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Geologist Strikes Back At Rude Neighbors

It was 7am. The sun had just risen and she was already furious. She didn’t care if they were sleeping, she was going to make their morning a living hell. 

She marched towards their door, leaving scorched earth underneath her feet like a dragon breathing fire. She thumped on the door but they ignored her. A decision they’d soon regret. 

As a neighbor, there are certain things you just don’t do. Things like being loud at inappropriate hours, interfering in others’ business or parking on others’ property. The list goes on. 

Unfortunately for Melissa, she was all-too-familiar with bad neighbors. But never in all of her neighborhood experience had she encountered something as bad as this. 

At first, it was a lovely surprise to have college students move in next door. Afterall, Melissa was in college too. But that wouldn’t be enough to calm the waters that were about to rage. 

Melissa was a geologist student, studying her third degree. She lived with pleasant roommates who respected her space, unlike her new neighbours.

It was 3 weeks after they first moved in when booming music woke her up in the middle of the night. There had never been any arguments over noise or inconsiderate behaviour before. 

She went back to sleep with a pillow over her ears and told herself if something like this happened again, she’d knock on their door and confront them. Well, it would. 

Although Melissa was happy to be living next to college students, she was also worried about what kind of students they were. Generally, there’s two kinds: the party kind and the studious kind. 

At first, they seemed like the studious kind, but as weeks passed they let their true colors shine. Soon, all hell would break loose.

“I never really had any issue until about a week and a half ago,” Melissa wrote in a post on social media. “This is actually the second time this has happened.” 

College students are known to throw outrageous parties. They have a load of steam to blow off and freedom to explore. Melissa understood this, but there was a limit to her understanding. 

Melissa could deal with the noise. What she couldn’t deal with was their reaction when she politely asked them to keep their party goers cars from blocking her car in her driveway – which happened a lot! 

“I went over to ask that people stay out of our backyard,” she wrote, “I asked that it be moved by 7 am, and left a note.” She woke up the next morning to something that made her see red. 

A massive boulder was placed exactly where a car would usually be blocking her driveway. 

Usually, Melissa isn’t the angry type, or type who enjoys any kind of drama at all. She enjoys a quiet life, living in peaceful solitude after a long day of studying. But this action woke a sleeping monster that Melissa hadn’t seen in a long while.  

She was furious. It was 7am but she didn’t care. She marched towards their door, leaving scorched earth underneath her footprints like a dragon in flames. She was so angry, she could burst. 

She thumped on the door to ask them to move it back, but there was no answer. She could hear voices inside, they were ignoring her. A decision they’d soon regret. 

There was no denying it. This was all deliberate. Melissa knew she wasn’t overreacting. It was the note. They did this on purpose because she left a note to tell them to not block her car. 

She didn’t want to just move the boulder to their side. No, what she wanted to do was make sure they never disrespected her again. She felt like they thought she was a pushover and it was time to show them otherwise. 

It turns out that Melissa’s neighbors had seriously underestimated her. She was a very petite person, so they might have thought they could get away with being a pain in her backside. 

But what they had failed to remember was that Melissa was a geologist. Rocks were her thing. That meant she had access to a professional auto-chipper, which had the power to drill through just about anything. 

Tired of being pushed around, Melissa hauled out her extremely loud stone-drilling machine at 7:30 am, cranked it up to the highest setting, and proceeded to obliterate the pesky boulder into a pile of rubble.

She knew that the incredibly loud noise generated by the auto-chipper would make her neighbor’s post-party morning a living nightmare.

She was so petite that she needed to sit on top of the boulder as she destroyed it like a total boss. She made sure to open their already open windows more before she started. 

She wanted to attract their attention. She wanted them to see her drilling this huge boulder with heavy machinery by herself and the noise screeched their drowsy eardrum. 

Before long that pesky boulder was just a pile of rubble which she kindly swept over to her neighbors driveway. 

Melissa shared updates on the story online writing, “Give yourself a decent pair of headphones, pipe in some good music, fuel it with tiny person-passive aggressive rage, and you’d be surprised how quickly a large boulder can be demolished”. And the neighbours’ reaction? 

“Update: All is quiet,” she wrote. “Neighbors have deserted the premises. I am thoroughly enjoying a cup of tea.” 

Then she later wrote, “Neighbor update: I have made eye contact w/2 of the guys. One gave me a nod, and the other looked at me with wide eyes like I’m a madwoman. I’d like to think that we have reached a mutual understanding.”


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