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Epic Photoshop Fails That We Can’t Unsee

Photoshop is a handy tool for designers and artists. However, when in the hands of us regular folk, it’s usually used to make social media posts look much more flattering. 

When done right, it can make bodies and surroundings look incredible, when done wrong, well, you will get the epic photoshop fails you see here. 

These Coachella-going ladies look like they are having the best time. Fun and all, it didn’t stop them from using a tool to smooth themselves and the surrounding grass out. 

This was a quick smooth job rather than a detailed one. Do it for the Gram, girl. 

This one friend couldn’t make it that night, so they decided to photoshop his face to the guy on the right here. 

Do you think the guy whose face they covered up was offended that he didn’t make the photo despite being there?

There is a valid question here, why would this guy photoshop himself laying on top of a squid of all things? There are a million others options he could have gone with. 

The point of the matter is, though, men photoshop themselves to things to, which is somehow validating. 

Face smoothing tool on phone really do change up reality. One makeup artist decided to show the world just how dramatic the change can be. 

Imagine thinking you’re meeting up with the one on the left when you see the one on the right walking towards you. 

The rules are all sorts of different on dating apps. This girl did a chop job on her photo, with a strange arm and waist thing going on. 

This 30-year-old wanted to find a mate so did what she thought was the best photoshop job to make that happen. 

What is real here and what is not is hard to tell. This woman’s fiancee showed her this attempt at photoshop, much to her amazement. 

This must have been years before they got together, otherwise we are pretty sure she would have chosen a different mate. 

Note to self: If you ever photoshop yourself in a photo, make sure you all at all reflective surfaces so as not to make the embarrassing mistake that this girl did. 

Rookie mistake, lady. But we like the effort being put into the photo, she looks great in the mirror and in the photo. 

Dad wanted the world to think his family is perfect, and mad talented with that gorgeous sand castle. Mom, on the other hand, wanted to show the world the truth. 

The family is adorable, but the sand castle is far from real and far from their own creation. 

This is just negligent photoshopping behavior. He wasn’t even trying to look like he was really that buff or broad. There is something missing in this photo… 

And what’s missing are this guys nipples! We heard about people with more than two, but never heard of someone totally without. 

Other than the fact that she forgot to “tan” her left hand, this a gorgeous photo! Sadly, she did forget to edit her left hand which means we all learned her dirty little secret. 

She is nowhere near as tan as the photo implies. Why bother doing such a job on a photo?

Come on people, look at the photo before you post it. This girl’s waist could have easily been that small and we would have believed it, but the window frame totally gave it away. 

Metal doesn’t tend to bend like that, so this is definitely a case of a photoshop fail. 

While her legs may be as long as the day, her waist is not as small as she made it seem and the giveaway is in the hand. 

Her poor deformed hand got that way because of a photoshop hack job. Attention to detail is everything here. 

Exhibit A through Z as to why you should make sure that your friends are also photoshopping. Sure, angles are everything, but so is photoshop. 

Hopefully she wasn’t tagged in too many photos as people would start to get a little confused… 

Adding a color filter is cool and all, but this is much more than a filter, it’s full on photoshop. Purple streets thanks to purple trees is something we would all love to see. 

Sadly, this does not exist without digital help. How could would this be if it were real, though?

Good American is a known brand that was started by Khloe Kardashian. As such, you would think they would do a better job with their photoshop skills… 

On side of her looks tiny, while her reflection looks more realistic. What’s wrong with the real version?

This person took to photoshop to make their back yard look way more comfy and entertaining than the real version of it. 

We have to say that it looks super nice, so maybe this is a good way to visualize how you want something to look before you go ahead and do it! 

Any and all nail commercials and ads show women with literally perfect hands and nails. But the reality is that not even the models look THAT good. 

Those cuticles have been photoshopped, my dear! Here is the perfect example of photoshop that blurred this woman’s cuticles so that we can’t even tell where they are. 

While this photo is as sweet as can be, this woman’s behind is looking just a little more robust than normal. How do we know this? 

The hand rail to get into the pool is looking super bendy, and we are pretty sure metal doesn’t bend like that normally. 

Another Kardashian, another photoshop fail. Kourtney Kardashian has her own lifestyle brand now, and with that come lots of photos. This one in the tub is kind of strange, do you spot it? 

Her left leg is abnormally long, too long to be real actually. Someone photoshopped poorly here… 


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