back home. They turned to go back and that’s when things went from bad to worse. 

Henry began to act more strangely. He began to pull on the lead again. His bark was getting more frantic. It was scaring Britney. What was wrong with him? What was he seeing that she wasn’t? Then disaster struck.

Henry had stretched his lead out far. As he pulled across a corner, an incoming mom and pram were approaching. The stretched out lead was going to hit the baby if Britney didn’t let go. So, she did. And with that, Henry bolted down the street. 

Britney hurriedly apologized to the mom for the fright and chased after Henry, completely unaware of what she was running towards. 

The streets were empty as she ran. She could see him in the distance, she watched him as he suddenly stopped. It looked like the very same spot where he had been digging earlier. He got back to work. 

Relieved to know he was going to be there for a while, Britney switched to a walking pace. She was fuming at his bad behavior. But then she saw something incredible.

Britney watched in amazement as Henry pulled something out of the snow. He set it down on the ground and then gently adjusted his bite to pick it up again. 

Then Henry did something that left Britney in complete awe. She had heard of this kind of thing happening before, but she never thought she’d witness it for herself!

Britney saw Henry pull out a freezing tiny kitten that was buried in the snow. She followed him as he gently carried it back to their house. 

He walked to his outdoor dog house and carried it straight inside. Now, Britney had caught up with him. After he set the kitten down safely inside, he walked back out, tail wagging, to greet Britney. 

Britney’s heart melted. She patted Henry and looked inside his dog house to see a little kitten curled up in his blankets, shivering.

Gently, she reached in and scooped the tiny kitten up in her hands. She looked for a collar but it wasn’t wearing one. She brought it inside and the search for it’s owners began.  

Days passed with no luck. Britney soon realized that Henry had rescued a stray. She looked at the kitten who has now so effortlessly fit into their lives, and who was quickly becoming Henry’s best friend. 

The way she saw it, she had no choice. She made a decision that would affect their lives forever.   

Britney welcomed a third member into their little family and very aptly called the kitten, Snowball. It was as though Henry and Snowball’s encounter was written in the stars!

They’ve been inseparable ever since and keep each other company whenever Britney has to pop out. We could all learn a thing or two from Henry’s behavior that day!   


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