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Flat-Earthers Reveal What Convinced Them To Believe This Theory

People like to have their own opinions and there is no problem about that. However, things can get out of hand when people such as the flat-earthers don’t want to listen to reason or to look at scientific facts and keep pushing their conspiracy theories on others. Flat-earthers are in the limelight right now because what they believe is so outrages that people can’t do anything else but stop and be amazed by them. They also have celebrities such as Tila Tequila and B.O.B. who are supporting them and this is helping them make headlines.

There are hundreds of conspiracies that people believe and you can find the most popular ones just by typing “Conspiracies” in YouTube’s video search bar. We know that YouTube videos are not a reliable source, but people who like conspiracies don’t need anything more than that.

The moon landing used to be the biggest conspiracy that people loved to believe in. They wouldn’t take any scientific result or video footage from NASA as proof because they claimed that everything was faked. However, a new conspiracy theory has taken over the internet.

The biggest and most popular conspiracy in the world right now is saying that the Earth is flat. Yes, you read that right. Some people are denying all the astronomical, physics and other scientific studies that have been performed during the past couple hundreds of years.

The people who believe in this conspiracy are called flat-earthers and they spend most of their time on Reddit. This is why a Reddit user decided to create a thread in which he asked everyone why they believe that the Earth is flat. Some of these answers are going to make you scratch your head in awe.

“I’d start with the salt plains of Bolivia and why it is possible to see land masses on the other side when they should be hidden by the curvature of the Earth, Danakil desert in Ethiopia, Lake Baikal in Siberia.. finish with the University study finding Kansas to be flatter than a pancake,” said a user.

“Once you start to look into it deeply it’s all very hard to interpret. There’s evidence for either/or and will never been fully explained. The main thing that always gets me is trying to understand exactly where Antarctica is,” commented someone. So, what he is basically saying is that geography is hard to learn.

“If you walk around in a dark field holding a lamp or a bulb you see a spotlight on the ground, the rest of the ground is dark. If you walk a circle and an ant is looking at the lamp, it will be like the sun.” If what this was saying is true, then the Earth’s surface would have been burned a long time ago.

Another user said that NASA is denying that the flat Earth theory is true and this means that it has to be true. The user went to add that no one should believe that government. From the looks of it, this person is just looking for a reason to go against scientific proof and he doesn’t have one.

There are thousands of people who believe that there is a giant ice wall at the end of the world which is located in Antarctica. Does this sound familiar? These people are probably big fans of Game of Thrones and they are easily influenceable.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a science man and he decided that it’s not worth his time to debate flat-earthers. However, this backfired on him because flat-earthers believe that he is afraid of getting in a debate with them because he doesn’t have any proof.

For some weird reason, lots of flat-earthers believe that Disney is the one we should all blame for this conspiracy. They believe that Disney is the one that created the “myth” that the Earth is round.

The interesting thing about flat-earthers is that they are so in love with the idea of knowing something that other people don’t that they are not even looking at the scientific proof. Are they stubborn or are they just blind? What do you think?

The simplest experiment that will show that the Earth is not flat is to watch a boat leaving the port. As the boat is getting farther away, you will be able to only see the top of its sails. Well, flat-earthers believe that the reason they can’t see the entire ship is that it’s just too far away and not because of the curvature of the Earth.

Even though the International Space Stations is one of the most amazing things that humanity has ever built, flat-earthers believe that the ISS is just a government base where they fake videos and pictures.

When you don’t have any scientific proof to support your theory, bringing God into the matter is not going to help. Well, some flat-earthers are saying that God doesn’t want them to have any proof that the planet is flat and that is why they don’t have anything.

Another interesting theory that the flat-earthers believe in is saying that sun and move are spheres which measure each at 51 km. Not just that, but they are moving circles 4,828 km above our planet.

After showing you the top reasons why flat-earthers believe in their conspiracy, are you convinced that the Earth is flat? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

The reason why so many people are inclined to believe in such an outrageous claim is because they want to be part of a community. The flat-earther community is their tribe and they want to feel special.

If flat-earthers would do some actual research, then they would realize that everything they believe in is false. However, they refuse to do this because they don’t want to find out that they have been wrong all along.

These have been the top reasons why flat-earthers believe in their conspiracy. Nonetheless, let us know in the comments what do you think about the idea that the Earth could be flat.


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