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Foster Mom Discovers Surprise Connection To Daughter

 When Katie Page decided to move across the country to make a new life for herself, she never imagined the turn it would take. Upon moving to a new town, Page discovered her true calling in life. It turned out that what she was meant to do, according to her, was be a foster mother.

It was not long before she began taking in children in need. Page started her journey by taking in infants who needed care and were left without parents. While her intention was to foster the children, Page quickly found herself adopting her first child, a baby boy. She followed that up by fostering a baby girl who was left at a hospital. It was then that Page noticed something unusual about her two kids, something she could not shake. When she finally got to the bottom of it, Page was left stunned. 

Katie Page found herself in her early 30s, divorced, and living in Alabama. While she had many friends and opportunities, she felt like she needed to make a drastic change in her life to bring her out of the darkness she was feeling. 

Page’s dream of a new beginning were going to lead her to a place in her life that she never thought possible, not to mention bring her to the middle of a mystery. 

Page was in a place in her life where she had a lot of opportunities, all she had to do was choose where she wanted to go. She did not know where she would end up but made a decision to accept a job that would move her away but not too far from her nearest and dearest. 

At the very same time, there were events taking place elsewhere that would eventually affect Page’s life and lead her to her true path. 

Ultimately, Page decided to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado and took the position of Integrated Services Manager at a construction company called GE Johnson. At the time, Page thought that this job would help put her on the right path. 

In addition to the new job, Page bought herself a house that would need a lot of renovation. Page said, “The house was a large four-bedroom home. I told my friends at the time that it was meant for ‘more,’ even though I really didn’t know what ‘more’ meant at the time.” 

Page decided to do the renovations to the house herself in order to throw herself into the project. She said, “The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision – and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it. 

I knew that God was calling me to be a woman quite different than who I was at the time. I remember literally looking in the mirror one day and sobbing at the woman I saw, and I knew that I was not the woman my heart desired to be.” 

Page threw herself into the home renovation, which was going to be a serious task seeing as even the floors needed replacing. Even with the work she was doing, there was something missing for Page. 

She knew that there was something more than she was destined to do. It was at this time that Page received a letter, this letter would change her life. She read through it twice and knew that this was her chance to elevate her life’s purpose. 

As a devout Christian, Katie Page joined a church nearby once she settled in. One day, Page got a letter from the church asking her if she wanted to help with a seminar that would talk about a program for fostering children. 

As soon as she read the letter, Page knew this was an opportunity that was meant for her. She agreed to help the church with the seminar and advised them immediately. 

Page was looking for something to elevate her life, and this was exactly what was called for. Through this initiative, she would be able to help helpless children who desperately needed a home and a caring adult. 

She also knew that her home was large and she certainly had the space to house more than herself. Page knew that she would be an excellent foster mom, one who would love and care for these children and give them shelter.

Prior to making a final decision, Page called her mother to seek her advice and approval. Her mother thought it would be a lot to take on, what with a new job and a new house, but she also knew that her daughter had a huge heart and saw how much she wanted this. 

So, Page’s mother decided to go with her to the seminar to see what it was all about. Both women had no idea that their lives are about to change. 

The moment the presentation started Page got the chills, which she felt was a sign. By the end of the seminar, Page eagerly wanted to joint the ranks of foster parents everywhere. 

Page was also nervous and scared about the decision but it felt like a perfect fit. Pretty early on, Page knew that this was the purpose she was looking for for so long; being a foster mom was her calling. 

Page was on a mission to transform her life. A new town, job, and house were not cutting it though. Before the church had sent the letter, Page never thought about becoming a foster mom.

However, after being a part of the seminar, it is all Page could think about. Page made sure to take her time with the process, though, she wanted to do this right since it meant so much to her. 

There was a lot to think about when it came time to decide whether she was ready to be a foster mom; it was a huge responsibility. 

She did not even know if she met the requirements needed to become a foster mom, but after speaking with friends and family and having them all be supportive and agree that she would be a wonderful foster mom, she decided it was her time to prove herself.

It was on Mother’s Day in 2015 that Katie Page finished her application to become a foster parent. She was excited to be really going down this road towards fostering. 

She was not scared anymore but looking forward to helping a child. She had no idea that soon she would get a case more bizarre than she could imagine, although it would ultimately lead to the greatest gift there is – family. 

The first cases that Page took were not infants, but rather children who had been through trauma at an early age and needed a temporary home. 

Page knew she needed to be extra caring and sensitive with the kids. Page quickly realized she wanted to do more than foster. What began as an email turned into a clarification for Page as to what she wanted to do with her life. 

Page enjoyed being a foster mom more than she ever imagined. The first cases she was given solidified her passion for children in need. Motherhood came very naturally for Page and she wanted nothing but that for her life’s mission. 

It was not long before Page was thinking about making motherhood a more full-time thing. The timing of these thoughts was perfect as Page was about to get pretty incredible news. 

Soon after becoming a foster mom, Page found herself wanting to take things one step further and adopt a child. The children that came and went from Page’s home were very young but were in and out of her home often. 

She wanted a more permanent situation for a child. The very next case that Page took would be the one to challenge her the most, complications that would be life-threatening and would lead to an unimaginable mystery. 

The agency that worked with Page called her one day to ask if should would accept a particular case. This time it was a newborn baby boy who was left at a hospital. 

At the time, Page was already caring for a 14-month-old baby. Page had never taken care of a newborn, but she felt drawn to him and when she heard his heartbreaking story she questioned if she could care for this four-day-old baby. 

This baby boy was dropped off at the hospital and was found positive for drugs in his system which were transferred to him by his mother in the womb. This baby needed a warm home as soon as possible and the agency called Page for that. 

The hospital stated that the drugs in the baby’s system would not affect him in the long run. He would still feel withdrawn, though, which broke Page’s heart to hear. It was then that Page decided to foster the baby boy.  

Page knew she needed to take care of this young boy, but she already had another child at home that she was caring for. In order to make this happen, she would need her mother’s help. 

Page called her mom to ask if she could stay with her for a couple of months so she could help these kids, her mother did not hesitate before she said yes. That very day, Katie Page moved into her mom’s house with the two kids. 

The baby boy did not have a name yet, so Page “decided to give him [her] top choice ‘Grayson’ because by God’s grace [she] now had a son (potentially for forever).” Page fell in love with baby Grayson immediately, feeling as though she had always been his mother.

It would be baby Grayson’s past that would change everything for this duo. Would Page be able to handle the situation that was about to come their way?

Page and her mom took care of little Grayson for 11 months while the social workers on his case were looking for his biological parents. The information was posted everywhere from the hospital to the local paper, but no one turned up anywhere. 

The only thing that everyone knew was Grayson’s biological mother’s date of birth and first name which were on his hospital bracelet. They were hoping for clues, but all they would eventually find is a sad truth that would reveal itself to be far stranger. 

No one came to claim baby Grayson. Page was heartbroken for him but was relied for herself. What this meant was that adopting the little boy would be easier than expected. 

Page also knew that she would need to let Grayson know when he is older that no one came to claim him. After a while, Page realized that it was just her and Grayson against the world, so she decided to act on it. 

Page was for all intents and purposes Grayson’s mom. She cared for him from his fifth day on this earth, and there was no indication that his biological parents were ever stepping forward or found. 

It was then that page decided to officially take the huge step of adopting Grayson. When he was 11 months old she decided to make it real, but she also had no idea that their lives were about to take a turn for the crazy. 

Katie Page became Grayson’s mother (officially) on May 14, 2017. The adoption made this family a reality and to make it really official, Katie changed Grayson’s legal name to Grayson Page. 

The adoption was smooth and it came and went. After the entire ordeal, Page wanted to take the time to be with Grayson and help him adjust to this life. She also wanted to focus on him completely as he seemed to be going through some developmental challenges. 

Due to the fact that Grayson was exposed to drugs within his mother’s womb, he was experiencing challenges. Grayson had physical and developmental issues and Page wanted to make sure that he got the best care. 

It was only a few weeks after the adoption was final that Page got another call from the agency asking her to take in another baby like Grayson, this time it was a little girl. 

As if this was Grayson all over again, the agency told Page that this baby was also left at the hospital just like him. Again, just like Grayson, this baby girl was also exposed to drugs in her system from her mother. 

Page could not turn this baby away and took her in as well. There was something deep in Page that told her she was meant to take this little girl into her home. 

Page could not help but see the similarities between Grayson and the baby girl, especially in the way she felt about them both. While she was very overwhelmed with the recent adoption of her baby boy, Page took in the baby girl, for the time being. 

Although, Page even then knew that this may become more permanent. However, nothing prepared Page for what she found out next… 

Page knew that she made the right decision taking the baby girl into her home along with Grayson. Page knew that this would be hard for her and her mother, with whom she was still living! 

There was something innate in Page about being a mother to these children, there was more to this than she had ever thought possible, and there was still so much more to uncover… 

The social worker that brought the baby girl into Page’s home also brought with her all the information they had on the girl. There was nearly no information about the girl’s parents. 

As soon as the girl was in her home, Page took her in her arms to show her some affection. It was right then that Page starts thinking about just how similar these two cases are. Could her suspicions be true?

Page started wondering how it could be such a coincidence that Grayson and the little girl would come to her in the same way. Another huge similarity is that the children had the same name as their birth mother. 

This made Page dig deeper for information. Page went to the hospital to find Grayson’s discharge papers, they would ultimately make Page rethink everything she thought she knew about her two kids. 

Katie Page went through every single bit of documentation about Grayson and the little girl. Another incredible discovery was that the birthday of the biological mother was one day apart from Grayson’s. 

This was too big of a coincidence. Page started thinking that these kids had the same mom. Page decided with that that she was going to do some more digging, this was too curious. 

For months, Page went into full on research mode to try and track down this baby girls mother and try and get some answers out of her. Page did manage to find her and started a conversation. 

The biological mother told Page that she did have two children that she gave up over the course of 18 months. She also told Page that she gave the baby up without records. Page wanted to be totally sure, though…

Page managed to coordinate a meeting between the birth mother and the social worker in charge of both Grayson and the little girl’s cases. She wanted to make sure her suspicions were true. The thought that she somehow adopted two siblings without knowing it was an impossible chance. 

Page said, “There were features on the babies that were very similar. They both have a chin dimple and the other feature is one that only a mama would see because it’s covered by their diaper!” Page then waited for the social worker’s call. 

Katie Page waited for the phone to ring. When she finally got the call, the social worker told her: “Katie I think you’re right…” The social worker herself was stunned. 

The social worker said, “Her story breaks my heart and I can’t believe it, but I am 90% sure you’re right and this is a miracle.” The following hour, Page got a call that would change her life. 

The social worker called Page back to let her know that she found the last name of the mother for both children and they were indeed the same – these children were siblings and there was 100% certainly of it now. 

The fact that these children both found their way to Page, was something out of a movie. Page was beyond words to learn that she was caring for Grayson’s sister. 

Katie Page did one more thing to make totally sure that these two kids were related – she had their DNA tested. The tests confirmed it – they were indeed siblings. 

Without hesitation, Page started the adoption process for the little girl, there was no way she was not going to be a part of their family now. Page burst into tears of joy at the thought of this incredible tale. 

Katie Page felt the same about the little girl as she did about Grayson on the day she adopted them. On December 28, 2018, the adoption proceedings were finalized. 

Page named her baby girl Hannah Page. The two kids had already bonded, now it was also official for them! Page said that they are very different personalities. One major discovery was over, but there was one more to come…

While Page was right in the end, the social workers were not convinced as the mother changed up her date of birth and her last name each time she dropped off a baby. 

Once the social workers found the birth mother, though, they were in for another huge surprise. This surprise even Katie Page was not sure she could handle. However, Page knew she had to do the right by her kids. 

Once the birth mother was found, they also found out that she was pregnant again. In that moment, Page interceded and decided to take that child in as well. 

She wanted all of the siblings to be together. Page was scared at the thought of a third child, two was hard enough, but she told herself to be brave and that she could handle anything. 

The birth mother gave birth to another boy a mere 13 months after Hannah. Katie Page is in the process of adopting the baby boy, and until it is final, she has decided not to share anymore information. 

There are a lot of hurdles that need to be jumped over but Page is there to be a mother to these three children until it is official. 


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