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Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed To See

A few years ago, acquiring a drone seemed unlikely for the average civilian. In the past, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were only being considered for military purposes. But nowadays, drones are increasingly used for recreational purposes, and most of them are now equipped with high-quality cameras.

Drones are now also used by retailers, hospitals, law enforcement, and even sporting events to capture angles that are difficult to access otherwise. But sometimes, drones take unexpected, even extraordinary, pictures. Here are some fantastic images captured by drones.

Sometimes a drone can reveal things we never knew were there before we looked down from the sky. Without this drone footage, these sailors might never have known that they were being followed by a giant whale.

This is a still from a video that showed the whale following them for over 15 minutes. Fortunately, the giant mammal was just feeling friendly, and the photographs were the only things that got snapped that day.

Florian Ledoux was awarded the top prize at the Skypixel awards 2017 for this photograph of a polar bear struggling across the melting Arctic ice caps. Thanks to using a drone, we can see in detail just how much damage global warming is doing to the Arctic environment and how much of a struggle life has become for its inhabitants.

The photographer has expressed the hope that something can be done so that future generations will still be able to see amazing sights like the one he captured.

People are always looking for ways to make their wedding photographs unique. This couple certainly did it, with a photo on the roof of this tall building. It’s a great way of showing that their love goes up to the sky and beyond.

In the future, probably many newlyweds will find novel and exciting ways of using drones to produce memorable images of their wedding day.

A drone flying over Morrison’s Quarry in Chelsea, Quebec, took this beautiful image of a sunk aircraft. Although the quarry is only a 25-minute drive from Ottawa, you will feel like you have left the country and landed in a tropical location.

The site offers very pure water, perfect for scuba diving. It is also home to the largest bungee jumping location in Canada. Along with the plane, cars and other vehicles are also under the water. Apparently, they have been placed there to create a more exciting environment for divers.

It is easy to see why this formation from Kazakhstan has sparked the imaginations of conspiracy theorists. After all, the pentagram is most commonly used by contemporary pagan religious movements.

A recent report argues that the symbol, 366 meters wide, could be a remnant from the Soviet times. A website quotes Emma Usmanova, a local archaeologist, as saying the pentagram is, in fact, the outline of a park that was constructed in the shape of the Soviet star.

Looking at this drone photograph, you might think that you are looking at the site of a tragedy, with a Boeing 727 buried in the middle of 10 acres of forest just outside Portland, Oregon.

Happily, this is not the case: the shot was taken when the plane was decommissioned for $100,000 and was towed to someone’s land in the woods, converting it into a residence. Although the aircraft is no longer capable of flying, the drone is, and that’s how this amazing image was taken.

The drone watched over the jostling hippos when a Nile crocodile surprised the group. As the nearest one retreated, a ripple of panic swept through the crowd. Being above, the drone could snap the perfect picture of the event.

Hippos rest in schools of up to 150 individuals during the day, and mud is as good as water to keep their skin moist. The hippos were so scared of the crocodile that they ran in every direction.

This little girl is crawling on decommissioned rails to look like she’s climbing on them. Pretty impressive at first glance until you figure out the secret behind the magic.

This kid’s illusion was possible due to a photo taken by the drone. No other angle would have offered an incredible shot of the girl “climbing” the rails.

It’s not always that drones capture something spectacular. Sometimes all you can get with your drone is a photo of a guy under the influence. One that sits in the middle of the road.

The man was shouting at the passing cars as if directing traffic. Luckily not many cars went by, and the road had a low speed limit.

This image was taken off the coast of southern California as part of a documentary film by Mark Romanov and Forrest Galante on the relationship between humans and sharks. It was shot with a drone that caught something extraordinary.

The two women – Jessica and Kelly – can be seen on their paddleboards. At the same time, the dark silhouette of a large white shark swims below the water’s surface. It is a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Have you ever wondered where old American fighters are sent? They go to a place called “The Boneyard” in Tucson, Arizona. The storage and disposal center was established after the Second World War and handles approximately 4,000 aircraft, making it the largest of its kind in the world.

The low humidity level in the southwestern United States makes it ideal for aircraft storage, as the metal does not corrode. The base returns approximately $500 million worth of spare parts to the U.S. military, government, and other allied customers. This drone was able to capture the immensity of the place.

This perspective, rarely captured by a drone, offers an aerial view of the Redeeming Christ of Rio de Janeiro statue, located at the top of Mount Corcovado, 2,329 feet high, in Brazil. The statue measures 124.7 feet tall, and it took 9 years to build.

The redemptive Christ is the largest art deco statue in the world and is so high that it is regularly struck by lightning several times a year. In fact, in 2014, one of the fingers of the statue broke as a result of a thunderstorm.

In what appears to be a castle, this view can be seen in Umbria, Italy, but only by drone. And it is not really a castle but a church known as the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. The construction of the giant basilica began in 1228.

The complex consists of two churches built on the hillside and a crypt where the remains of Saint Francis lie. The basilica has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. It’s a great site to visit. 

Over the last few decades, Dubai has built one of the most spectacular city skylines. This offers perfect opportunities for drone pilots to get amazing photographs from interesting viewpoints, as can be seen here.

The stunning modern architecture in Dubai is desperate for photographers to showcase it. Using drones gives people breathtaking views.


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