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Pit Bulls Try To Visit Owner At Hospital

The hospital staff was just going on about their daily business as usual when two pit bulls walked through the front door in a rush. On top of that, a woman who had heard a lot of bad things about the pit bull breed was in the lobby that day. She found herself too scared to move – and the dogs were coming closer.

But why were they there? And more importantly, how did they manage to get inside a hospital in the middle of the day? 

The hospital that received these guests was St. Luke’s Anderson Campus. The non-profit operation has been active since its founding way back in 1872. It now has facilities across New Jersey as well.

And St. Luke’s is proud of its patient care, too. According to its Facebook page, its mission is an unwavering commitment to excellence as they care for the sick and injured. But what’s their procedure for this kind of situation?

What this hospital didn’t expect, though, were the two arrivals that walked through its doors one day in broad daylight. These new faces seemed somewhat intimidating and even caused some of the hospital’s staff to freeze in fear. 

Everyone was terrified of their presence, patients and staff alike. So, just who were the visitors to the hospital that day? 

The unexpected arrivals were actually two powerful-looking dogs. And not just any dogs. The two visitors were pit bulls. The breed doesn’t have a good reputation and is forbidden to own in many countries. 

But while the dogs are considered mostly harmless by their owners and supporters, the media is still filled with stories of pit bull attacks. Was this going to be another such story? 

Understandably, some people in the hospital were stunned by the pair unexpected pair. Who wouldn’t be? 

As seen in the footage captured by the hospital’s security cameras as events unfolded, it seemed that the two dogs caused some worry by their mere presence alone. They were children in the lobby, and people were starting to question the hospital’s security.

Yes, the pair of pooches caused quite a stir when they wandered into the lobby of the hospital’s cancer center. And the furry duo didn’t bother stopping to ask for directions, either, as they headed past the scared woman at the entrance.

The dogs were looking for something, or rather someone. But how were the staff going to handle them if they wanted to interact with them?

Thankfully, the only danger that the duo of pit bulls posed was potentially hitting someone with their wagging tails. They were very enthusiastic, but no one knew why.

Yes, the pair were pretty calm, and they continued to advance into the building, but no one knew what they were looking for. The hospital employee had tried to show the dogs to the door, but that didn’t go as planned. 

The pit bulls then followed a nurse who got their attention back to the lobby, but it turned out that they had no intention of leaving the hospital.

Instead, the dogs dashed off down a corridor and vanished out of sight, making the staff even more worried than they were. Where did the dogs go now? 

But while the pair of dogs may have seemingly vanished, the hospital cameras were still following their adventures. And the duo had now found their way to the pharmacy. 

Luckily the room was empty, so they couldn’t scare anyone there anymore. But the pups still didn’t plan on stopping. Someone had to step in.

Worried about the canines’ intention, the staff followed the two dogs that strolled into the pharmacy. Not knowing what they were trying to do, everyone was thinking about how to handle the situation. 

The pharmacist was stunned when she saw who walked in. So, did they get what they were looking for, or is someone going to stop them at least?

While the dogs were in the pharmacy, security guards came to investigate the canine guests, and the dogs were finally apprehended. The kindhearted staff even gave the dogs some water while trying to track down the owner. 

Which didn’t take long. A familiar face was walking out of the cancer wing and heading toward the lobby to get something from the vending machine. The dogs quickly recognized the man and jumped with joy. The owner was a patient who often came to the hospital lately, and sometimes his wife took them along when dropping off her husband. 

The man had to go back inside the hospital, so he called his wife to come and pick them up. Unfortunately, the hospital didn’t allow dogs inside, no matter how insistent they were. Only human visitors were allowed.  

She felt relieved when she received her husband’s call. Apparently, they lived close by, and the dogs learned the way to the hospital. They managed to get the gate open and rushed to see their owner, who was a patient there. 

According to the owner’s wife, Nero was the one who got out first. Emma came rushing upstairs. However, she didn’t stay put either.

When the woman came down, Emma was missing as well. She was desperate. The woman drove around the neighborhood, but she couldn’t find them. Once back home, she received the call from her husband, and she became overwhelmed with joy, knowing that their pups were alright. 

The playful pups had proved one thing that day: the fearsome reputation of pit bulls is not necessarily well-deserved. Indeed, the dogs’ behavior often depends on their owners. 

Pit bulls have a strong desire to please their owners, which is a trait that some people take advantage of. It could lead to dangerous situations where people or other animals get hurt. 

The hospital issued a statement on its Facebook page saying that the dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson, and everything turned out alright.

They said that both dogs were safe and sound at home with their owner. It truly was an unexpected but amazing experience that no one will forget!


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