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Girl’s Dad Cuts Her Hair Off, Then Mom Steps In

Christin is mortified, frozen in her tracks. This had to be some kind of joke, right? She takes a double glance at her daughter Kelsey and watches as tears stream down her face. She sobs uncontrollably and Christin realizes this was no joke.

What kind of father would do this? Suddenly, Christin could feel anger boil deep in her system. As hot as lava it churned within, hungry for revenge. She knew she wasn’t going to let him get away with what she did. No way. 

Kelsey Frederick was about to turn a special age. She was going to be 13 on her birthday, which meant she was finally a teenager! As her big day approached, Kelsey was bursting with excitement.

She was hoping this year her birthday would stand out from all of the rest. This birthday was special, she was growing up and thought the gift should reflect that! But the little girl had no idea what was coming. 

When Kelsey was young, her parents, Schaffen and Christin, split. Thankfully the divorce didn’t affect Kelsey that much and not long after, Kelsey’s father found love with a different woman. 

He soon proposed and they tied the knot; Kelsey couldn’t have been more happier for her father. But things were about to turn upside down for this modern family. 

Many young kids only wish to have a relationship with their moms similar to the one Kelsey has with her own mother. Christin is not just a mother to Kelsey, she’s also her best friend! The two have an incredible relationship and Kelsey feels like she can talk to her mom about everything! 

They often spent their weekends playing games, shopping, and nibbling on popcorn. However, Kelsey’s relationship with her dad, Schaffen, is another story…

Although she and her father get along with each other well, it’s not the same. He doesn’t seem to enjoy hearing about her stories of school and life as a child, the same way as her mother does. The little girl also spends a lot more time with her mom than her dad.

Kelsey’s lucky that her parents stayed friends, maintaining a good relationship for their daughter’s sake. They were mostly in agreement on how to raise their daughter as well. But something would soon happen that would destroy this family forever. 

Christin could hardly believe that her beautiful daughter was growing up right before her very eyes. Had it really been 13 years since she gave birth to Kelsey? She was super proud of the beautiful and kind girl her daughter had turned out to be.  

This birthday was an important milestone in her life, so Christin wanted to pick a special gift. Like most young girls, Kelsey loved makeup, and Christin was well aware of that. Her daughter always seemed to borrow her makeup! However, Cristin did not expect what Kelsey asked of her.

Kelsey said, “Mom, I want to get highlights for my 13th birthday”. The teenager was hoping to spice up her brown hair with some blonde highlights. It was a normal enough request, but no mother is ever prepared for the day her child asks for a major makeover, right? 

Christin became worried that Kelsey wasn’t confident with the way she looked, so she began to worry a bit. But little did Christin know what was in store. 

Christin couldn’t forget that she herself had been getting highlights long before Kelsey was born. Maybe her daughter was just influenced by her mother’s own actions? She decided there was no real need to worry.

Christin decided to go all out and let Kelsey experience the royal treatment for her birthday. To start, they ended up getting matching manicures and pedicures. What could be better! Now it was time for Kelsey’s highlights; little did she know what was coming.

After her new hairstyle was finished, Christin showed Kelsey the mirror. Kelsey took a look at herself and could not believe what she was seeing. The highlights changed the way she looked! Even Christin could hardly recognize this girl.

Christin decided to get her daughters to make up done too, so she took her to Sephora. A few hours later and fully transformed, Kelsey was bursting with excitement. Christin snapped a photo of the apple of her eyes and posted it on Facebook for all of their friends and family to see. The two of them did not know how a certain someone reacted to it, but they remained blissfully ignorant at that time. 

Kelsey was eager to go out and show off her new hairstyle to her friends, but she had to go to her dad’s place first. Christin was happy enough to send their darling over to her ex-husband, so they hopped into the car and drove over to Schaffen’s place. 

The plan was that Kelsey was going to stay at his home for the entire weekend. It was only fair she split her time with both parents. And so, as Kelsey hopped out her mom’s car, waving her new hair-do in the wind, she ran up to her dad’s house. Cristin watched her daughter, full of confidence. She smiled to herself, but the devoted mom had no idea what was in store for her. 

Whenever Kelsey spent some time with her father, she typically stopped using her phone. Since she split time between her mom and dad, she always made sure to make the most of her time with each parent. Christin didn’t mind not hearing from her daughter; she wanted her to have some quality time with her dad.

Christin had no reason to hear from the teenager. But she woke up that morning with the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. 

Christin tried to convince herself not to worry, but a mother’s instinct is always best, right? The minutes slowly ticked, but today was finally the day Kelsey would be coming back to her mom’s house.

When Kelsey finally rang the doorbell several days later, something odd had happened. Christin did not even realize the girl ringing the doorbell was actually her daughter! Kelsey had been crying, but something else was off. What could it be?

A million things raced through Christin’s mind. Was Kelsey hurt? Had she gotten into an argument with her new step-mom? Did something happen to her dad?

Then Christin did a double-take and saw that something was up with Kelsey’s hair. It looked completely different than it did when Cristin saw her just a few days earlier. What had happened to their daughter? A terrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach.

Not only were the expensive highlights gone, but Kelsey’s beautiful long locks disappeared as well! Had Kelsey had second thoughts about her new look and decided to get rid of it all? Christin was shocked, she couldn’t even move or breathe. Her locks were clearly butchered away sometime during the weekend.

It did not make things easier that Kelsey was cupping her face in her hands and refusing to show her face. Clearly, the young girl was humiliated by what happened. Christin couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what had happened or where to go from here…

In just a couple of moments, Kelsey went from feeling like the most beautiful and confident she had ever been to get her hair chopped off on her birthday. Kelsey could not stand to look in the mirror.

Her self-esteem clearly took a beating after the ordeal she went through. She stopped eating, she never seemed to smile anymore. She often spent her nights tucked away in her room. As any mother would, Christin knew she had to get to the bottom of this.

Since Christin couldn’t get her daughter to talk about it, she got in the car and drove to Schaffen’s place. Christin was fuming the entire car ride. She couldn’t believe the man she once loved would treat their daughter in such a manner. On her birthday too!

When she arrived at their house, she sprinted up to the door and screamed at her ex and his fiancé Sarah, asking why they let that happen to her daughter. Moreover, why didn’t they get in touch with her? Christin was so mad she couldn’t even think clearly. But what her ex-husband told her, left her blood boiling. 

Apparently, Kelsey’s dad and step-mom could not stand her new hairstyle and made her get rid of it. They thought the highlights were too precarious for her age. They were too out there. “No teenage girl should have those,” shouts Schaffer, Kelsey’s dad. And according to him and his new wife, “actions have consequences”.

Little did Schaffen and Sarah know, Christin was about to show them how true this was. 

Christin went to the police. The chief commented saying, “the mother was upset at how her child was being cared for. The haircut was done against the child’s wishes under the direction of the girl’s father and stepmother”.

Her darling smiling little girl was smiling no more. She couldn’t stand to see her sweet daughter in such a state. She didn’t deserve this at all. She knew she had to take matters into her own hands 

She was beyond her wit’s end, so she decided to take out her frustration by shaming her ex-husband online. Christin wanted him to feel the pain he decided to inflict on a young and sensitive person, she wanted to give him a taste of the humiliation.

She hoped by posting it online, Schaffen and Sarah would see how much pain their actions caused Kelsey. But the mother and daughter duo never could have predicted the response their post would get. 

Within a week, Christin’s post received thousands and thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Many users slammed Kelsey’s dad for his behavior. When the story got too much attention online, Christin thought it would be a great idea to launch a fundraiser that will help pay for her daughter’s new hair treatment. 

She created an account on GoFundMe to put more attention to the situation and asked readers to donate money to help make things right for the birthday girl. At that time, they did not know if this would work.

Christin was surprised by the attention people paid the story, so she tried to update the page with events and other things happening in her daughter’s life. From her getting out and about after the incident, to trying new things she hadn’t dared tried before; people were in awe of the little girl.

Kelsey and her emotions were all over the place, and who could blame her after what she went through?

At the very least, she was starting to do things she enjoyed and no longer hid her face. Christin enjoyed doing these updates and showing everyone how Kelsey was doing, regardless of their stance on the situation, just how good a kid her daughter was.

And so, two months later finally Kelsey feels at ease. Her hair may not be shoulder length, but she was learning to love herself. And that’s all that a mother could wish for right? 


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