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Facts About Ancient Rome They Didn’t Teach You In School

The Ancient Romans are remembered for being the first civilization to almost take over the world and this is all thanks to their amazing military strategies. However, their massive numbers and military prowess are not the most impressive things about Ancient Romans because they also invested a lot in culture and technology. This is why Rome is visited by millions of tourists every single day. With that said, today we are going to share with you the top 20 best facts about Ancient Rome.

Rome was founded back in 735 BC by Romulus and legend has it that Romulus and his twin brother named Remus were raised by a wolf. As cool as this legend might be, it’s only a myth that was created to give Rome an interesting origin story.

While most people nowadays watch TV or go to a concert in order to be entertained, ancient Romans did something entirely different. Since they didn’t have any Netflix back them, most ancient Romans would gather at the Colosseum where they would watch gladiators fight for their lives.

Romans conquered everything that they could see and this is how they became one of the world’s biggest empires. A fun fact about this is that since the soldiers had to travel massive distances every day, they were trained to march up to 40 km a day!

Even though Ancient Rome was one of the most civilized cities back in 735 BC, the life expectancy of Romans was not very good. Most people who lived in ancient Rome had a life expectancy of only 20 to 30 years.

Julius Caesar loved his people and he had it arranged with his family members so that when he passes away, every Roman citizen would receive the equivalent of $270 in Roman coins.

Even though watching Gladiators fight is the most famous form of entertainment from ancient Rome, this isn’t actually the favorite “sport” of Roman citizens. According to multiple historical documents, ancient Romans loved to watch chariot racing more than anything else.

The Romans and the Persians didn’t like each other, at all! This is why they were involved in the world’s longest conflict that lasted for 721 years! Can you imagine how many generations have fought each other during this long war?

A fun fact about ancient Romans is that they would celebrate a special event called Saturnalia every year. During this event, slaves would take the role of their masters and the masters would dress in rags and serve the slaves for the entire duration of the day.

The first time that ancient Romans started a conflicted was when they kidnapped Sabine women which kicked off a war with the Sabine people.

There is a popular story from ancient Rome’s history which says that while the city was burning down, Emperor Nero was looking at the city and playing his fiddle. However, this is a false myth since the fiddle was not actually invented when the massive Rome fire happened.

Ancient Romans didn’t like having criminals around and if they ever caught one, the punishment would be to throw them inside the Colosseum and fight against gladiators or wild animals such as lions for example.

Rome was not always a republic and it was in fact ruled by kings. According to tradition, Rome had a total of seven kings before it became a republic with Tarquin the Proud being the last one.

We previously mentioned that ancient Rome was one of the world’s biggest cities, but just how big do you think it was? According to multiple records, the entire metropolitan area of Rome had an estimated 3.7 million people!

Since ancient Rome was so civilized, the city was filled with public toilets. However, citizens didn’t use the toilets too often because Emperor Nero passed a law known as “vectigal, urine” which meant that all citizens who wanted to use a public toilet needed to pay a tax.

This is rather strange fact, but we have to include it on our list since its interesting. Romans would buy the blood of fallen gladiators and drink it because they believed that it will give them courage and make them stronger.

Ancient Romans had many gods. In fact, there were so many of them that the Romans actually had a god named “Cloacina” who was known for being the “Sewer God”. If this isn’t strange enough for you, then you should know that there is also a god for toilets.

Most male ancient Romans are shown wearing togas in art and pictures. However, not everyone was allowed to wear a toga. The only ones who could wear them were free men.

Emperor Gaius Caligula is known for doing many questionable things and one of the most interesting ones is making his favorite horse a senator. 

Women in ancient Rome used to dye their hair red or blonde and since hair dye wasn’t invented yet, these women had to use goat fat and beech wood ashes in order to color their hair.

Even though being left handed is nothing out of the ordinary nowadays, it was quite the big deal back in ancient Rome. Left handed people were seen as deceitful and untruthful. 


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