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Girl Goes To This House Every Night, Father Decides To Follow Her

His daughter was five years old at the time. She was a typical little girl who enjoyed playing with other children, but her father noticed something unusual about her behavior one day.

The issue was that this little girl would disappear from her family home every evening.

Tom found his daughter’s room empty for the fourth time in a row. Every day, between 6 and 7 p.m., she disappeared. The father started to get worried about his little daughter.

He tried to ask her about it, but her answers were quite evasive and smart for her age. She would always say that it was her own business. But he wanted to know what happened to his daughter every night.

Tom had a brilliant idea! When Emma sneaked out again, he went straight to her room. He hardly had one hour to investigate her room.

The search was unsuccessful, but at the last minute, Tom found a white sheet of paper hidden under her pillow.

“Come to the house at the back of your field at 6:30 pm. And make sure you’re alone!” What does it mean? Tom was furious. He read the mysterious note and had no idea who had written it to his daughter.

There was only one last choice to make. He’d have to follow Emma the next time.

One day, Tom was all ready to follow his daughter. He was nervous and scared. It’s completely insane! “If she takes off right away, I’ll follow close behind,” said father.

Emma left the house around 6 p.m. Tom dashed to the back door, where he watched his daughter practically vanish into the woods.

Tom was familiar with the house mentioned in the message. His grandparents used to live in this mysterious house. However, no one has lived here in the last 50 years.

When Tom came closer, he noticed that somebody was on the balcony.

Dad took cover behind a nearby tree. He couldn’t understand what Emma did here. So he knocked on the door. A moment later, a stranger left the balcony. Emma entered the home.

Tom was confused. Who was it? And what did he do with his daughter?

Tom had the key to the house and tried to open the door as quietly as possible. Then he went inside the building. 

The first thing that Tom heard was a conversation between Emma and a stranger. It was a woman’s voice. He tried listening keenly to what they were talking about but suddenly Emma opened the door!

Tom hid around the corner immediately. Emma ran out of the room and left the house. Dad was furious and confused when he entered the room and discovered this!

There was a woman and dozens of dogs inside!!!

The woman was terrified and attempted to flee, but Tom stopped her. “You’re going to tell me what you’re doing here and why you’re meeting my daughter every day in secret!” he asked her.

The woman burst into tears. It was difficult for her, but she eventually began to speak.

“If my wife and I had discovered this sooner, we would have intervened immediately,” Tom later said to the media.

The woman was very old. She said that she was left alone in an elderly person’s home, “I decided to escape from the institution, but no one could know because they’d put me back there.”

She then lived alone on the street with her stray pets, until she met a tiny Emma one day. Emma informed her about the old house and informed her that she could live there.

“The dogs were the only family I had left, but in a short period of time, they had lots of puppies.” 

“I’ve lived here for about a month now,” the woman told Tom. “But soon my food ran out because I had to share it with all my animals.”

She continued, “But then your dear Emma decided to help me again!”

Emma shared her food with the elderly lady and her dogs. Tom was moved by this story and rushed home to speak with his daughter.

Tom found their daughter and hugged her tightly. He admired his daughter! He told this story to the mom, and they together did something incredible.

They decided to help Linda with her dogs together. The woman was allowed to stay in the house for free. Later, the couple raised enough money to transform the home into a shelter for stray dogs.

 Now there live about 40 dogs! And it’s all because of the kindness shown by a little girl.


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