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False Animal Facts That Everyone Believes To Be True

The are many incredible creatures in the animal kingdom and even though researchers have been studying them for hundreds of years, there are lots of false facts that have spread around the internet like wildfire. These false facts are so popular that people don’t even believe that they could be false such as the fact that a healthy dog needs to have a wet nose. If you want to learn interesting things about animals and see false facts being debunked, then you have arrived at the right website because today we are presenting the top 20 false facts about animals. 

There is a popular myth that says if people pick up a baby bird in their hands, then the mamma bird is going to reject the baby bird from the nest. Most people don’t know this, but birds actually have a poor sense of smell.

People love to throw rice at the newlywed couple after the wedding ceremony is over and a myth is saying that the pigeons will die if they eat that rice because their bellies will explore. This is another false myth and the wedding rice is just a good meal for the pigeons.

This might come as a shock to some of you, but blinds aren’t fully blind. They can’t see very clearly with their eyes but they make up for that by using echolocation (sonar) to move around.

Another popular false fact about animals is that cats and dogs are fully colorblind. This is false because dogs can actually see in blue and green. On the other hands, cats can see quite well with the only “problem” being that reds and pinks will have a green tint for them.

One of the most popular myths is that all humans evolved from chimpanzees. Our DNA is 98.8% identical with the one of chimpanzees and the ones that humans evolved from lived 6 to 8 million years ago.

It’s commonly known that lemmings will commit mass suicide when migrating and they will jump off cliffs. This is another false fact and it’s believed that it started back in 1958 by Disney’s video titled “White Wilderness”.

Everyone knows that bees can only sting once, right? Well, this is not true. There are many types of bees and lots of them can sting people multiple times with the bumble bees being the perfect example of that.

One of the strangest animal myths is that male animals are not nurturing with their babies and they would rather spend their time hunting for food. This is not true, just take the Male Emperor penguin who will starve himself to avoid moving so that he can make sure that nothing bad happens to his offspring.

How many times did you hear the false fact that ducks can’t fly? Most people who live in crowded cities seem to believe this fact but just as you would expect it by now, every animal fact that is in our list today is false. Ducks can actually fly at 50 miles per hour.

Even though lions are kings of the jungle, they are known for being freeloaders and for waiting for their female counterparts to hunt. This is not actually true. Lions are solitary predators and they will do everything in their power to protect the pride from unwanted intruders. They are certainly not lazy.

Despite having a bad reputation for being attack dogs, pit bulls aren’t actually that bad. All dogs are capable of attacking humans but this doesn’t mean that Pit Bulls will do it on instinct. They only get mean when they are treated bad, just like everyone else.

Mothers who were concerned about what their kids are doing at the lake probably wanted to make sure that they are safe and this is how the myth that toads will give you warts started.

A popular false fact in the US is saying that the spider known as “Daddy Long Legs” is the most poisonous spider in the world. This fact couldn’t be falser since there are no medical reports to show that someone was bitten by a Daddy Long Legs and had a bad reaction.

Everyone knows that ostriches like to bury their heads in the sand when they get stressed, but this is just another false fact. Ostriches will instead flop on the ground and play dead when they feel threatened.

The movie Jaws taught us that sharks can smell a drop of blood from miles away. Even though sharks do smell blood in the water, they can’t actually sense a single drop of blood from a far distance.

Another popular false fact is saying that giraffes sleep for only 30 minutes a day. This is not true at all and after many studies, it was discovered that giraffes have a normal sleeping pattern that includes afternoon naps.

Even though females are always the only ones to get pregnant, there is an exception to that rule in the animal kingdom. The male sea horse will fertilize the eggs and then get pregnant.

While lizards might appear as solitary animals that don’t like to travel or hunt in a pack, this is actually false. Recent lizard studies have revealed that lizards are actually great parents and that they can distinguish other lizards.

It’s commonly believed that if a dog’s nose is dry, then that dog is sick. This is not actually true and the wet nose usually shows that the dog is sweating and has a regular temperature.

Bears are known to hibernate during winter but this doesn’t mean that they will not wake up. Bears will sleep for extended periods of time but they will not be unconscious for an entire season so you better stay away from them at all times.


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