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Girl Receives Life-Changing Gift From Step-Father

A little girl has grown up without a father during her early years. However, her mom’s new boyfriend stepped in when she was about 10-years-old and he took on the role of a step-father. The man has always been by her side and he was now ready to make things official. He loved the little girl as his own and there was nothing that someone could do or say to break them apart. Today you will see that the “You don’t get to pick your family, your family picks you” quote is real in an emotional moment between a step-father and his loving daughter. 

A video recently went viral on the internet where a teenager received a gift that changed her life forever. The video starts with a step-father asking the daughter to come over to the kitchen because he has an early birthday gift for her. The daughter has no idea what’s going on.

The girl’s birthday is a couple of days away and she didn’t expect to receive a gift so early on. However, she could tell that there was something special about this gift because both her mom and step-father were almost crying when they handed her the box.

The parents knew that their loving daughter wants to throw a party with her best friends on her birthday and the reason why they decided to give her the gift so early is because what the box contained was so personal that they were sure everyone in the room was going to burst out in tears. They didn’t want to ruin the party!

The girl asks “What is this?” and the step-father tells her that she needs to find out on her own. His voice is already shaking from emotions because he knows what is about to happen next.

The girl starts unwrapping the gift and since it’s so light, she asks if it’s a painting or a t-shirt? The step-father smiles and tells her that she will never guess what’s hiding inside the box and she needs to open it to find out.

As the girl is slowly taking off the wrapping, her mother which is filming the video starts crying. The reason behind this is that the mother knows that what’s going to happen next is going to be one of the most important moments in the girl’s life.

The step-father has a great relationship with the daughter and he loves her very much. However, he isn’t known for buying surprise gifts and this is what made the teenager even more curious about what’s hiding inside the box. She knew right from the start that it had to be something special.

The girl manages to take the wrapping off and she notices that the box is filled with a bunch of documents. She hoped that it was a cool t-shirt or a nice poster that she could put on her wall, but this wasn’t the case. Everything will make sense to her after she reads the documents!

The girl didn’t even pull out the documents from the box and the step-father was teary-eyed. He has been preparing for this moment for years and now, his dream was finally coming true.

Right from the moment that she took a look at the documents, her jaw dropped in awe! She couldn’t believe what the documents said. She looked at her step-father and asked if this is true? Or is it a joke?

The step-father told the girl that this wasn’t a joke. The documents are real and the only thing that she needs to do is to sign on the dotted line. The girl started crying and said that this is everything she ever wanted.

You see, the documents that were hidden inside the gift box are the adoption papers. This is why the entire family is so emotional in that moment and why the girl rushed straight to her step-father to give him the biggest hug he ever received.

Even though the man is a step-father, he has always been there for the girl. He loves her as if she was her own and the documents are making their relationship official. She can now use his family name!

If you take a look at this picture you will see that both the girl and the step-father are crying tears of joy. This moment has been years in the making and the girl couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful birthday gift. She is going to remember this moment forever.

The step-father wiped his tears away and took a picture standing next to his daughter and the adoption papers. However, the girl couldn’t hold her emotions in.

Even though most teenagers would be happy if they received the latest iPhone or iPad as their birthday gift, the girl who starred in our story received something much better. It seems like the saying “you family picks you” is true.

The step-father has been in the life of the girl for more than five years but now, we can be sure that they are going to stay together forever. We can be sure that they will play this video every couple of years just to remember how happy they were.

The video was filmed by the girl’s mother and she decided to post it on social media. This should come as no surprise but the video went viral and thousands of people comments and shared their opinion on what happened.

Everyone in the comments section was congratulating the family. The step-father also received lots of praise for loving and adopting the little girl.

This has been the amazing story of how a step-father made the relationship with his daughter official. Let’s hope that the girl had an awesome birthday party.


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