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From Bad Writing To Bad Luck, TV Characters Nobody Likes

We love to hate them. These are characters that make you sit back, tilt your head, and say “Whyyyy?!”

 It can be bad writing, poor casting, or a conflict with the original book/comic. Either way, they are memorably cringe-worthy. One Breaking Bad actress ended up having a hard time with the role because of the hatred.

This one really hurt Walking Dead Fans – particularly those of the comics where she’s one of the favorites. 

The “Andrea” on paper is way different than the TV version – for example, not hooking up with every bad guy in order to throw a wrench in the plot gears or changing her motivations every episode. 

Someone give whichever writer an award for the most annoying character ever. 

Even without Janine’s brain-rattling, nose-bleed-inducing laugh that sounds like a clown car stalling, her actions were enough to totally drive things out of whack in the storyline in all kinds of ways. Pointless. … Did we mention the laugh?

A snotty girl dropped out of the middle of nowhere with a DNA test for her science fair project. Sure. 

Fans did NOT like this unexpected roadblock (just for the sake of drama). It seems the sole purpose of April’s insertion was to break up Lorelai and Luke. Even the actress wasn’t happy with the deal.

Jack Bauer already had enough on his plate saving the city, president, or world. 

The plot was enough with nuclear bombs and bio-weapons. Kim not only manages to get herself into unnecessary trouble, but she also goes as far as getting caught in a cougar trap. Bit of a shark jump … or feline jump in this case.

Dawn Summers had two problems. First, even though her character is entitled to act out (after all the stuff that goes on around her, we don’t blame her). 

However, she did get a bit too whiney as time went on. Second, the actress was older than the character age by a lot, which made some dialogue or actions weird.

As the seasons progressed, Lost took on a lot of problems – mainly bad ideas and a story with absolutely no direction. 

For some reason, writers thought it would be a great idea to add Nikki and Paolo … They weren’t even on the plane. Because, why not? At least they got the hint quickly and axed them fast.

One thing fans hate is watching a character slowly turn from amazing to terrible. 

It’s also an interesting mixture of dislikes lumped into one giant complaint. First, he’s fashioned after the Disney version of Hades and people just prefer James Woods. Second, his performance has been described as over-the-top and comically sad.

Prison isn’t exactly the place to find good-natured protagonists. 

Surviving the mix of vile and dangerous prisoners is part of the show’s appeal. One of the reasons people hated Madison “Badison” Murphy is because she reminds viewers of someone in their own life. She’s very real (aka, good writing that brings too much emotion).

Skylar White was dubbed “the most hated character” on the show. 

The way she differs from other “hated” characters on various shows is not down to bad writing. It’s that she is, in a way, the antagonist of the story. She’s the main hurdle against her husband, and so many people wanted to see him win.

Meg used to be awesome. She was a blonde sweetie that used subterfuge and cunning to slither around the Winchester brothers. 

But when this demon’s vessel was blown away and she came back in a new form, there were no more secrets or nail-biting plots. She was just evil … and annoyingly over sarcastic. 

It’s called shoehorning – shoving and pounding something in that doesn’t really belong. 

It’s like the glass slipper of TV shows. This is what happened to Randy Pearson. Two of the most popular characters had all but left and this poor guy was doomed to be disliked before the episode even aired. Not really his fault.

It’s a testament to an actor’s ability when they can pull off being hated for a character that is mean to be loathed. 

The problem? Pete Campbell was far too shallow. He was an insecure brat for the sake of another villain. There was no humanity that made him believable as a three-dimensional character. 

The evil man that kills small adorable creatures for no reason – or humans in this case. 

Ramsay Bolton might have been more mapped out in the books, but the TV version makes him out to be psychotically evil and nothing more. He might as well have horns and carry a pitchfork. Even the Lucifer on TV is more relatable.

The idea of a genius kid among the space crew was a cool idea. The Federation accepts many walks of life, after all.

But instead of a character that contributed to the adventure and grew into his role, Wesley Crusher ended up being a snotty know-it-all that made more problems than he solved.


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