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Elviss Last Love Confesses The Truth About His Life In A Shocking Interview


Known to the world as the luckiest woman on Earth due to spending time with the King during his last moments alive, Ginger Alden has a lot to say about Elvis, her relationship with him and his eventual spiral towards self-destruction. No More Keeping Quiet. Ginger finally decided to open up about the lawsuit she filed after Elvis’s death, the Memphis Mafia that betrayed her and the cruel rumors.

Hiding Away For Years

It has been more than 40 years since losing the man she loved. Ginger Alden was ready to share it all and expose the truth: “I wrote down all of my memories shortly after Elvis passed away. It was just my way of holding on and not forget. And time went on, I went forward with my life, I worked, I got married, had my son and in the course of all of this a lot of untruths were being said regarding mine and Elvis’s relationship, a lot of exaggerations.”

Unlike Any Other Girl

Elvis was the wan that every woman wanted to be with and men wanted to be. He will always be known for his swagger and charm, along with his modulated voice and provocative moves. Elvis had a natural masculine instinct when it came to wooing the ladies. In actuality, very few ladies actually succeeded to win over the heart of the King of Rock and Roll, but Ginger did.

Last Confessions

Before Elvis passed away, he made plans for an entire lifetime. He planned on remarrying his sweetheart, writing a screenplay for a movie based on his life, and maybe even expanding his family. His death was abrupt and unexpected. Some of Elvis’s last thoughts were that he felt hurt by many of his friends who seemed to turn their backs on him in his final days.

Before His Death

Elvis’s public image was anything but consistent. He was called a racist, a heartthrob, and someone that lead an over the top luxurious lifestyle. At one point, Elvis attempted to clean up his bad boy image. He tried to always stay true to his roots. This was shown by his culinary choices that consisted of heavy southern dishes such as peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches, chicken fried steak, and biscuits and gravy.

Serial Heartbreaker

Elvis was known for his infamous title as a serial heartbreaker. Elvis was actually only married once in his life. It might not sound like the rock and roll way, but that does not mean Elvis did not have his fair share of ladies in his life. Presley was a man of many women, but few were interesting enough for him to completely sweep him off his feet. Indeed, only two women were loved by Elvis so dearly that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them.

First Love Was Doomed

Priscilla Beaulieu was Elvis’s first love. After he had courted her for well over seven years, Priscilla decided to give it a go with the man she met when she was only 14-years-old. At the time, Presley was serving in the Army and stationed in Germany, and the two immediately hit it off.

The Only One He Really Loved

Several visits abroad and what seemed like an endless amount of lonely nights later, Priscilla decided to move to the US.  Her parents had one condition: Elvis would have to marry their daughter. What started as a romantic, youthful affair resulted in divorce, and numerous flings on Elvis’s behalf that followed. 10 years later, Elvis met the last girl he would ever want to marry out of pure love and admiration – Ginger Alden.

Something Fishy

Ginger and Presley’s lives were interlinked and they were not aware of it.  Ginger met Presley when she was only 5-years-old. Her father was a military man – just like Elvis’s former wife’s father was. This was not the only thing Ginger had in common with Elvis’s ex-wife. Once Ginger and the King were recognized as a couple by the media, many noticed the close resemblance the two women shared in physical appearance. Ginger’s relationship with Elvis was much different than Priscilla’s.

Intended For Her Sister

Ginger’s older sister was titled Miss Tennessee and was invited to meet Elvis, but it was young Ginger who ended up catching his eye. Ginger received all the attention with her infectious laugh and positive outlook on life. Unlike any other woman Elvis met before, Ginger spoke her mind and was not afraid to talk back to him.  

In All His Glory

When Ginger met Elvis, she was two decades younger than him. Ginger wrote: “I know this sounds funny but when Elvis entered the room, I thought trumpets would sound. He looked so handsome. He quickly sat in a chair and started talking with each of us. It turned out to be a truly wonderful evening as he took us on a tour of Graceland.”

My Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Elvis showered Ginger with extravagant presents including three luxurious cars, stunning jewels, fancy furs and priceless promises that would take care of her and her family. Ginger’s mother, Jo LeVern, was a big Presley fanatic.  She coerced her daughter to engage in a romantic relationship with the heartthrob because of this. The pressure was felt on his end as well, especially when Elvis promised to pay for her mother’s house’s landscaping and mortgage.

Blaming Everyone

In a 1980 interview, Ginger blamed the people who were around Elvis for turning him into an unhappy mess. She explained that the circle of friends and his employees that were constantly with him made him believe in a reality that did not exist. The way he was treated was fake.

She Pitied Elvis

One particular example to demonstrate the fake attitude Elvis was given was during one of his final interviews where Presley made a joke. The entire room burst into forced laughter the minute Elvis started laughing, and immediately stopped when he did. It was almost as if the laughter was on cue.

Grotesque Caricature Of Himself

Head over heels, Presley proposed to Ginger only two short months after he met her. Sources revealed a number of his friends were not ecstatic about the engagement, to say the least. One friend also blabbed to a reporter that he knew first hand that Elvis openly stated he had no intention of ever marrying again. After this, he became grotesque.

Overweight And Unrecognizable

Elvis was hugely overweight and his mind was dulled by the pharmacopeia he daily ingested. He was barely able to pull himself through his abbreviated concerts.  Every newspaper had a title having to do with the King’s fall from grace. It was made worse by his Alexandria, Louisiana performance. Elvis managed to stay on stage for a little under than an hour, but slurred during his entire performance and was incomprehensible.

It Simply Wasn’t True

“Right up until the day he died, he could be compulsive sometimes when eating certain foods.  I’ve never seen him eat the famous fried peanut butter banana sandwiches.” Ginger was not about to be scared off easily by this reporter’s questions. She had her mind set on speaking her truth – the real truth.

Set The Record Straight

When Ginger was asked what are the untruths that were being said, she replied gladly: “That Elvis was unhappy, or we argued a lot which was not true.” Interested with this certain revelation of her intimate relationship with the King of rock and roll, the interviewer asked why she did not speak up sooner. Ginger responded: “I wanted to set the record straight and I waited until my son went off to college. And I sat down and it took me two years and I put together all my memoirs.”

Everyone Wanted To Know

In 2014, Ginger released her New York Times best selling book, titled Elvis And Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story. Since there was such a big hype around her book, she carried out many interviews – one of which was done via email with Scott Jenkins. She spoke about Elvis and the rumors that spread around his name, concerning mostly the type of man he had become in his last year alive. However, there was one question she did not answer.

How He Asked Her To Go Steady

Scott was curious as to how Elvis and Ginger became an item, to which Ginger replied that she knew Elvis through her father, but it was not until Presley spoke clearly of his feelings towards Ginger that she understood fully: “We were together at the Las Vegas Hilton… he mentioned that he would like me not to see anyone else.” After that, it was her relationship with Elvis’s friends that took an interesting turn, as well as the way she coped with his unexpected death.

Best Friends For Never

Ginger admitted to never actually getting to know Elvis’s Memphis Mafia since she mostly focused on getting familiar with the singer himself. Her standoffish behavior was perceived negatively after Presley’s death, who started trashing Ginger: “I was extremely disappointed to see the character of some that Elvis had around him. A few speculated and began telling untruths regarding Elvis and me which was completely unwarranted, mean spirited and wrong… There was much going on behind closed doors which fueled speculation.”

Lost The Will To Live

Finally, in her most recent interview, Ginger sat down in front of a camera to finally set the record straight about the kind of person Elvis was before his death. “There’s a perception that lingered for many years, just before Elvis died, that he was unhappy, that he was this big guy who was just not the old Elvis that we all knew, that he maybe even lost the will to live,” said the interviewer, looking at Ginger for either confirmation or denial.

Lies In The Media

“Right up until the day he died, there are things that I’ve seen in books, and I said this wasn’t the person I witnessed,” she confessed. “This wasn’t the person that I loved, this wasn’t how he was those last nine months, and I was with him 98% of the time.” Ginger looked particularly set in her mind as she spoke those words, and pained with the thought that her past love is being bad-mouthed post his tragic death.

Rejected His Proposal


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