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Grandiose Photos That Show Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Live In The White House

Donald Trump has stated he would like to spend as much time in New York as possible, according to the New York Times. This means not living full-time at the White House. While presidents are not required to move into the Washington, D.C. residence, it does seem a bit odd for Trump to pass on the opportunity. However, one look at Trump’s Manhattan estate may show why the president-elect is opting out. Take a look inside his “palace,” and see why the Donald may choose his New York digs over the White House.

Welcome To Trump’s New York Residence

Visitors to Donald Trump’s penthouse are immediately greeted by ostentatious marble columns and 24-karat gold embellishes.

A $100 Million Manhattan Penthouse

Donald and Melania live on the top three stories of his Manhattan Trump Tower.

Elaborate Views And Decoration

The penthouse offers views of Central Park as well as the city. The couple spared no expense when it came to decorating.

Gold And Marble Everywhere

The apartment was decorated in 24-karat gold and marble as the Trumps followed a Louis XIV style throughout their New York home.

Palace of Versailles

It’s said the Fifth Avenue penthouse was inspired by the Palace of Versailles with its gold statues and marble columns.

Every Last Detail

The couple’s expensive taste shows in decorations such as a statue of Eros and Psyche, numerous portraits, and gold laden furniture.

Each Room Boasts Rich Decor

Each and every room in the three-story apartment offers immaculate decorations that follow the common theme of gold and marble.

Personal Touches

The couple added personal touches, including a display of family photos and coffee table books, to make the mansion more homey.

Gold Table Settings

Even the Trump’s place settings are made of gold. Everything in their penthouse adds a bit of luxury to the home.

Home Offices

With three stories of space, there is plenty of room for the Tump family to work. This may be why Donald is so inclined on spending as much time as possible in his New York residence. Melania also works on her jewelry line from the elaborate home.

Color Scheme Of Warm Neutrals

Donald is said to have gone with warm neutrals throughout the apartment, which includes gold, beige, rose, and blush tones.

A Legendary Designer At Work

The penthouse was decorated in a classic French style featuring ornate details and a lot of gold by legendary designer Angelo Donghia.

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