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Dog Has A Habit Of Jumping Into The Ocean Until Sailor Discovers Why

He was setting up his equipment when a loud plop sounded just beyond his boat. He whirled around, seeing a mass of foam on the water surface. 

His brows furrowed as he checked around. One of his dogs was missing! Alarmed, he removed his shirt, ready to dive into the ocean. But what would happen next would send him reeling back. 

When Tim Iona decided to forge a career in marine biology, he only wanted to pursue his love for the earth’s numerous water bodies while helping protect and nurture the beautiful creatures that lived within them.

An experienced biologist, he’d specialized his study in cetology, or the study of whales, porpoises, and dolphins. He had no idea what the ocean would show him down the line. 

Tim’s life had always been out there in the ocean. A Hawaiian by birth, he’d spent most of his childhood and teenage years on the endless blue waters surrounding his state. 

By the end of high school, he knew he was meant to be a marine biologist. A few years later, he’d made his foothold as one of the most respected cetologists in his city. His life had only begun.

Tim had always traveled with his dog Taurus for the longest while, teaching him everything he could about the seas and oceans.

On the other hand, Taurus took to the water in a way Tim never thought possible. He was always excited to get on a boat and would jump into the water for a swim every so often. Tim had no clue what a heartwarming secret this habit would lead to. 

Tim, Taurus, and Taurus’s little brother Kilo were in the ocean when the unforgettable incident occurred. The day was bright, and the ocean was full of color.

Tim had brought his equipment along, looking to run some tests on the water’s lifeforms. Since his study was mainly about dolphins that month, he went to the ocean’s tepid waters, hoping his tests would bear promising results.

Tim and his pups turned off their engine and got to work. The equipment was easy to operate, with most being cameras and rugged stationary underwater recording devices.

But the day wouldn’t turn out as Tim had predicted. No dolphin was coming close enough for him to start his tests. Although he knew he needed to be patient, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Two hours passed with Tim and his dogs hanging out in the sun, waiting for a dolphin to come to their boat. They’d already changed their position in the ocean thrice, with no changes to justify their actions.

Tim was about to give up when suddenly, one of his dogs began barking. It was Kilo, the younger of the pair, who, unlike Taurus, had not spent much time in the ocean.   

Alerted by the dog’s sudden excitement, Tim turned to Kilo, wondering what could be rilling him like that. Then, he saw the sleek grey fin dipping in and out of the peaceful ocean surface. 

Tim jumped to his feet, dumbing down his thrill at the dolphin circling their boat. He leaned over to his gear and began getting everything ready. He had no idea what was about to happen.

Tim was setting up his equipment when a loud plop sounded over the boat’s edge. He whirled around, seeing a mass of foam on the water surface.

His brows furrowed as he checked around. Kilo was missing! Alarmed, he removed his shirt, ready to dive into the ocean. But what would happen next would send him reeling back. 

The ocean water churned where Kilo had fallen in. His brother Taurus dove into the water to save him. Tim was about to follow him in when he saw it. 

The dolphin circling the boat rose to the water’s surface. Sitting on its back was Kilo, soaked but smiling atop the beautiful creature. But that was only the beginning. 

The dolphin whistled and clicked as it neared the boat, getting close enough for Tim to help Kilo back onto the boat. Taurus, swimming behind them, barked happily, seeing his brother was safe again. 

Tim helped him up the boat, hoping the dolphin would remain friendly to him and his pups. The creature would blow his expectations out of the water. 

Tim was still reeling from what had just happened when the dolphin reached the boat with its beak. It kissed against Kilo’s snout and whistled happily, going over to kiss Taurus. 

Tim was left stumped, glad his cameras were recording the entire thing. No one back home would believe him when he told them this story. 

Dolphins are among some of the most intelligent animals in the ocean. They are playful, welcoming, energetic, and always ready to spend time with humans. 

But although a dolphin is among the best mammals you can find in the ocean, governments have placed strict rules not to get too close to them. But why is this the case?

Despite how fun and inviting dolphins seem, they are apex predators in their own rights. They can dispatch some of the most lethal fishes in the ocean, like sharks with brutal efficiency and should be considered dangerous.

Dolphins can be aggressive to people, other dolphins, or even themselves. There is usually no telling what they might do.

For someone who’d dedicated a considerable chunk of his adult life to studying dolphins and whales, Tim couldn’t quite explain whatever happened before him. His educated guess lay between the dolphin they’d encountered being familiar with dogs or being in a happy, helpful mood. Either way, he was more than thankful for its help!   

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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