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Girl Shares Incredible Photo Of Her Mom On Twitter, It Goes Viral

We all eventually turn into a version of our parents when we grow older, although some of us dread thinking about it. But this viral photo shared by a daughter is actually making us look forward to growing older. That’s because her mom’s awesome!

Russian Twitter user @shipilkins, posted a few photos of her mom and wrote “My mom is 43, and she can still steal any man from me.” What made this thread so viral online?

Usually, controversial photos or texts end up becoming viral. Some are turned into memes as well, but a great majority of those photos are of cute dogs or cats. However, when it comes to beauty contests, Twitter doesn’t exactly make you famous. Until this Russian woman posted a photo of her mom.

It’s obviously @shipilkins is proud of her mom, since her photos in the Twitter thread are so awesome. Actually, these photos went so viral that women all around the world shared photos of their beautiful moms.

Society has evolved and there is no actual definition of beauty any more. There is no exact mold to follow, but what we haven’t yet learned is that old people are not necessary less beautiful than young people.

Twitter user @shipilkins had no idea that when she shared photos of her mom on social media that people will reach out and share photos of their moms too. The Twitter thread instantly got viral! Before we check out the famous mom, here’s some of the photos others shared on her post.

“You know, I scrolled through my mother’s Instagram and I realized she wears glasses in almost all of her photos. Anyway, she’s 36,” wrote Alisa in the Twitter thread. Her mom looks great, and so does the next ones…

Women are not exactly comfortable revealing their age. Most of them believe that they are not as beautiful as they were a decade ago, but this Twitter thread shows us that women are beautiful, no matter their age. Just take for instance @KaluginaMadam’s mom, who looks amazing at 41!

Another impressive photo was sent by @acidwarrior, who captioned her image “my mom is 43 and I think that I was adopted.” Just wow!

“Here’s my mom. She’s 62,” wrote a proud son in the thread. Let’s check out @shipilkins’ viral photos that got over 23,500 likes and nearly a thousand retweets and replies. Here’s the first photo…

Last summer, @shipilkins shared a couple of photos of her mom and the Twitter just went insane. Everyone wanted to learn what was this mom’s beauty secrets. It also inspired others to share photos of their moms, while some users actually asked if they could date her mom!

Indeed, the 43-year old mom looks as if she is @shipilkins’ older sister. She looks as if she is in her 20s! But when people started sharing photos of their own beautiful moms, that’s when the two viral photos reached the news!

It seems that @shipilkins’ popular Twitter thread became newsworthy as soon as people got engaged in the beauty contest and the photos that were shared were so wholesome that we had to feature them here.

In a comment, @Gom_gom_gom observed that it is a heresy to call women over 25 old: “I look at these really beautiful women in the game and I recall that at 25, we already consider the woman to be ‘old. Who invented such a heresy at all.”

No matter the age, these photos of moms in their late 30s and even in their 60s look phenomenal! Age and beauty have nothing in common! This Twitter thread doesn’t just show that beauty is unconventional, but also that there is a strong bond between these mothers and daughters.

Everyone started bragging about their own beautiful moms. Can you believe this woman is 67? Here’s what other people shared on that thread.

“It was especially amusing when she was picking me up from the hospital and was told she couldn’t take me home because she was my sister,” wrote a Twitter user that goes by the name Sakura. Here’s another ‘sister.’

Another Twitter user shared a photo of her mom, saying that she is 45 and people think she is only 37 at most. “I’m proud of her, because only now has she become the best version of herself,” wrote @phandomonrussia.

“My mom is 48,” another Twitter user wrote, adding that “she’s a teacher. I’m certain that she sucks the youth out of her students.” It’s a bit terrifying, but based on how great she looks in the photos, we thing she’s right!

Twitter user Milena shared a photo of her 38-year-old mom and she said she hopes she will look the same. Meanwhile, other daughters don’t feel that lucky…

“My mom is 45, but she still looks 100 times better than me. *proud*” Well, at least you’ve got some motivation to be like your mom when you get to 45, @essterikamira!

“She’s only 47, and I can’t make my peace with it,” wrote @darya_koral_, adding a mind blown emoji in the photo she shared in the thread. We can only agree with the daughter.

“My mom asked me to show her pic too. She’s 43!” – shared @Margaita007. We don’t buy it! Ok, but that’s insane, though! Here’s another fit mom…

“My mom’s 45,” wrote @creative_loafer who shared two photos of her mom. Looking at the photo on the right, it’s clear what’s her secret to stay young and fit in her 40s!

You get the idea! These are supermoms, just like @mazfaka’s mothers, who is 46 and has three kids. IF growing old looked this cool, then we have to find these mom’s secret to looking this great!

“God, I thought in childhood that people in 50 are already grannies,” wrote another Twitter user that shared these photos of her 48-year old mom.

It all depends on “your attitude, how you feel. Is there love in your life? Are you good in your skin? All of this will make you feel and look younger.”

At least that’s what Jane Fonda once said! These women are all amazing and they seem to have all those things, including loving daughters that are proud their moms are pretty and cool.


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