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Ex-Con Decides To Call Police After Seeing Weird Shape Moving Along Busy Road

The path to his appointment cut through dense woods in the rural areas of Kansas. But as he drove, listening to gospel music on his car stereo, he saw something that made him slam his brakes. 

The object in question was small, moving weirdly near the busy road. Was it trying to cross?

When Vincent decided to take a drive on that particular afternoon, he’d only wanted to reach a client’s house to repair his car. 

His business as a mechanic was barely taking off, and this job would go a long way in helping him establish a client list while also paying his bills. But what would happen on the road that day would change his life forever.

Vincent Jay Kingston was your average Kansas City, Kansas, resident. A thirty-five-year-old struggling to make ends meet, Vincent had long prayed for his long break. 

But fortune had never smiled upon him. Although he always worked hard in everything he did, circumstances never favored him. At his age, he’d already been in enough trouble with the law.

Vincent first got on the wrong side of the law at the tender age of eighteen. At twenty-four, he got incarcerated on accounts of substance distribution, which lasted for ten years. 

It was during this period that he decided enough was enough. If he’d be fortunate enough to finish his sentence and return to the streets of Kansas City, he’d make better life decisions. He had no clue how much a simple drive would affect his life. 

The first thing Vincent did when he got out was perusing the many legitimate businesses that could allow him to turn his life around. He had a few bucks in his name and was determined to pump all of it into something worthwhile. 

After a few months of trying out different ventures, including being a sanitation worker and security officer, Vincent settled for being a mechanic. This decision would land him back at the police station. 

Vincent had never thought he’d forge a career as a mechanic. Yet he seemed to understand and love every bit of the job. 

But despite his growing prowess, few people would hire an ex-con to work on their vehicles, most judging him even before they got to know him. Vincent knew this would cost him his only livelihood. 

The day that the incident took place was quite different from Vincent’s regular days. He’d finally gotten a good client, for starters, one who could put out a good word for him, bringing in the customers he so dearly needed. 

Vincent got all his equipment and hopped into his truck. Knowing he’d need to be on the road for more than an hour and that his appointment was set for late afternoon, he left his apartment at noon.

The drive to the appointment was pleasant enough for Vincent, with the roads clear of traffic. But he wasn’t on the road for more than thirty minutes when he noticed something odd in the distance. 

As expected, Vincent didn’t pay what he was seeing much attention at first. He thought it was some animal trying to cross the road. Only when he got closer did he know what he was dealing with. 

Vincent’s path to his appointment cut through dense woods in the rural areas of Kansas. But as he drove, listening to gospel music on his car stereo, he saw something that made him slam his brakes. 

The object was small, moving weirdly near the busy road as cars swooshed by. Was it trying to cross?

The road was busy, with massive trucks speeding by ever so often. Vincent’s truck came to a quick halt, his mind still trying to place what he was looking at. 

He squinted his eyes, finally getting a glimpse of the object. His heart sunk to his feet, and he found himself sprinting out of his vehicle. 

Vincent was staring at an infant trying to cross the busy road. She looked determined to get across, oblivious of the massive vehicles that zoomed by. 

“I didn’t think it could even be a baby at first,” Vincent said while sharing his story with a local reporter. “How could it be a baby out here in the middle of nowhere?”

Vincent scooped up the baby before her hand could touch the hot tarmac. He cradled her in his arms, seeing that she was dirty all over. How long had she been out here by herself?

He took her to his truck, knowing he needed to call the police as fast as possible. He didn’t know what would happen when they found him with someone else’s child in his vehicle but couldn’t leave her out in the scorching sun. 

The police assured Vincent they were coming, but seeing that he was miles away from any police station, he knew they’d take time to reach him. 

He didn’t mind waiting for them, but he still had his appointment. Maybe he could call and reschedule. But what reason would he give his client? Saying he found a baby on the road wouldn’t be the best way to handle the situation. 

Vincent called his client and explained that he was running late because of a roadside complication. He apologized, promising he’d still make the appointment.

But it would take the police two hours before they reached Vincent and the baby. After a quick investigation, the police presented the true harrowing story behind the baby. 

As per the police’s report, the baby, Makayla Pritchett, had crossed more than two hundred yards from her home on the other side of the woods. Her parents were traced and charged with cruelty to children, reckless conduct, and obstruction.

As for Vincent, he ended up missing his appointment. But his story spread across the state, bringing many people who commended him for his heroism while asking him to take a look at their vehicles. Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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