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Fast Food Fails That Will Ruin Your Week

Fast food was created because we as a generation are: lazy, want things cheap, and we want things NOW. And with all that demand, sometimes your favorite fast food joints miss the mark. Like… REALLY miss the mark. I mean I know that most of the workers in fast food are working for minimum wage, but how do you mess up this bad? Let’s look at the worst food fails in history.

Expectation Vs. Reality

“You Ordered Your Breakfast with Extra Ink, right?”

I Don’t Think That’s How a Taco Works

Don’t the Toppings Go Inside the Taco…?

“I know I shouldn’t have asked for cheese on the side…”

“The Pepperoni Famine of 2008”

When Expectations Don’t Align With Reality

… I Don’t Even Know What I’m Looking At Here…

NOTE TO SELF: Never ask for extra pickles.

“Yeah you can get extra onion, but the cutting of the onion is gonna cost ya.”

“When you said bottomless burgers, this isn’t what I had in mind…”


“Chicken Wrap? Oh I thought you mean piece of chicken loosely tucked into a tortilla blanket.”

“I asked for sour cream on the side…”

TFW You’re Out of Chicken Patties and Someone Orders a Chicken Sandwhich

“I didn’t know you could get your popcorn chicken medium-rare.”

“When I said bottoms up in the drive-thru, I guess the cooks took it seriously…”

“What is this… a straw hole for ANTS?”

NEVER ask for extra mayo

Medium-rare Chicken Sandwhich Anyone?

It Was Apparently Bring Your Own Nachos That Day

This is supposed to be a baconator…

TFW You order a burrito while on a diet

“They ran out of chicken tenders, so they cut a patty in half.”


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