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Girl Is Unable To Testify So Judge Calls Dog To The Stand

It felt surreal watching the ordeal. They all thought that it was something they should have been watching on their home TV screens, but it was happening right in front of their wide-open eyes.

Their hearts went out to the little girl who was shaking with panic. She looked out at the faces with a look of absolute terror, her face as white as a sheet. Her fear doubled when the judge repeated the question and the words were getting stuck in her throat. They watched as the judge waved his hand to someone in the back and as everyone turned around, they were surprised to see a dog walk in.

For a child, adult things can be overwhelming. People often struggle to take the stand in court to testify against someone who wronged them. So, imagine how ghastly this feeling would be to a child. One little girl had to take the stand to testify against a man who had wronged her. 

As soon as she saw him, she was frozen. Everything inside her refused to take the stand. There was a lot at stake in this trial, and her testimony was crucial. But nobody could fault a little girl for being so scared. Then, she signaled to Karl.


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