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From Touching To Frightening, These Friendship Stories Are Golden

She was honestly a good friend. She was always there for me when I needed her, and she listened to me without any judgement. I had no problems being there for her either, however, as I started thinking about how things truly were, she didn’t seem all that great anymore… 

The more I thought about things, the more I realized that she simply used me to pay for our outings and to help her with her work. She never thanked me for anything, and when everything was said and done she simply blocked my number…

I always felt good about driving my friend around. He made me feel good by saying things like ‘I feel safe with you behind the wheel’ or ‘you are such a good driver’. When he said things like that it made me forget about the cost of gas or how inconvenient driving him around was. Eventually, I realized that I was merely his personal chauffeur, not his friend.

Not once did he offer to pay gas, and we only spent time together when I picked him up. I was basically spending money just to see my friend. I knew I was doing the right thing by leaving him at the bus stop.

The moment I heard about my friends engagement, I was overwhelmed by joy. She deserved it more than anything in the world. I was there for her throughout the entire wedding planning process, and made sure everything went smoothly. I even offered to pay for certain items.  However, when she fought with me over my bridesmaid’s dress, I was stunned. 

She rudely informed me that the dress she chose made me look too attractive, so she gave me the option of wearing a jacket or sitting down the entire ceremony. I decided to go with the third option, where I completely skip the wedding. I wore the dress to another event, and I’ve never felt better. 

I had one friend who was constantly being surrounded by drama. He was like a magnet for it. However, whenever I attempted to find out what happened, his stories would frequently change or he would play the victim.  We went out one night with another friend, and encountered an issue. 

My friend somehow managed to make me seem like the bad guy, and I finally saw what everyone’s been telling me for months. He never took accountability for his actions, so I decided it was for the best if this friendship ended… 

All of my friends were very supportive when I shared that I was pregnant. However, I found what my best friend shared with me quite peculiar. She immediately initiated a fight over names for babies and it truly seemed like she wanted the spotlight on her. 

That’s when I realized that she did not support me or my pregnancy. It became clear to me that being the center of attention was more important than our friendship. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore. 

I thought my best friend was the coolest person to ever exist. However, numerous people told me to not trust him but I chose not to listen to them. Things started to make sense one night when we went on a double date with two ladies we met at a party.

He made me feel inferior and stupid in front of the girls and also made up lies about me just to embarrass me. I decided then and there to leave without paying the bill. How he got home that night is a mystery and I am glad he’s not in my life anymore. 

There was a year difference between my brother and I, and my friends frequently told me how handsome he was. People were always trying to become my close friend and I enjoyed that a lot. There was this one really cool girl named Jessica who was also interested in becoming my friend, and I was ecstatic. 

However, the only reason she wanted to be my friend was to get with my brother. I shared this with my brother, and he stood her up on their first date. 

I feel like I am a giving person and a great friend. This is why I was so puzzled when my friend started an argument with me about money I borrowed from her. I always paid for her lunch and frequently bought her things. One day we decided to go to the mall but I did not have any cash with me, so I asked her for some money to pay for parking.

That was a big mistake. She told all of our friends that I stole her money and that I owed her a lot of money. I had no problem paying her back, but she refused to accept my money. In retaliation I decided to add up all of the money I’ve spent on her, and asked for my money back. Revenge was sweet. 

My friend dated a lot of people, and nobody really had a problem with it. We all just wanted her to be happy, but she kept doing one thing that made it difficult to support her. 

Every single time without fail, she would ghost me when she meets a new boyfriend. However, she always came back as soon as they broke up. It made me feel like she did not value our friendship, so I decided to ghost her back. 

Every time my friend came over, some of my stuff went missing. I kept thinking that I must have misplaced the items or that she was just borrowing them but a pattern soon emerged. My stuff only went missing when she came around, so it could not have been me. 

I realized enough was enough when I saw her wear my watch to a party we were both invited to. I confronted her about it, but she refused to admit anything. Thankfully, the watch was a gift and had my initials on the back, and when I asked her to turn the watch around she hastily left. 

I have had this friend since high school and we did everything together. We both joined the chess club, the glee club, everything. So when we became adults I thought that the friendly competition was exactly that. 

So one day we were watching Ghostbusters with Melissa and he went on and on about how women ruin everything men create and miss the olden days. This whole time I thought he was just a hater but I realized he just hated women in power or who were smarter than him, so I kicked him to the curb.

I had finally met the man of my dreams, John was amazing and my best friend seemed to like him as well, so I was the happiest girl, until things started to get awkward. John didn’t want to tell me out right that he didn’t like Steve but he would avoid going out with us. 

So I asked him what happened and he just told me to ask my friend and the universe gave me answers. Steve left his phone and I had seen text messages from him to John about how crazy and high maintenance I am. I punched his face and blocked him.

I had this awesome friend who would compliment my style and fashion sense. So when she started dressing like me, I took it as a compliment. People would call us cute, twins etc. I did not see it as an issue, until she dyed her hair the same color as me, Things quickly moved from cute to creepy and stalker.

I asked her why she did it and she said she wants to look like me. That is when I knew that it was my time to run, and that’s exactly what I did.

My friend was the queen of clap backs and punch lines and we were cool with it because it was never about us, until one day I noticed that our other friends would giggle randomly when I walked into the room or acted funny. 

So when I asked what was going on, one friend told me that Melissa was spreading rumors about me when I was not around? So I decided to scare her a bit and sue her for defamation. We are not in high school anymore and this is not a scene from mean girls.

We were roommates, friends and, we both worked at the same dead-end job. So when I got the call of my dreams I expected him to do what any other person would do and celebrate with me. I had finally gotten that job of my dreams, writing for a magazine, my dreams were finally coming true and I was over the moon.

However, when our friends came to celebrate with me, he made up stories about how he had been in a car accident that same day and needed help. He managed to make my moment about him and this was not the first time, so I decided to leave the drama king and move out.


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