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Grieving Mother Texts Her Dead Son’s Phone, Gets A Strange Reply

Taylor Thyfault had always dreamed of joining the army, and his wish came true when he turned 18 years old. 

Carole Adler was happy that her son became a soldier, but she was always worried for him. And one day, her greatest fear came true…

Taylor Thyfault had a close bond with his mother. They talked on the phone every single day like best friends do. 

Then, when Taylor got out of the army, he enlisted to become a police officer.

Taylor wanted to continue serving his country and make a difference in this world. But, then, one day, something horrible had happened to him. 

Taylor and his partner were patrolling the highway when they received a call about a speeding driver. 

The driver refused to stop and Taylor and his partner were told to set up spikes on the road to stop him.

Unfortunately, the driver attempted to avoid the spikes and hit their car instead. 

Taylor was rushed to the hospital, but sadly, he passed away. As Carole was crying next to her son’s grave, his partner told her that her son saved his life by warning him about the speeding driver. 

Taylor’s partner managed to get away from the speeding driver just in time, thanks to her son. But then, something strange happened that made Carole question everything. 

Carole was so depressed and heartbroken that she couldn’t even go outside. Her son received the honorary memorial, which made her feel a little better, seeing that he was so loved in the police force. 

As Carole was thinking of a way to heal from the loss of her son, she came up with a rather strange idea…

Taylor and Carole used to text a lot when he was away, and she decided to send him one last message to take some of the weight off her heart.

But she didn’t expect to receive a response from her son’s number. 

Carole hit the “send” button and went to do her chores. Then, after a few minutes, her phone buzzed. She received a text back from her son’s number. 

How was this even possible?

It turns out that Sergeant Kell Hulsey from the Greeley Police Department was given her son’s phone number by the carrier network. 

After reading Carole’s heartfelt message to her son, the officer decided to let her know that he was sorry for her loss and that he would get a new phone number. 

“So I sent a text back and identified myself, and said ‘I’m with the Greeley Police Department, and I don’t think your texts are going where you think they are,'” he recalls.

But how did Carole react?

Carole responded and told the police officer that he didn’t have to change his phone number and that his response meant a lot to her. 

Carole told him how much her son loved his job and wished him all the best. 

Carole will occasionally send Sergeant Kell Hulsey a text message to ask him how he is doing and remind him to be safe. 

Her son became their connection. “Thyfault is still trying to make a difference,” said Kell Hulsey. 

Carole Adler is proud to have raised such a brave and kind son who always wanted to help others, even if it meant risking his own life. 

“And if you asked him, he’d do it again because he sacrificed himself for someone else,” she said. “He lived, he dreamed and breathed that.”

Carole was the last person her son sent a message to on the day he died. 

Taylor and her son used to do everything together. They had coffee every Friday and were workout buddies. 

“Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks when I can’t text him,” Carole said. 

“We’re just that close. Everything that happened in his life was in my life.”


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