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Exploring Slab City, America’s Last Lawless City Where The People Are Truly Free

There is a small city in the United States called Slab City and it’s rather unique. What makes this city different from all the hundred others is the fact that there are no laws in Slab City. This is the last free city in the United States and a group of YouTubers decided to check it out for themselves and see if the stories that they heard about this place are actually real. They couldn’t believe what they found, the stories about Slab City were all true!

While we don’t know how Slab City came to be, we do know that this is the place where everyone who hates the government and laws moves to. There is no such thing as local police, fire department or any other type of authority in Slab City.

The reason why so many people live in Slab City despite not having access to mandatory things such as running water is because Slab City makes them feel free. The government never comes around Slab City and the residents just do whatever they want all day long.

A group of YouTubers who create content for the channel called “Yes Theory” decided that they want to see if the stories they heard about Slab City are real. Without giving it too much thought, they rented a car and started driving towards the Las Vegas desert.

This massive mountain of paint and artsy design is called the “Salvation Mountain” and it’s the first thing that visitors see when they get close to the lawless city.

This might sound crazy, but the Salvation Mountain was built by only one man named Leonard. The man spent 30 years of his life working on the massive art piece and the reason why he did it is because he wanted to spread the word that “God is Love”.

Salvation Mountain is an impressive piece of art and this is why no one should be surprised to find out that it has been categorized as a national treasure.

As the group of YouTubers were exploring Slab City, they found a small settlement. To their surprise, the people who lived in Slab City are welcoming and don’t shy away from cameras.

Most of the people who decide to move in Slab City are retirees who are fed up with the “normal life” and veterans who are looking for a place where they can fit in. Despite being a lawless city, there aren’t that many people who cause trouble in Slab City.

Even though it might seem like everyone in Slab City is having fun and that they don’t have anything to worry about, this is not always the case. The city doesn’t have any running water or electricity and as you can imagine, this makes life in Slab City quite difficult.

The residents of Slab City are saying that even though they don’t have access to electricity and their streets are not lit up during night time, they at least get to enjoy amazing sunsets that people who live in big cities don’t get the opportunity to see.

After talking with a couple of the residents, the YouTubers came to the conclusion that most people who move to Slab City are those who want to live in an uncontrolled environment that is also off the grid.

It didn’t take long for the YouTubers to meet someone rather interesting. This man claims that he is a Wizard. And that he can control magic.

The Wizard told the YouTubers that Slab City is a place of power. A vortex if you may call it so. Although, he did also mention that he is insane and that he has the documents to prove that.

While Slab City might be filled with lots of strange people, we can’t deny the fact that it looks amazing. There are lots of workshops in Slab City and the residents use them to create awesome stuff.

When asked if Slab City is lawless, the man who claims that he is a Wizard told the YouTubers that the only rule is to be nice to your neighbor.

One of the most amazing things that the YouTubers discovered in Slab City was a fun park. The park has a bowling alley!

As if the home made bowling alley was not impressive enough, the person who built it also made a mini golf platform where he can have fun with his friends.

The man who built the fun park said that since no one has jobs in Slab City, then there isn’t that much to do during the day. This is why he built the park. He wanted to have something fun to do instead of going to work.

This is the man who built the fun park that has the bowling alley and mini golf platform. He told the YouTubers that he once built a massive Jenga that was set on fire. Can you imagine that?

Slab City is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the United States. The most incredible thing about this lawless city is that for some unknown reason, it attracts artists who build incredible pieces such as the Salvation Mountain.


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