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Dog’s Belly Won’t Stop Growing, 2 Weeks Later Ultrasound Proves Everyone Wrong

The vet finished the ultrasound and put her equipment down. She rubbed her eyes and stared at the results again. She wasn’t sure she had understood what she had just seen. It seemed impossible so she confirmed it with a look at the results.

Even so, the numbers hadn’t changed. She had seen many strange things in her years as a vet but this was unlike anything she had seen before. There were a lot of questions racing through her mind but the one thing she knew for certain was that the dog needed immediate attention if she was going to help it. 

Chris and Mariesa had been visiting numerous animal shelters as they had decided to adopt a dog and were looking for the one that would be the perfect match for their family. Mariesa was struggling, however, as she’d agreed to only choosing one dog but there were so many wonderful dogs at each shelter.

At one point they laid eyes on a pregnant dog. She gave them a long, shy, mournful look, making it clear that she desperately wanted to be adopted. When Mariesa saw the expectant mother she knew what she had to do.

When she saw the couple, the pregnant dog crept over to them and started to lick their hands. She was heavily pregnant and her belly was already swollen with the puppies she was carrying. Mariesa knew that this dog deserved a good, loving home, especially when she gave birth.

Mariesa knew without a shadow of a doubt that this dog was the one they were going to adopt. They had to. However, what they didn’t know was that they were about to learn something about this dog that would make them think twice. 

As if being pregnant in the animal shelter wasn’t bad enough, Mariesa and Chris were soon going to discover that there was an even more tragic tale behind this pitbull. The dog, who was named Storie, had a story that left Mariesa in tears. 

Before ending up at the pound, Storie had been owned by someone who ran a backyard breeding business. However, once they discovered how expensive it would be to care for Storie and her puppies, and how hard it would be, they changed their mind and simply dropped her at the shelter instead. 

Chris and Mariesa immediately knew that they wanted to give this dog the home it deserved. They knew that Storie deserved to be showered with affection and have a warm, loving home. Storie deserved so much better than she had received in the past.

They felt that being pregnant was bad enough and a shelter was certainly not the place for a dog in her condition. They quickly adopted her, determined to give her a better life. However, once they took her to the vet they received some news that changed everything. 

To make things even more perfect, Storie was a Pitbull and both Chris and Mariesa loved Pitbulls. They had rescued several other Pitbulls in the past. The couple truly loved this specific breed.

You might be wondering how many dogs they rescued. At this point, the couple had no less than ten dogs already. All ten of these dogs received the same love and affection. The photo above shows eight of their fur babies. 

Every dog deserves a good bed, but when you have this many dogs you need to get a bit more creative. To accommodate all the dogs, Chris built what he refers to as a “megabed” as pictured below. The bed measures no less than 7 feet wide and 14 feet long.

In an interview with TODAY, Chris said, “At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch. So we built the megabed.”

The couple, clearly besotted with Pitbulls as the images show, knew that there was more that they could do for this highly misunderstood breed. They also knew that there were several laws regarding Pitbulls in their city. 

They were no strangers to being dog parents and had gained a lot of valuable experience over the years. However, no amount of experience could prepare them for what was just around the corner. No one had a clue.

Chris and Mariesa were a perfect match when it came to their love for animals. Mariesa has even admitted that she broke up with several partners in the past because they simply couldn’t understand her passion, or obsession, with dogs. 

According to her, none of her previous partners understood or supported her dream of having a house full of dogs. Chris was different, however, as he not only understood her passion but he also shared the same passion. 

When she met fellow dog lover Chris, it was a match made in heaven. The couple was not only madly in love with each other but they both loved dogs just as much. This was a very good sign and a place to start.

The more they were together, the more their obsession with dogs grew. They soon had a lot of dogs in their home. The couple absolutely adores each of the dogs as the photos illustrate. So why would they think twice about Storie?

It is a sad reality all over the world that animal shelters, unfortunately, have to deal with far more than just having enough resources to care for all the animals they take in. Of course, they wish they could rescue and care for all the animals but it’s just not possible.

When the couple first visited Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, they were amazed when they noticed the incredibly high number of Pitbulls. Knowing what warm and loving dogs they were, it was hard to imagine that they didn’t have proper homes. They had no idea that one pitbull would irrevocably change their lives. 

It’s a sad fact there is a reputation that goes along with Pitbulls, even though it is entirely undeserved. The large head and stocky figures of these dogs make them appear far more dangerous than they really are. 

As a result, many states have very strict laws about owning Pitbulls, while some states have simply outlawed owning them all together. This, in turn, is one for the reasons why there are so many Pitbulls in animal shelters.

This stigma and undeserved reputation weren’t news to Chris and Mariesa. They were well aware of it but they knew the truth. Ultimately this led to them adopting as many Pitbulls as they could, based on their resources. 

Despite their ferocious and aggressive reputation, the couple had never seen any such behavior from their own dogs. This only further cemented their commitment to helping this much-maligned and misunderstood breed. What they didn’t know was what fate had in store. 

Despite the belief that Pitbulls are one of, if not the most dangerous breed in the world, no studies have found anything to support these claims. In reality, they are no different from other dogs. Based on how they are treated they can be loving, or dangerous, and violent. 

They are not naturally vicious nor are they particularly predisposed to being aggressive just like any other breed of dog. One Pitbull, however, would change everything they thought they knew about these dogs. 

While they went through the process of adopting Storie, the staff at the animal shelter told the couple that she was expected to give birth any day now. In fact, they informed Chris and Mariesa that she was already overdue. 

No one knew why she hadn’t given birth yet, especially since it was so clear she should already. It was clear that Storie was ready to pop. The situation was a tricky one and no one knew what was really going on. 

Chris and Mariesa knew how serious this was. They knew that what they had been told quite possibly meant that they would need to make a decision that could literally mean life or death. However, it was even more complicated than that. 

It was such a critical decision that there was no time to mull it over or discuss it. It needed to made right this instant. Knowing that their decision was a matter of life and death upped the stakes and didn’t make it any easier.

Time was crucial and they had to take care of Storie right away. Even so, it wasn’t something they could rush into blindly. The couple decided to take a moment to discuss the implications and their actions going forward. 

However, while the couple debated and deliberated about what to do, Storie quietly approached them and laid her beautiful head on Mariesa’s knee and looked up pleadingly. At that moment the decision was made for them and Mariesa knew what they had to do.

Even though Mariesa knew she would be bringing Storie back home, she still had her misgivings about it. She knew that her already large family would grow by one, if not more. She wondered if she was about to make the right decision. 

Sure, having another dog in their already crowded home would be difficult at times and it was already a tricky situation. However, the news that they would soon receive would make any doubts or misgivings become that much more complicated. 

Even though they were aware that keeping Storie would mean taking care of an additional 10 dogs, they did not want the pregnant dog momma to be at the shelter for longer than she needs to be.

Mariesa wanted to help Storie and give her a safe space to deliver the pups.

The couple started to talk about it and weighed the pros and cons of bringing home Storie. Without a doubt, it was not a practical idea. However, Chris suggested something that made perfect sense for the situation at hand. 

It sure seemed like their best bet, both for their family and for Storie and the pups.

He suggested that they would foster Storie and her puppies. However, this was only going to be temporary as the animal rescue team would then look for their forever homes.

This was a good idea since they could not afford to keep more pets with their eight other dogs.

The suggestion was a brilliant one, but the problems did not end there. They still had to find out what was wrong with the pregnancy. What was the reason Storie had not yet give birth even though she was close to bursting? 

This was the next thing they had to tackle. They needed to give the pregnancy the attention it deserved.

This was the first time they have ever encountered anything like this. There must be some reason Storie was unable or unwilling to give birth to the babies. 

Chris and Mariesa had been worrying about it, so they decided to go to the internet and look for a way to address the issue. Did they find anything of relevance over there?

Unfortunately, they did not find a lot of reassuring things online. In fact, they came out even more worried about the situation! 

Well, this is normally what happens when you look for answers online. Chris and Marie felt even more anxious about the whole thing.

Humans have a tendency to underestimate just how intelligent most animals actually are. When Mariesa and Chris started to look for answers, they found out why a dog might resist the delivery of her puppies. 

They even found a source that seemed to perfectly describe what was happening.

What did they learn? Research showed that animals often experience a lot of stress and even trauma when they live in rescue shelters. Of course, pregnant dogs are more vulnerable to this. While shelters have the intention of helping animals in need, they get crowded quickly. 

A crowded place is not the best environment for a pregnant dog. A loving home such as Chris and Mariesa’s can make a big difference.

Chris and Mariesa started to read up about the matter some more and realize things could escalate further. There was a possibility that Storie would lose her puppies.

Not only that, but she might also lose her life! They certainly had no idea how bad thing were. Can you believe that this is not all?

Mariesa found out that pregnant dogs experiencing trauma get so worried about the pups that they could chose to refuse delivery completely. 

This situation happens since they are under the impression that the babies would be at risk…

Chris and Mariesa were able to tell that this was a precarious situation. They had to bring the pregnant pooch to the vet as soon as they could. This was important if they wanted to ensure the safety of the babies.

They popped back in the car and drove to the nearest vet.

The vet conducted an ultrasound scan on the dog, but she saw unbelievable results. She shook her head. How could this even be possible?

There must have been some kind of mistake, one way or another!

However, nothing about the results changed or disappeared, not the shapes nor the numbers… It was true. What she saw there would change things for the couple and the others involved.

Then, Mariesa picked up on the fact that something was not right. What was it now?

The veterinarian took a deep breath before she delivered the news. She went into an explanation of the abnormality she found in Storie’s womb. 

They had been expecting to see six puppies, but this did not align with the ultrasound results.

The vet pointed to the outlines and then counted them for the couple. Chris and Mariesa then figured out what was happening. They were now in shock as well. 

They were told that Storie would have six puppies, but the ultrasound revealed that this was not true. What exactly was going on?

The vet did not expect this either. She tried to count again. After this, she gave it another round. The results were always the same. 

At last, she figured out there was no choice but to tell them what it was…

Chris and Mariesa had been expecting six puppies, but the vet knew this was wrong. The pregnant dog was carrying not six puppies but twelve! 

Yes, that is twice the number of dogs they were expecting. At any rate, Storie had TWELVE puppies in her womb. How were they going to solve this mess?

The lovebirds could not believe what they just heard. How could this happen? Six dogs already sounded like too much but twelve? Clearly, the problem was even more serious than they originally thought.

Was Storie going to be okay? Was she going to deliver all twelve of her babies? Let us find out.

Even the vet had no idea why Storie had yet to give birth to her large litter of puppies. At the very least, the ultrasounds showed her that the puppies were all fine. 

Even the vet had no idea why Storie had yet to give birth to her large litter of puppies. At the very least, the ultrasounds showed her that the puppies were all fine. 

The vet said that the best thing they could do was head home and get ready for the birth. If Storie still had not given birth after 48 hours, they should return for yet another examination.

Chris and Mariesa did not know it at the time, but Storie actually had a great reason to wait.

You can probably imagine how stressed Chris and Mariesa had been at that moment. Storie was not only in danger of losing six babies but a dozen of these babies. 

They could not help but feel anxious about the following 48 hours. Was Storie going to be all right if she failed to deliver the pups in that timeframe?

It is easy to see that this was a dangerous and terrible situation at the same time. However, there seemed to be nothing they could do for Storie. 

The only thing left to do was make her feel at home. When they went home, Mariesa came up with a clever plan.

By that point, Chris and Mariesa already went through a lot of articles about trauma and stress. They knew how hard things have been on Storie. They tried to help her by giving her a very inviting space. 

Mariesa chose a spot in a spare bedroom. She even placed pillows and blankets for the dog.

After that, they showed Storie her new sanctuary and prayed for the best. Chris and Mariesa gave it their all because they wanted to make it just right for the pooch.

They even kept track of the room temperature and noise level in there.

The couple did not know that something incredible was going to happen there. The two of them headed of to bed for the night and then went to see how Storie was doing upon waking up. 

They wanted to see if she was feeling better and more comfortable.

As Mariesa and Chris headed to the room where they left the pit bull, they could hear some curious noises. They hurried and entered the bedroom. 

They did not expect to see what they laid their eyes on!

They entered the spare bedroom. Much to their delight, they found Storie in there with her 12 adorable puppies! She was able to deliver them all while the two of them slept. 

What an incredible sight it was.

Mariesa and Chris were reduced to tears by what they saw. Who would have thought Storie was finally going to deliver the pups? They were thrilled. 

Soon enough, they learned just why she waited so long.

When dogs give birth to puppies at the shelter, it often becomes stressful for both the mom and babies. Storie was somehow aware that the shelter was not a good place for anyone to give birth in an environment like that one. 

This is the reason she decided to wait for someone like Chris and Mariesa.

Isn’t it incredible that Storie only had to spend one whole day, even less, with Chris and Mariesa to feel comfortable around them? She was so at home she even delivered her litter of puppies! 

What made it even more special was the fact that no one understands what was going on. Good job, Storie!

Storie was great when it came to looking after the puppies. Well, what else did you expect from the best dog mother in the entire world? It did not take long before people started to file adoption cases for the dogs. 

The couple already knew that they would not get to keep the puppies for a long time. Was Storie going to be okay with letting the puppies go?

After several weeks, the puppies finally opened their eyes. Mariesa and Chris had been enjoying the time they had with the litter of puppies. The babies took over the yard and goofed around with one another.

 You know what puppies are like! Storie was happy to have all of her pups with her. Sadly, the time came for them to say goodbye…

When Storie was taken to a good and secure environment, she was able to let her body do the work and deliver the puppies. 

This was how she got to welcome the puppies, all twelve of them. However, what was next for her and the babies? Let us find out.

It seems like Storie knew just what she needed to give birth to her babies. All she wanted was the feeling of protection and security! 

The foster couple managed to give her these things, which was how she birthed her twelve strong puppies. She sure is one smart dog.

It is impressive to hear that they managed to find foster parents willing to adopt the puppies when they were 10 weeks old. Chris and Mariesa might have adored the babies, but they simply did not have the means to keep them. 

They had to give them up for adoption, sadly. It was a heartbreaking moment, but it was the right thing to do.

When they were 10 weeks old, the puppies were brought to their new homes. We’re glad to hear that, but what would become of Storie? The puppies were all in good hands now, but what about their mother?

After risking her life for her children, this wonderful mother deserves only the best.

It is not all that surprising to hear that the story went viral when it was posted on Facebook. The inspiring story of Storie reached someone who fell in love with her right away.

This man then contacted Chris and Mariesa to schedule an appointment. He wanted to meet this lovely dog and then see from there. What did he have to say?

He ended up loving Storie even more and decided to take her with him! Storie has, at long last, made her way to her forever home. She and the rest of the puppies were then taken to their amazing homes.

Not only that, but she also got spayed to prevent any more massive pregnancies. Let us hope she never has to go through anything like that ever again!

Even though Storie gave birth to a large number of puppies, she still remembered to give them the attention and love they deserved. 

When she was still with them, she was the image of a perfect mom. Aren’t you excited to hear such a lovely thing?

Chris and Mariesa were both happy and proud to see Storie accomplish such a big feat. She even cleaned and nursed the puppies while she waited for them to reach a good health status. 

Sadly, the couple did not have much more time with them…

The twelve pups all went to loving houses they now get to call their forever homes. They are glad this is the case because they will never run out of love and affection now. 

Storie stayed with Chris and Mariesa until each of the puppies were taken. Her maternal instincts are still as bright as can be.

If Mariesa and Chris failed to take a chance on her, some very terrible things would have happened to her and the babies. We are happy that they took a chance on the incredibly pregnant dog they found in the crowded animal shelter.

Otherwise, things would have gotten a much sadder ending. Whew!

Even though the story of Storie had a happily ever after, there are so many dogs out there who will never get to find a forever home. Shelters typically need plenty of help to take good care of the animals.

If you are unable to foster a dog for some reason, you can do more by checking out your other options.

Of course, it is always a good idea to take in a new dog if you can. However, you can opt to donate money or spread the word about the shelter or rescue home.

These might sound like little things, but they will go a long way to help the people who work in the shelters.

Mariesa and Chris are the founders of a nonprofit organization that looks after elderly and sick dogs. It is called the Mr. Mo Project. The dogs that fall under these categories have a high risk of euthanasia, so the couple wants to look for places they could call their forever homes.

The project also takes care of medical and living expenses. The “fospice” homes, meanwhile, provide care and love.

If you can adopt or foster dogs, you should always keep this story in mind. There is no need to fret if you do not think you have enough bed space for all the dogs you want to adopt. Should that ever happen, try to follow in the footsteps of Mariesa and Chris.

If you can adopt or foster dogs, you should always keep this story in mind. There is no need to fret if you do not think you have enough bed space for all the dogs you want to adopt. Should that ever happen, try to follow in the footsteps of Mariesa and Chris. 

By this point, you should know better than anyone how much Mariesa and Chris love dogs. You can even check out the Instagram account for ‘The Mr. Mo Project’.

On that account, they posted this photo with a caption that read, “Happy Easter and Passover from our dog house to yours #happyeaster #happypassover #lifeinthedoghouse #mrmoproject #gomrmo #18dogsandcounting #72paws #rescuelife #shelterdogs #rescuesdog #seniordogrescue #adoptdontshop #multidoghousehold #siblinggoals #squadgoals #packlife #easterbunnies #easterpictures #love #proudparents”.


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