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Couple Adopts “Orphan”, Then Husband Learns The Real Story

They were elated when they finally welcomed the little girl into their family. They did everything to make her feel at home. Although she’d been tight-lipped when she arrived, she gradually opened up to them. 

As the months passed, he grew curious about her past. The truth would make him return her to her country as fast as possible.

When Victor McIntyre and his wife Tracey set out to adopt a little girl from Africa, they only wanted to help someone in need while expanding their family. 

The Orlando natives already had four beautiful kids they loved to the moon and back. But as the years went by, the urge to add to their family overwhelmed them.

Victor and Tracey discussed having a fifth child and saw adopting a child from a needy family as the best course to take. 

They went through several adoption agencies working in East Africa and landed on one based in Uganda. Knowing this is where they’d find their fifth child, the two quickly got to work. 

The McIntyres got in touch with the adoption services in Uganda and set to making inquiries. The agency assured them they’d find a child to adopt but warned them the process would be long and expensive.

They sent Victor several profiles for him and his family to go through. The process proved to be quite costly, but the McIntyres didn’t mind. If only they knew what they were stepping into.  

Victor landed on Namakula, a five-year-old girl he instantly gravitated toward. Her profile read that she’d been orphaned at the tender age of two because of poverty.

Victor’s first thought was that she was the one. But reading about her tragic background convinced him to give her the entire world. He looked up to tell his wife what was on his mind, not knowing she had her own thoughts about the girl.

“I think she’s the one,” Tracey said before Victor could speak. Her eyes were glossy with dammed tears, and her lips had curled into the loveliest smile.

“Yes,” Victor concurred gratefully. They called in their four kids and told them about Namakula, promising they would do everything to bring her home. They had no idea what awaited them in Uganda. 

Victor and Tracey traveled to Uganda as soon as they could. With the agency’s help, they managed to adopt Namakula and bring them back to Orlando. 

They worked hard to help her acclimate to their home and way of life, and although she’d been closed off when they first met, she slowly blossomed into the happiest and most fun person in the house. It would be then that the truth would come out. 

Namakula had been a McIntyre for two years when the truth behind her came to light. Her English was near perfect, and she’d fully adapted to her surroundings. 

Victor remembered how the adoption agency told him and his wife the process would take time, only for them to spend less than a month in Uganda. Although he didn’t think much of that situation, he saw no harm in asking Namakula about her life in Uganda. The truth would send him flying back to East Africa immediately.  

During Namakula’s adoption process, the agency went far and beyond to tell the McIntyre family about her tragic past. Her profile had only highlighted that she’d been orphaned because of poverty, but the agency elaborated on this.

“Namakula’s dad, the breadwinner in her family, passed away while working at a construction site in his town,” the adoption agent revealed. What they shared about Namakula’s mom was even worse.

“Her mom wasn’t the best,” the agent said. “After her husband’s passing, she had a hard time raising her six kids, among which was two-year-old Namakula. She passed away soon after because of substance abuse.”

Every time Victor remembered the agent’s words, he’d seek out his daughter and hug her tight. Now that she was speaking freely, especially about her time in Uganda, he asked if she remembered her parents. The answer would leave a rumbling pit in his stomach.

Victor asked Namakula about what she loved the most about growing up in Uganda, to which she answered her family. Thinking the answer was odd, Victor asked her about her them. 

Namakula revealed that her parents were the best, and she was doing everything to make them proud. Victor’s brows drew close. But what his daughter would reveal next would make him run for Tracey.

“They’re waiting for me to get a good education so I can go back to help them,” Namakula said with her usual sweet smile. “I can’t wait to see them.” 

At first, Victor thought Namakula didn’t know her biological parents had passed on. But the more she talked, the more he realized the terrible truth. 

Victor slowly walked out of the room and relayed everything to his wife. She listened to Namakula’s story, hearing about how her biological parents were still alive when she was taken. 

To make matters worse, the agency took Namakula when she was five and not two as her report read. Frothing with the guilt of separating a daughter from her family, Victor and Tracey knew they had to make things right.

The McIntyre family couldn’t believe the agency lied to them. They’d lived with Namakula for two years, and those years had been the brightest in their lives. 

They didn’t want to lose her, but they also couldn’t stomach the thought of her biological parents having sleepless nights because of their missing daughter. With help from the US government, they managed to make contact with Namakula’s mom. This would open a can of worms they were not ready for.      

Namakula’s mom conversed with the McIntyres through a video call. The distraught mom cried out when she saw Namakula in the frame. She revealed that some people came to her home, telling her they wanted to offer her daughter a scholarship. She found out it was a scam after Namakula was gone. 

Victor assured her they’d do everything to bring Namakula home. Of course, they nulled their adoption of the sweet seven-year-old since her parents were still alive. Although it broke their heart to take her back to Uganda, they knew it was the right thing to do.


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