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12-Year-Old Remodels Home For $125, Look When Door Opens Revealing Masterpiece

She stood back and looked at the final product. It was like the old house had disappeared and professional decorator had unboxed a new one – and the entire process had only taken existing supplies and $125 extra. 

The most amazing thing still? It had been done by her 12-year-old.

Susie watched at her daughter Bea laid across the sofa, flipping through the channels for the tenth time. 

Everyone was feeling lockdown and her kids were getting bored. “Can you help me measure this?” she asked the girl. She had no idea it would be the first step to something amazing.

The ability to fix small things around the house is a valuable tool, so the free time was a great opportunity to teach the skill. Bea was nervous at first but learned fast. 

Her eyes went wide as she looked at the gloomy before pictures versus the transformation. “Can I do another room?” she asked.

Drills, saws, levels, and every other tool became fair game (after the proper safety tips of course). 

Bea asked many questions, but Susie watched with pride as the girl’s confidence grew. Pinterest pages and ideas were always on screen and little fixes turned into grand plans. One astounding transformation was the kitchen.

It was Bea herself who suggested changing the orange wood cupboards to different color schemes. 

Existing knick-knacks were repurposed and given new life. Every surface got a new coat of paint or varnish. But why was the final product so cheap? It was nearly every room in the house after all.

 Aside from repurposing, it was just a matter of using what they had on hand. 

They had printers for artwork, plenty of paint from sales or old projects, and a shed full of old furniture or wood supplies they had bought cheap or found. It was just a matter of smart planning. Eventually, the girl moved on to hand-stenciling and it looked amazing.

Looking carefully at the end results, you will notice that every room had a different feel but there is still an over-arching theme that runs throughout. 

One of these touches is the animal print. And before you think it’s just gluing and painting, keep in mind there was also ceramic tile-work on its way.

Susie was always there to help, even her son was happy to lend a hand. 

However, the mom watched the girl’s “natural talent” evolve in the span of only a couple weeks. One night, after the patio had been finished, they all sat outside with blankets and hot chocolate. Next was the bold staircase.

Black is a color that many people shy away from. Aside from being bold and attention-drawing, it can be disastrous if used incorrectly. 

But as you see here, it’s transformed the space into something posh and out of a magazine. So, what does the final house look like?

The kitchen’s orange and grey transformed into a dark, slate blue with plenty of organizational options. 

The green accents in the plants and bottles are a perfect touch. And, what some would consider a “busy print” wallpaper ended up a lovely focus-wall.

The living room keeps the soft pink from other rooms but uses black wisely. 

There’s nearly nothing on the floor. Instead, the wall-art draws the eye upwards and makes the room seem taller. The splash-color ends up soft yellow in the stool and flowers.

The office went through one of the biggest transformations – complete with baby blue desk, coral-colored swivel chair, and the gentle pink that’s become part of the home’s signature. 

Nothing went to waste. No corner was ignored. Even the hallway got a face-lift.

Even the simple addition of a shelf and some cute doo-dads ended up having a huge impact. 

It should be no surprise that Susie was one proud mama and was more than excited to share the results on line. The world saw the photos and it was an “explosion” of likes. Other parents also chimed in…

There were so many questions about how they could do this kind of project with their own family (with or without lockdown). 

There were so many queries that Susie ended up making an Instagram account so she could answer them all. She also had one simple credo for everyone…

“As before, if my 12-year-old and I can do this – ANYONE can do this.” 

All it takes is patience, research, and not being afraid to ask questions. Oh, and, “Measure twice, cut once” will be a lifesaver in the end. What room was your favorite? 


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