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Woman Turns Greyhound Bus Into Home, Take A Look Inside

Jessie felt tired of her job in finance. She was fed up with the competitive industry. She was burned out in all aspects of her life. She craved meaning in her life.

Jessie knew that there had to be more to life than working every day just to barely survive. But one day, Jessie came across something on the internet that would forever transform her life.

Jessie worked very hard but in 2015 something changed within her. She felt like she was fighting a losing battle and she desperately desired a change of scenery. She needed more out of life. 

She moved out of her apartment and abandoned the life she had created over the last few years. She worked for three years to create a new home that would allow her to travel. She finally finished her home and for the first time ever, she’s showing her magnificent home. 

Jessie desperately needed change. One day, she came across something that had the potential to change her life. A 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound bus was up for auction.

Overwhelmed with spontaneity, she placed a bid. She wound up winning the van for $7,000! She couldn’t be more excited. The ball was now in motion, however, there was already an issue… 

What was Jessie doing buying a  bus when she didn’t even have a driver’s license? She couldn’t believe that this was standing in the way of her dream. 

“I was working long hours in finance at the time and I felt like there was something else out there,” Jessie excitedly explained. She had made the decision to reduce her possessions to life a simpler lifestyle on her newly bought bus.  And she had a compelling cause for the abrupt shift.

For years, Jessie felt like there was something off. In her posh New York apartment, she ate a vegan diet, recycled, and conserved water, but she didn’t feel she was completely living up to her potential.

One day, Jessie saw a film that inspired her to change her whole life. She said goodbye to her successful career and modern apartment and decided to leave her life in the hands of fate. 

“Garbage Warrior” was the first documentary Jessie watched about a sustainable lifestyle. In this documentary, an architect named Michael Reynolds demonstrates how he utilizes trash to build what he calls “Earthships.” 

“[It] really resonated with me,” Jessie stated. “I began to consume everything I could read, more about sustainable lifestyles. Ultimately, a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution: I could easily explore new places.” The documentary inspired Jessie so much, she decided to take the first step, regardless of how difficult it would be. 

One by one Jessie got rid of her possessions. She was a fully fledged minimalist and proud!

“People waste a lot of time focusing on physical items: purchasing them, misplacing them, and subsequently looking for them. Most of these items… felt superfluous to a meaningful life,” Jessie explained.  She did not want to stop at minimalism, however. It was merely the first step to something greater for Jessie. 

For the majority of her life, Jessie resided in Manhattan. As part of her journey to a better life, Jessie made a promise to herself to never be bound in one city ever again. Her life needed to be lived out to its fullest potential. Her portable house made it possible to do so. 

She relocated seven times over the years, all the while working painstakingly on the inside of the bus to make it a place she could call her own. Take a peek inside…

The 1966 Greyhound bus had been stripped down to its core when Jessie purchased it. She took all of her savings out of the bank and went to work. She customized the bus with the help of numerous expert contractors.

Three years of dedication and sleepless nights went into her home, and it was unrecognizable. It looked like a completely new bus! Jessie was ecstatic with her new life, but not everyone supported her. 

Jessie’s family did not approve of her new lifestyle. “My mom thought I was crazy. She would tell all the people in her apartment building, ‘My daughter is buying a bus to live in,'” Jessie said with tears filling her eyes. It broke her heart that her mother thought of her like that. 

Regardless of the negative commentary, she knew it was what was best for her. The most challenging task was constructing everything in such a way that nothing would fall out while the bus was going. Jessie made it all possible! It amazed them all when it was finished.

After three years of blood, sweat, and tears, Jessie’s home was finally ready. Although it had cost her a total of $70,000, she actually ended up saving a lot of money. 

For one, the bus was hers and she owned her home outright. Secondly, $70,000 pales in comparison to the going price of an apartment in Manhattan! Now that her vision was realized, Jessie was ready to share her creation with the world.

One of the most amazing things about Jessie’s bus turned home is how much space is inside.

“When I walk in, it feels huge,” she said. “It feels even bigger than my New York City apartment.” Indeed, it has a full kitchen with a washing machine, a bathroom with a shower, a lounge, and even a guest room. But the most beautiful room is Jessie’s bedroom.

Jessie’s bedroom looks like it comes straight out of a quaint hotel brochure. She has a large bed below a huge window that gives her spectacular views. 

“I love not having a TV. I had the option to have a TV, but I really like waking up in the morning and hearing the birds outside my window,” Jessie said. On the windowsill, Jessie keeps her most prized possessions.

Along the entire length of the back of the bedroom, Jessie keeps all the books she still plans to read. 

“I feel like I’ve been so busy these past few years that I haven’t read as much as I’d like. I have the time now to do that,” she said. “It’s nice to just cozy up in bed and just read a book.” 

When you compare Jessie’s bus to what it looked like three years ago, it’s hard to believe such a transformation is even possible. Jessie is ecstatic to call it home.

It just goes to show how creativity, vision, bravery, and a crazy idea can change your life if you’re looking for a fresh start. Jessie made the impossible possible.


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