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She Broke His Heart, So He Returned The Favor On Her Wedding Day

Dino is humiliated, frozen in his tracks. How could she do this to him? How could she rip his heart out and stomp all over it like a spider on the street?

This was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The woman he wanted to start a family with and grow old with. But not anymore. There was no way he was going to let her get away with what she did. She was going to get what was coming to her. 

Dino Smith had been an oil rigger for 8 years. Although the job was hard at times, it was super rewarding. Not to mention the pay was incredible and he had some fantastic co-workers who made being away from home, a lot easier. 

But while he may have been lucky with his professional accomplishments, Dino had always been unlucky in love. But that was about to change. Or so he thought. 

Dino was seemingly the perfect man; he was tall, dark, and handsome and was making good money and saving it too. He didn’t like to show off his success with material items, instead, he bought a condominium and paid in full. 

The only thing missing from Dino’s life was a woman to enjoy his success with. But a woman was soon about to enter Dino’s life, and he had no idea what she was up to. 

As soon as Dino saw her, he knew she was something special. She was gorgeous, a stunning young woman who wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Vogue. 

Her name was Louisa, and she worked as a waitress in Dino’s local cafe. Dino couldn’t deny the spark he felt when he met her, but he had no idea what was coming to him. 

After a few weeks of flirting and secret glances, Dino finally made his move and asked Louisa out on a date. Surprisingly, she said yes with an eerily creepy smile plastered on her face. 

Their first date went well; Dino made Louisa laugh and of course like any gentleman, he paid for the meal. But when it came to Dino introducing Louisa to his co-workers, they were lost for words. But for all the wrong reasons.

Most of Dino’s friends were proud of him for landing such a good looking woman, but some were slightly more suspicious. One of Dino’s friends Josh, found Louisa to be one of the most self-centered and attention seeking people he’d ever met. 

Hindsight is 20/20 and unluckily for Dino, he couldn’t foresee what would happen, yet the warning signs were most certainly there. 

Louisa, at times, could be very selfish and shallow. She blamed her outlandish behavior on her childhood issues and her parent’s divorce. Like most men head over heels with their girl, Dino dismissed her troubling attitude. 

Soon enough Louisa moved into Dino’s condo. At the start, things were going great. The loved-up couple laughed and unwinded by each other’s side. But as time went on, Dino started getting suspicious while he was away at work. 

Things seemed a bit odd when Dino checked over his bank statement. You see, he left Louisa with a credit card so she could take care of herself while he was out of town. 

But when he looked at his statements, he saw a $300 grocery purchase, and then another $200 grocery purchase a couple of days later. What was going on? 

Either Louisa was eating at least $500 worth of groceries a week, or she was getting cash-back from the grocery store and keeping it herself. 

But Louisa wouldn’t do something like that, right? A terrible feeling hit the pit of Dino’s stomach. 

Dino was stumped. What was going on? Why was she spending so much? Suddenly it dawned on Dino that Louisa might not be remaining faithful. After all, with Dino not at home, she’s had the perfect opportunity to have an affair. 

If she was indeed having an affair, there was no way Dino wasn’t going to let her get away lightly. 

Dino could feel his heartache at the thought of Louisa betraying him. But Dino was smart, and he made a plan. 

He arranged to fly back home a few days earlier than planned. But he wasn’t going to tell Louisa. Little did Dino know things were about to go downhill. 

Louisa didn’t expect Dino home for a couple more days, so when he entered his home, his home that he worked so hard for, it caught her completely by surprise. 

For Dino, it confirmed the worst suspicions he had of the woman he once thought was “the one.”

Dino arrived at his condo and quietly opened the front door. With his heartbeat in his throat, he listened out but all he could hear was the sound of faint music. He steps inside his home and was repulsed to find it a complete mess.

Dirty dishes and crumbled clothes were scattered everywhere. Then suddenly, he heard laughter. It sounded like Louisa’s laugh. And it was coming from upstairs. 

Dino can feel his heart crumble into a million pieces as he walks into his bedroom. The woman he wanted to marry and grow old with, was indeed cheating on him. But Dino kept his cool. He didn’t lose his temper, he just told the guy to get out. 

He then told Louisa to get out too. He handed her the key to a hotel room, 50 bucks for cab fare, and told her to leave. But Louisa wasn’t leaving. 

With the look of panic plastered on her face, Louisa kept screaming, crying, apologizing, and proclaiming her love for Dino in one breath and cursing him with the next. This ended up with Dino telling his security guard to call the cops. 

Louisa wasn’t on the lease you see, so once the police arrived and verified who owned the home they removed her. That should have been the end of it, but Louisa was vindictive. Nobody expected what she did next. 

Dino had taken away a lot of the comforts that Louisa had become used to. His cash, his card, and his home. He took all of Louisa’s things and had them placed in a storage unit. Louisa had to face the music: Dino wasn’t going to provide for her any longer.

But Louisa wasn’t going to just sit around and be stubbed in that manner. She wasn’t going to let him leave her in the dark. She was going to hit Dino back where it hurts.

Dino’s pride and joy – aside from his condo – was his white Chevy Monte Carlo. He had saved up years to finally purchase his dream car, so when he did he was super proud. 

However several weeks after breaking up with Louisa, Dino returned home from another stint at the oil rig. Instead of finding his car in tip-top condition, it was something much worse. 

Dino could feel his blood boil. This had to be a joke, right? His fists clenched and his eyes bulged out at the sight before him.

Four flat tires, a smashed windshield, and a can of red paint had been poured over his car! All of Dino’s friends wondered who would do such a thing. But Dino knew exactly who did it. And he wasn’t going to let them get away with it. No way. 

Louisa had done something that Dino would never be able to forgive. While most men would hit back where it hurts immediately, for Dino he knew he had to be patient. He knew that the perfect time to strike wasn’t now. 

Dino swiftly returned to his routine and daily life as if nothing had ever happened. But Dino hadn’t forgiven or forgotten what Louisa had done to him. Soon, he would find an opportunity to strike back at his ex-girlfriend — and he would do it hard.

Dino would never forgive Louisa for what she did, not only to his car but to his heart. He wanted to make sure he was able to hurt her, just like she hurt him.

So when he learned through a mutual friend that Louisa was now engaged to someone else and soon to be married, Dino started plotting his plan for revenge. Finally, she was going to get what was coming to her. 

You see Dino learned of Louisa’s engagement through a friend of his, Nancy. Her sister, Cathy, happens to be very good friends with Louisa, but Nancy knew the real Andrea and passed the information on to Dino.

Nancy would become a co-conspirator along with Dino, and together they made sure that what was supposed to be the best day in Andrea’s life was the worst day…

A month before Louisa’s wedding, Dino sent an anonymous letter to her in the mail. Inside the envelope was a picture of Monte Carlo, a wedding dress and a ketchup packet. 

There was also a note too, with three words saying ‘Red On White.’ What did all this mean? 

If Louisa presumed that Dino would forgive and forget her she was mistaken. Dino hadn’t forgotten what she had to done to him. How she broke his heart into a million piece and stomped on the remains. 

Dino was going to get his revenge and with this mysterious message, Louisa knew it was coming.

With her wedding soon approaching, Louisa was freaking out; paranoid that Dino was going to ruin her day. Nancy (Dino’s partner in crime) had a “slip up” and told her sister (who told Louisa), that a friend of Dino’s worked at the catering company hired for Louisa’s wedding. 

Louisa flipped out as soon as she heard this. She removed all the pasta dishes from her wedding day meal and even had tomatoes removed from the salads, in fear that a plate might be dumped on her. But Dino still had a few more tricks up his sleeve, his revenge had only just started. 

Dino, like any man looking for revenge, knew he had to mess with Louisa’s head. He sent about 30 different red lipsticks to Andrea’s house from online, all paid from prepaid credit cards. 

Louisa wasn’t able to trace them back to him, but she knew it was Dino. She knew he was going to get his revenge, and there was nothing she could do about it. 

Dino then had a red sharpie placed under her windshield wipers for her to find one cold morning. And when Louisa saw them she started to freak out even more. 

By the time her wedding day arrived, Louisa was a complete wreck, expecting to be sprayed by red paint at every turn. It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. 

At her wedding, Louisa was the ultimate bridezilla – she demanded that all the red flowers be removed from the centerpieces on all the tables and she refused to get within 10 feet of anyone holding a red drink.

She spent more time and attention looking for the ambush she was certain was coming, yet Dino didn’t even do a thing.

In reality, it was in Dino’s interest for the wedding to be really enjoyable for all of Andrea’s guests, just not her. Indeed, Dino had to make sure guests like Nancy could witness everything. 

He turned Louisa into a Bridezilla, and Nancy, who was invited, kept him updated with a running commentary as the night progressed. 

Right in front of all her family and friends, Andrea exposed herself to be an erratic and paranoid person that was demanding everyone bend over backward every time there was a problem. 

In the end, her true colors were brought to light.


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