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Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed To See

As the quality of drone footage increases every year, so does the number of amateur drone photographers. But it’s these photographers that tend to capture the craziest moments. 

Now that drones are so widely available, people have started to use them more often, which leads to moments like this. A woman sunbathing naked on her rooftop, only to be interrupted by a loud buzz. She chased the drone away with a broom. This is just the beginning! 

When you think of Italy you may think of romantic cobblestone streets, red wine, pasta, and of course, pizza! The last thing you’d expect to find hidden in the hills of Italy is a gigantic pink rabbit! This photo was taken in 2005 by a drone in northern Italy. 

The rabbit measures 200 feet long and has a height of 20 feet! So, why woud someone do this? Art, apparently!

The ocean is home to a number of mysterious and terrifying animals. Some we know about, some we don’t.

Well, when these sailors used a drone out in sea they never expected to see a huge wale secretly following their boat for a full 15 minutes! Thankfully the whale was just curious, and never ventured closer to the men. Speaking of curious creatures…

Photographer, Florian Ledoux, hopes that his photo will help raise awareness to a problem that has been plaguing the earth for a while now. Our world is changing and this drone captured that piece of evidence that no one wants to see.

Florian won the highest accolade at the 2017 Skypixel awards for this photograph! It shows a polar bear as it struggles to cross the ice cap of the Arctic, missing the depth beneath, unlike this next footage.

Sinkholes are pretty scary, right? This photo shows a huge sinkhole that opened in Guatemala City in 2010 after a tropical storm hit the area. The hole swallowed a three-story factory!

The hole was about 300 feet deep and 65 feet wide. According to experts, giant holes like this are becoming more and more common in Guatemala City. This is partly due to the city’s lack of strict rules when it comes to building codes and zoning.

It’s hard to work out where your rights to privacy are when your walking around in a public place. But surely this drone photograph counts as some type of invasion to privacy?  

This woman was walking around in her home city when a drone appeared above her. She looked about as she heard its buzzing and the drone zoomed in closer. She’s probably not too happy about that, just like that the people involved in the next photo. 

You might think that this photo waas edited but believe it or not, this image captured by a drone back in 2018 shows Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622 after its traumatic crash.

The flight from Ankara was about to land at Trebizond Airport when it slipped from the runway and slid down the embankment. Thankfully, it stopped short of sliding all the way into the Black Sea. Miraculously, no one was injured, but now the moment lives forever!

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be a day to remember. And what better way to do that than to capture it all on a drone?

The couple used a drone to take a photo of themselves on the rooftop of a tall building. We’re not sure they got permission for that, but as long as you don’t tell, we won’t. Sometimes you just gotta let things be, unless it’s a 3-meter long alligator.

They’re slimy, they’re creepy and they’re menacingly eerie. A drone flying over the coast of the island of Phuket, Thailand captured what first appeared to be a big log, but then they looked closer at the three-meter-long crocodile!

This crocodile reportedly escaped from a nearby crocodile farm. A mystery soon solved. If only, we could say the same for Bigfoot.

Believe it not, this drone was flying in over a field in Idaho when it captured a rare sighting of what appeared to be bigfoot! Don’t believe it? Look at the photo below!

Still don’t believe it? Look at the photo again. Nothing? Still? OK, fine. This was a set up by two videographers that explained the video was a hoax. “Bigfoot, Really??”, they said as they remained anonymous out of fear of public ridicule.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? Well, how much do we love them? Enough to dig one of the largest holes that has ever been excavated, leaving a deathly bottomly pitted-sight for sore eyes? Yes.

This drone photo captured the hidden Mir mine, deep in the Siberian tundra. It was the first developed diamond mine of the former Soviet Union in 1955. At its height, 10,000,000,000 carats of diamonds were mined per year!

“What the devil is going on here?”, that’s what most news outlets were asking themselves when this piece of footage come to light. It discovered a five-pointed star symbol, measuring 366 meters in diameter, situated near a lake in an isolated part of Kazakhstan. 

Pentagrams are often associated with devil worship or satanism. There is still not much known about this one, creepy!

At first glance, you might think this is the scene of a tragic accident, a plane journey gone wrong. However, a man named Bruce Campbell (no, not the actor), bought this plane when it was decommissioned.

He bought it for $100,000 and took it to his land outside Portland, Oregon. Then turned this Boeing727 into his home, kitting it out with all the essentials! Speaking of alternative living…

This Holland-based fort is almost 300 years old! With its defense mechanisms no longer needed, its been transformed into a historical monument. The wonderfully maintained forest surrounding the fort is it the museum grounds.

It’s a feauture that few seem to know about, just like the next two girls that were paddling in the deep dark blue. Unaware of what lay beneath them!

If you didn’t enjoy the movie, Jaws. If its theme tune runs in your mind at the mere sight of oceanic water, perhaps you might want to look away now!

This photo was taken off the Southern Californian coast. These two girls are completely oblivious to the ominous dark shape that’s swimming around just beneath their paddleboards. 

Have you ever wondered where fighter planes are sent once they are decommissioned? The answer is: they get sent to Tucson, Arizona. “The Boneyard” is a disposal and storage facility that was created after the Second World War. 

Almost L 4,000 planes are stored here and the low humidity in the area is what makes it so perfect as a location. The metal doesn’t rust and corrode in that kind of environment.

Is there anything worse than a traffic jam? You’re stuck in your car, unable to go to the toilet, and have limited snack supply. As every second goes by, you seriously question how long you’ll be stuck there…

Well, you’ve not experienced a real traffic jam until you’ve been stuck in one in China! This photo of a 50 lane road that became a bottlenecked traffic jam was taken on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau highway on the border of Hong Kong. 

This well-timed photo captured the moment when a fisherman from Panama City Beach, Florida caught a hammerhead shark. 

The images show how he is battling to pull up the shark. The fisherman not only succeeded but thankfully he released the shark back into the ocean.

This creepy Silverdome stadium was once home to the Detroit Lions football team before they moved to the newer Ford Stadium in 2002. It also hosted the Super Bowl, a pope, the NBA final, an Elvis concert, and many others. 

It was bought in 2009 with the intention of turning it into a football stadium but ultimately, this never happened and no one has any idea what the future holds for this stadium.

This is another incredible example of the angles people can only capture with a drone. The photo is a top-down view of the Redeeming Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. 

Standing high 2,329 atop Mount Corcovado, the statue is 124.7 feet high and took all of 9 years complete! It’s that tall that the statue is routinely struck by lightning, even losing a finger as a result of the storm! 

Is there anything better than a day out at theme park? The rides, the thrills, the scares! You’re always guaranteed a fantastic day out! Well, located in New Orleans, this abandoned Six Flags theme park has been closed since Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005. 

Two weeks after the storm, this photo was taken and as you can see, the park is still flooded. Nevertheless, the park is guarded 24 hours a day by the New Orleans police as thrill-seekers attempt to break into the park to see the ghost town amusement park.

Hong Kong has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world and, although they are beautiful to look at, they also represent a larger underlying problem in the city’s real estate market. 

This impressive view shows an aerial photo of a drone overlooking the city of Hong Kong. The city is the fourth-most densely populated region in the world with more than seven million inhabitants living in its very compact perimeter. 

This is creepy right? Well, this somewhat disturbing image was taken by a drone seen from the sky over a field in Edinburgh, Scotland. The statue, called Gulliver the Gentle Giant, was created by Jimmy Boyle, a former gangster, and convicted murderer, while he served a sentence at Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow. 

It was unveiled in 1976 and has become the favorite playground for children in the region. Over time, the statue decayed and was finally removed from the site in 2011.

Taken as part of the “Dronestagramme” travel photography competition, this photo is of Mont Saint-Michel; one of the most recognizable sites in France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Located in Normandy, this emblematic town attracts more than three million visitors per year! At low tide, the island is accessible to pilgrims who come to visit the abbey. And at high tide, the island is very defensible to potential invaders.


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