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Fast Food Employees Share the Items You Should Never Order from 50+ of Your Favorite Chains

It is no secret that eating at fast food restaurants is not the best for you. However, every now and then you have those moments when you do not feel like cooking, do not have the time, or no reason at all, you can do whatever you want! While there are many options when it comes to fast food chains, there are those who have had the behind the scenes look into what goes on in their kitchens, and they have given us some huge pointers on what to order and what not to order. The fact that fast food is not healthy is not the secret here but the fact that there are certain options on their menu that you should downright avoid, now that is news to us. From hugely calorie-dense sandwiches to bad chili, we have taken the liberty of listing the 55 food items you should not order the next time you are at one of these establishments. 

These little potato circles cannot be that harmful, can they? Why yes they can. One would not think that such innocent little hash browns could pack such a punch calorically but they do. One order of these little nibblers will run you an astounding 1,440 calories – that is more than the recommended calorie count that most women try to follow! Now, these also happen to be delicious, so maybe just share them with a friend? That sounds like a win-win situation. 

The fact that this has fish in it to begin with should have been the first red flag. Burger King is known for the Whoppers, not their fish sandwiches and it should stay that way. The fish at Burger King is not the best quality and the employees have mentioned that the fish also has a tendency to sit around quite a bit in storage which does not bode well for us. 

Hold on to your hats! Arby’s roast beef, while it sounds harmless, comes in paste form that needs drying out in an oven to become the format it is when it is served. We have never heard of something less appetizing in our lives. Anything that comes one way and needs to be another is not cool in our books. Also, if you order in the earlier part of the day, you are likely getting yesterday’s roast beef. 

The iced tea at Jimmy John’s is not always a no-go but it is at night. You can get yourself a lovely sandwich but stay away from the iced tea as it has been sitting in the container all day and is sticky and gooey on the inside, making it super sweet and really gross in consistency. The employees say that in the morning it is perfect as it has just been cleaned, but that’s about it. 

If you have any sort of dietary restrictions then you should absolutely avoid the entire breakfast menu at Taco Bell. It is said that the bacon sits on the same tray in the kitchen as the vegetables, so if you are vegan or vegetarian this is a huge issue for you. The fact that Taco Bell even has a breakfast menu to begin with is slightly disconcerting if you ask us. 

KFC is playing with our hearts and taste buds. One employee said that they use the barbecue sauce to keep the chicken for their chicken sandwiches moist despite the fact that the chicken is very, very stale. In some cases, the chicken has been sitting in the heater for a month. One month old chicken? We think not even a little bit. 

There is not a mall in America with an Auntie Anne’s that people throughout the mall cannot smell that buttery scent of goodness. It is no secret that these pretzels are delicious, and they are delicious because they are fat-laden through and through. The jumbo jalapeño cheese pretzel dog will set you back 650 calories, 1,360 mg of sodium, and 31 grams of fat. For the size of the dog it is not worth it! 

It is safe to say that chili is the kind of food that you either make at home or go to a place that is famous for it. Wendy’s chili is a perfect example of what not to order from their menu. A former Wendy’s employee let it slip that the chili is known for sitting around for days and sometimes weeks, and that is just gross. The next time you go to Wendy’s get their chicken sandwich and call it a day. 

We are not leaving you much here, are we? Starbucks got famous thanks to their coffee, and it should remain that way. The food at Starbucks is not known for its high quality or nutritional value. Employees of the chain remind us that it is all prepackaged and arrives to their stores frozen. Seeing as the prices are not low, it is probably smarter to just grab something elsewhere and just get yourself a coffee. 

A burrito is not known for its health benefits, but it does pack a punch when it comes to satiating ones hunger. Moe’s Southwest Grill’s home wrecker burrito has quite the name and does just that if you think about the fact that it packs 945 calories in each burrito, not to mention 1,859 mg of sodium. This one is not only not healthy for you, it will probably fix the hunger and turn it into nausea. 

Subway is actually one of the better options when it comes to fast food. They have fresh ingredients that include vegetables and lean meats. However, their tuna sandwiches, while not bad for you in terms of calories, is bad for your health when you take into consideration the fact that the tuna is said to be left out for a prolonged period of time, so much so that it is said that the employees do not know if it is expired or not. 

Dunkin’ Donuts is a staple in the American lifestyle – we all know them and love them. However, the one item not to buy when you are in line for your donut is a hot drink. The reason for this is because their cold drinks are larger than their hot ones and are therefore more bang for your buck. Everyone likes a good cold coffee every now and then anyway. 

This one is delicious but just so bad for you (which is probably why it is so delicious)! P.F. Chang’s chicken pad thai is the definition of whopping. The dish has an insane 1,230 calories but what makes it so much worse is that it has 2,590 mg of sodium, and 43 grams of sugar! Both of those are more than your daily recommended intake and this is just one dish. 

If you have a gluten allergy or suffer from Celiac disease, steer clear of Chick-Fil-A’s grilled foods, every last one of them. While this particular chain has loving and loyal customers thanks to their delicious foods and great customer service, they are not good about keeping their gluten free items that way. Employees say that they grill the gluten free items on the same exact grill as the non gluten free items without cleaning in between. 

Chicken sandwiches usually sour healthy but int his case you would be very wrong. Church’s cob sandwich will cost you 810 calories and contains 1,460 mg of sodium. A chicken sandwich is meant to be just a little bit healthy and in this case it is not, especially since there are no vegetables in any way shape or form on this sammy and that is just plain wrong.

We apologize in advance for including a pizza on this list, it is obviously not healthy but this one takes the cake (or pie in this instance). Sbarro’s Roman Meat Primo Pizza is fully loaded with meat, obviously. However, another thing it is fully loaded on is calories. A pie will run you 4,610 calories and an astounding 11,400 mg of sodium. While no one usually eats a whole pie on their own, it is still very unhealthy. 

Surprised? We were not. Other than the wing, Buffalo Wild Wings does not have any fresh food in their kitchen. Employees have said that the food arrives frozen and that they prepare everything in the kitchen by first defrosting it! The wings are the only thing that is fresh and made to order. Now that we know that we know not to order literally anything but the wings. 

Say it aint so! Chipotle is one of the most popular options for the grab and go lunch or dinner (or both – do not judge!). The reason their tacos are not to be ordered is due to the fact that they are half the portion of what you would get if you got the same thing in burrito or bowl format. Honestly, their bowls are the way to go, or their burritos. 

The name alone is an indication as to why we will not be ordering this item from Hardee’s menu. The Charbroiled 2/3 lb Monster Thickburger is not the smart option if you are watching your weight or cholesterol, or anything for that matter. This dish will set you back 1,329 calories, 2,820 mg of sodium, and 95 grams of fat. That is one sandwich, not even including the fries that come with! 

Sonic’s chili comes frozen to the restaurant, where the employee promptly heats it up in their microwave and serves it nice and hot to you, who thinks they made it there. Do not be fooled, the chili was made long ago. Another little tidbit that we learned – Sonic is not very good when it comes to food allergy cross contamination. If you have any allergies, avoid Sonic so as to protect yourself. 

This one should be self-explanatory since anything in a warmer is usually old and usually stale. 7-Eleven employee who shall not be named divulged that the hot dogs and other food in the warmer has likely been in there since the first shift that began at 5:00 AM that day. So we were right to suspect that the food in the warmer is stale and old. Great. 

Listen, Dairy Queen is famous for its ice cream and we should leave it that way. If you go to Dairy Queen for anything other than a blizzard, order the classic burger. All other menu items are said to be completely below the level of acceptable and will make you wish you ordered the burger or the blizzard as you chew your mediocre meal. 

Can you go wrong with shrimp? Apparently you can. This one is in the books here because of just how sinful it is. Popeye’s shrimp po’boy is a popular item on the menu but most people do not realize that it contains 660 calories, 1,980 mg of sodium and 41 grams of fat. For one meal, that is a whole lot to deal with. 

We regret to inform you that the Philly steak or the American cheese at Dominos is usually an item in the kitchen that is on the verge of going bad as it is not the usual pizza order. Dominos has stepped up their game a lot in recent years, but even they cannot undo the stories that their employees spread as to the kitchen antics. 

There is nothing on Dennys’ menu that is good for you other than perhaps black coffee. Most notably is the grand slamwich with hash browns. This delicious yet crazy unhealthy dish will cost you little money but a lot in calories. The meal’s total (hash browns and all) will set you back 1,320 calories and 3,320 mg of sodium. Do you think you would be able to finish this? 

It is no surprise that this number is on here. The sheer amount of sugar that goes into orange chicken makes this dish both delicious and so bad for you. However, there is something worse than that – employees say that in order to keep it from drying out they are told to put some of the uncooked sauce on top to keep it moist. We are pretty sure that is not how it is supposed to be. 

Listen, if a place is known for its coffee then it should only be known for its coffee and not its food; this seems to be a trend here. Tim Horton’s menu has expanded but it is said that the food is not fresh and stored in ways that are not up to standards. That is all we needed to know, now we are going to remain with the coffee menu alone. 

Need we seriously explain why this one is not recommended to order? We will because while we know it is bad for us we also want to take a giant bite out of it! Cinnabon’s caramel pecanbon is an ingenious invention but one that is so incredibly bad for your health. This item contains no less than 1,080 calories and 960 mg of sodium. Worth it?

As is with most places, you can order breakfast until 11:00 or they go the other route and you can eat it all day. What they do not tell you, much like at A&W is that if you order something from the breakfast menu after the normal breakfast hours you will probably be waiting for a while to get your food since they have it prepped for certain hours and not for others. 

But they are so good! Little Caesar’s breadsticks or crazy bread as they used to call them are out of this world good. They are obviously this good because they are baked with a ton of butter and garlic. However, what we sadly learned is that the butter they are greased up with on the daily is not necessarily fresh and that just breaks our little hearts. 

Again with the fish. Long John Silver’s took something that should be pretty healthy and made it just plain over the top. If you order the Baja fish tacos you will be consuming 820 calories, 2,580 mg of sodium and 42 grams of fat. Tacos are not supposed to be that crazy high in these stats, especially since we are talking fish and not beef. 

Panera’s soups are quite a popular item to order. However, most people do not know that the soup is not made there but arrives in frozen bags to the various locations only to be heated in a sink that may or may not have been cleared prior to the soups arrival. Once it is defrosted it is moved to yet another container that may or may not have been cleaned. 

A double bacon cheeseburger is clearly not a healthy option, but it takes a special kind of place to take it to the area that Johnny Rockets did. They managed to make the sandwich alone contain over 1,770 calories and 2,380 mg of sodium! The sandwich is truly loaded with the cheesy and bacon goodness and is definitely our idea of a treat if we have ever seen one. 

This one is a doozy, we apologize in advance but this is a practically a public service announcement. Do not order the tuna salad at Friendly’s. The reason for that is that employees say that the tuna salad is actually made just once a week and is served all week long. How could that possibly be cool with the food regulation people?

The chain is called Steak ‘n’ Shake for a reason and that reason is that you should not order the chili or the shakes when you are there. Employees say that the shake station is almost never cleaned properly which makes for a gross realization as to our shake contents. As for the chili, the grease is not removed from the dish and is allowed to sit there for quite some time. 

Chicken and rice sounds pretty harmless, but it is all about what they put in it and how much of it you are being served. At Bojangle’s the chicken rice bowl with a biscuit has a whopping 1,130 calories, 4,370 mg of sodium and 126 grams of carbs. We are completely floored at this revelation and wonder what they are putting into the food! 

Talk about a fully loaded sandwich! The Thickburger El Diablo at Carl’s Jr. does not play around. We are talking deep-fried jalapeño poppers that are added to a huge burger patty and topped with lots of bacon. Just getting your mouth around the sandwich seems difficult. This burger will set you back 1,290 calories and 85 grams of fat. Eat at your own risk! 

What is it with chili appearing and reappearing on this list? Well, they all do the same thing and it is always wrong – they get their chili frozen, then reheat it at the restaurant. Checkers, however, takes it to a whole other level with the fact that they add old burger meat to theirs as well as other ingredients that make it more of a mystery chili than anything else. 

Thin crust usually means less calories, no? Not in the case of California Pizza Kitchen’s Jamaican Jerk Chicken Thin Crust Pizza. Whether it is the crust or the topping, this pizza contains no less than 1,320 calories and 3,960 mg of sodium. That is a huge amount for a pizza that is said to have thin crust! We feel deceived. 

In many sandwich shops the fresher the better. However, if you go to Jersey Mike’s Subs you should avoid ordering the meat sub or the chicken parmesan one since they are both delivered to the store frozen and are heated up for you so there is zero freshness about it. Stick t deli meats and vegetables for your sandwiches and you will be golden. 

This one is not about good or bad. Years ago it was discovered that if you wanted fish fries at McDonald’s all you had to do is ask and they would have to make it for you. However, not only will you have to wait a bit for them to be ready but the employees will not be your biggest fans and you will hold up the line as your fries are in the oil. 

You would think a bagel shop would have their egg game down pat but Einstein’s does not. They make their eggs first thing in the morning and then keep them warm throughout the morning until they are out. The eggs are just left sitting there so it is best not to order anything egg related from their menu, for your own well being. 

The fact is, Pizza Hut is already pretty deep dish, how much deeper could they go? What matters here, though, is that Pizza Hut employees have said that those dishes that they bake them in are so hard to clean that they are not cleaned as well or as often as they should be. That means that your pizza is getting more than you expected on it. 

Veggie burgers are not for everyone and every chain should not add them to their menu. Culver’s is just that kind of place. It specialized in burgers but their veggie burger leaves a lot to be desired. Employees say that the veggie burger is frozen and when an order comes in they microwave it and then quickly grill it on the same grill that meat is place on too. 

Before you get upset with us, we are not saying not to order movie theater popcorn ever we are just saying do not order it if you are going to a mid-day movie. The reason for that is that the popcorn is probably left over from the night before and will be super stale. If you are going to a late movie, enjoy your freshly made popcorn!

Yes it is a sandwich and yes it does have vegetables inside it. However, the fact that it has veggies does not automatically make it healthy. Quiznos large turkey bacon guacamole sub, while absolute delicious, has 1,300 calories in it! Not to mention the 3,870 mg of sodium and 69 grams of fat. It is not healthy, that is for sure. 

Employees at Jack in the Box do not like to clean the smoothie and milkshake station all too often. While that is gross on its own merit, it is also not good for those of us who have some form of allergy either to dairy or certain fruits. Cross contamination is a thing and the folks that work here do not seem too troubled by it. 

This one even we had to contest with since there is little we love more than a hot dog at a baseball game! However, it is gross to find out that vendors do not throw away uneaten hot dogs but rather put them back in water and wait until the next game to try and sell them. We did not need to know this little bit of information. 

The beans at Taco John’s can get dry, so what do the employees do to make them better? Why they add water to them. The restaurant makes their beans in the mornings and leave them out in the heater throughout the day. They obviously get dry and that is when the staff waters it down. Noted, not ordering anything with the beans ever again. 

Shake Shack is a haven for those who want delicious and affordable. However, they never mentioned healthy. The double smokeshack burger will have you consuming 850 calories, along with 1,895 mg of sodium and 56 grams of fat. This info is just about the burger, not including the fries (because their crinkle fries are amazing) or their dessert (because their milkshakes are delicious too and you have to have one). 

What is John’s favorite? It just so happens to be a pizza pie with added sausage, super large pepperoni, and six different types of cheese. One slice of this baby, just one slice, is 410 calories, 950 mg of sodium and 21 grams of fat. And who just eats one slice? No one, that is who. So enjoy this one, but know that it will cost you. 

The fries at Five Guys are cooked in peanut oil, which makes them healthier than some. However, it does not mean they are by any means healthy at all. One serving of the fries contains 953 calories alone, as well as 962 mg of sodium. They sure do taste fantastic, though. We wonder what the burger situation is like if this is the fry one. 

This should come as no surprise to you considering this relates to a gas station. Here is why you should never get a slurpee from a gas station – the machine is almost never cleaned out and is the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold mixed with your drink means a whole lot of problems for you, not to mention that it is disgusting to just think about. 

This is not about sanitation but all about health. Clearly you know that Smashburger’s chocolate Oreo malt is a far cry from healthy – just look at it! This milkshake has over 950 calories to its name. Image those who order this and a meal, that is a whole lot of calories down the drain, but hey – who said it was. not worth it?

There may be the word salad in there but there is nothing healthy about this one in terms of its caloric value. Chop’t Cobb salad sandwich will set you back 970 calories and 1,990 mg of sodium. Word of advice would be to just order a Cobb salad and call it a day, it may also be calorie dense but it cannot be this heavy. 

What you are looking at right now is what mechanically separated chicken looks like. Fast food restaurants use this to make their chicken nuggets. Every part of the chicken is used and processed before being recolored and made to taste like the chicken nuggets most of us know and love. Clearly, this is not what the consumer had in mind when ordering that menu item, even the employees at McDonald’s do not see this as it arrives ready and frozen to the location. 


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