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Teacher Throws Girls Out Over How She Writes Her Name

She was bewildered by what the 7-year-old girl’s teacher had done to her. She had was just trying to express herself and the teacher’s punishment was far too harsh. 

It was all because of how the little girl decided to write her name. But her mom would make sure that they’d regret their decision.

7-year-old Alyssa was an ordinary little girl. She loved to play and laugh with her friends, she loved her parents and she adored the color pink. But there was one thing she could do that the other kids couldn’t.

But she had no idea that it would result in harsh punishment.

Alyssa had two loving parents. Jennifer and James had worked hard to give their daughter the life they never had. The first step was to ensure that she got the best education.

But they would discover something strange about the school they chose for little Alyssa 

Most of the 7-year-old would write their names on the very top of their paper, but Alyssa didn’t. Jennifer wanted Alyssa to have a good start in life, so she had taught her daughter a few tricks. 

But one petty teacher didn’t like these tricks. 

This teacher saw how Alyssa wrote her name, and from there on, she would target Alyssa’s individuality. But Alyssa couldn’t understand what she had done wrong. She only did what her mother had taught her.

But the teacher’s criticism had an impact on both Alyssa and Jennifer. 

The school didn’t give their students warnings. This meant that Alyssa was given a one-day suspension for not writing her name the way that everyone else did. 

When Jennifer was informed of the school’s decision, she was filled with rage. 

They suspended her because she wrote her name in cursive, which her mother had taught her. She thought it looked pretty, she never thought she could get into trouble for it.

But her teacher clearly didn’t like it and she was going to take it out on her with punishment. 

Jennifer decided to take a picture of the teacher’s note and posted it on social media. She never expected the post to blow up, but it did. No one could understand why a child could be suspended from school for writing in cursive. 

What was her teacher’s justification? 

Her teacher did give a reason. She told Jennifer that writing in cursive would make the other students feel bad because they couldn’t do the same. But Jennifer was not satisfied with that. What was the point in suspending Alyssa? And why didn’t she just explain this to Alyssa the first time, instead of giving her such harsh punishment?

But the teacher would soon feel the pressure from the social media post, and so would the school.

Everyone that saw Jennifer’s post wanted justice for Alyssa. They relentlessly commented their support to have the teacher fired from the school.

But that wasn’t what Alyssa and her mother wanted, they wanted something entirely different. 

All Jennifer wanted was that both the teacher and the school gave formal apologies to her daughter. Then she would be satisfied. It was unjustified to take such drastic action against a 7-year-old that merely wanted to express herself.

But it seems the teacher wouldn’t apologize, she would take action and do something that no one expected.

After all of the backlash from the community after the post was shared Alyssa’s teacher decided to resign from her position at the school. She probably wanted to get away from the exposure that she had received.

The school also decided to give Alyssa and her mother a formal apology for not letting her express her individuality.

Even though Alyssa had already been given the suspension and they couldn’t take that back Jennifer was just glad that her daughter could express herself through writing in cursive.

She should be rewarded for her putting in the extra effort instead of punished. 

Jennifer also took satisfaction in the fact that her daughter taught the school a valuable lesson. Individuality is important and should be expressed whenever possible.

It’s important to the development and esteem of a child. If they’re ahead of the curb they shouldn’t be stigmatized for it.

Alyssa got to continue writing her name in cursive, small freedom that boosted her self-esteem. And she even started teaching anyone in her class that was willing to learn.

It also seems that her new teacher loved that she was sharing her knowledge with others in the class. Overall, it promoted friendliness and sharing, which are two important factors in the classroom.


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