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The Worst Haircuts That Add On Years

Hairstyles have always been a big part of fashion. Popular hairstyles can become unpopular overnight, don’t be the person that has an outdated style.

Not only can hairstyles be out of fashion. They can even make you look older than you actually are! Let’s rather leave the old hairstyles in the era they came from and go in with new ones!

If you’ve always had very long hair, it can be hard to picture yourself with a shorter hairstyle as an older woman.

Nevertheless, many women begin considering a big chop when they’re in their mid-40s.

Longer hair may not only draw attention to thinning that occurs as a result of aging, but it’s also weaker. As a result, alot of women opt for a short buzz.

Longer hair may not only draw attention to thinning that occurs as a result of aging, but it’s also weaker. As a result, alot of women opt for a short buzz.

Doll-like Curls

Today’s trend for naturalness applies to all aspects of appearance, including hair. An ideal female hairstyle (even for the evenings) is the one that looks not too polished and not too perfect. 


This ultrashort, sharp bob with bangs was just one of many short hairstyles that became popular for women at the time. And while bobs are in fashion again, this particular style is no longer considered trendy.

Asymmetrical haircuts once looked good – once. They no longer look that great because they look like the stylist attacked your hair with scissors and you lost badly. 

With the rise of middle parts into mainstream trends thanks to Gen Z, symmetry is reigning supreme. 

In order to avoid having your hair hanging in your face like a cocker spaniel’s ears, 

stylists recommend that you not overdo it with the bottom cutline: the transition between the back of your head and the front should be smooth and light. In addition, it’s important to watch the hair growth and make sure to visit the hairdresser regularly.

“The Rachel”

Unfortunately, this cut represents the worst trends in ’90s hair. Everyone regretted it and continues to regret it. 

Short Spiky Layers

Experts say, “If you have an older woman who’s lost some volume, the layering should be kept to a minimum, particularly if they have fine hair.”

Audrey Hepburn popularized this variation of the short, cropped haircut in the 1950s. 

Twiggy was another famous wearer of the pixie cut. Pixies remain popular, but this particular vintage style has fallen out of favor.

In an attempt to keep their grays covered, many older women used to rely on dark dyes.

 The result, however, was an unnatural-looking hair color nicknamed “shoe polish” by hair experts.

Waves have had a big year, which was great! The bigger, the better, right?

Unfortunately, the trend is accompanied by one that’s not quite as pleasing to look at… frizz. The frizzy trend has got to go! 

Frustrated with thinning or damaged hair, many older women — including Dolly Parton — have turned to wigs. 

It’s not a new trend, but wigs have certainly changed from how they were decades ago.

For older women, “broad, feathered bangs” are, well, going out with a bang, Sye South, hairstylist and artistic director at Arizona-based Mane Attraction Salon, told The List. 

But that doesn’t mean all styles of bangs are off the table.

If you try to hide fine lines on your forehead by using bangs – go for it! It’s clever and sometimes, it can really work. However, not all the time, especially if the bangs you choose are wispy!

This type of thin bangs will draw attention to your hair’s thinness. They’re also hard to keep stylishly in place and don’t do a great job of covering aging with chic-ness.

It’s true that many people believe that having long hair will make you look younger, but as your hair thins with age, those long layers can begin to look a little dull and raggedy. 

It’s true that many people believe that having long hair will make you look younger, but as your hair thins with age, those long layers can begin to look a little dull and raggedy. 

There is a difference between pixies and crop haircut. 

For instance, the latter is longer than the former. Also, the length of a crop hair cut will brush the neck and face.

“If it’s not a current trend, a look from the past can make a woman appear outdated and thus older,” says hair experts.

This is very true for the undershave hairstyle that burst onto the seen in the 2010s. It was the go-to cut for hipsters once, but now, it’s just outdated and does no favors. 

In this style, your hair will be shaved into undercut levels. 

In this style, your hair will be shaved into undercut levels. 

It might have a been a way to get through your greys without them looking unruly.

But now they’ve gone the way of the dodo.

Some women tend to get into a “comfort zone” with their hair. This results in getting the “same cut for years” and sticking with the “same routine of styling since high school.”

In the 1960s, it was fashionable to curl the ends of the hair outward in a flip shape. 

Most women now avoid curled ends at all costs. It immediately adds an older look that feels like you’re stuck in the 1960’s!

Feathered Hair


The pageboy hairstyle, despite its name, was popular for both men and women.

It’s modeled after the haircut of a late medieval pageboy, and it became popular in the 1950s. Note that it is not the same as a bowl cut, though they definitely have similarities.

Another cringeworthy hairstyle trend from the ’80s and ’90s, crimping is generally achieved by using a crimping iron, which forms the hair into a zig-zag-like pattern.

Mullets have been around since ancient times, but we mostly remember them as that cringeworthy hairstyle that people wore in the ’80s and ’90s.

Also known as ringlets.

Also known as ringlets.


It was popular throughout the ’60s, but you won’t see it on many women today — unless they’re going for a dramatic vintage look, like Amy Winehouse did.

Punk indeed made headlines during the 90s. 

However, with the emergence of other hairstyles for men, it became less popular. In the past four or five years, it has been used by some categories of men.

Instead of trying to cover roots up, more women started embracing them. 

This style is low-maintenance, but it has the major downside of making you look like you’re too lazy to hit the salon. Roots will never be attractive, period.


If rose gold is classy and sophisticated, pink copper is tasteless and tacky.

It’s time we start to only do this at home. 

A low bun with a straight part, that looks as effortless and is as easy to do, can be a good alternative. You can wear it anywhere — on a date, to the office, or to a get-together with your friends. 

Perms looks to have gone out from the spotlight amongst women all around the world. 

This is due to their negative implications of making hair burn. They can damage hair in various ways. 

This Chelsea cut is also known as the “angled bob” cut. It differs from the more traditional Chelsea cut as it’s slightly less dramatic with the back shave and long front cut. 

This style has become increasingly popular in recent years, which some may consider unfortunate. This is mainly due to the fact that this cut tends to make you look older as it draws attention to the neck, which is one of the places that show early signs of aging.

Long hair doesn’t always mean youthful. In fact, keeping your hair straight and long can actually make you look older. Pin-straight hair adds a flat frame to your face and draws attention to your face only. 

The long lines of straight long hair can also add to the illusion of growing older, despite popular opinion!

This low-maintenance alternative to a pixie cut, may seem like a great idea but it can dramatically emphasize the signs of aging.

With little hair to distract from any aging facial features, this cut can instantly add years to your look. However, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily avoid all shortcuts. Some women rock this look and don’t care about looking a bit older!

Tiny bangs look cool and trendy on teenagers and twenty-somethings but even then, it’s a fine line and a delicate style to get right.

Baby bangs create a harsh horizontal line that emphasizes your forehead. And so, if you’re worried about wrinkles, this will only draw the eye to that focal point.

Experts say, “The biggest misconception older women have is that their hair has to be lighter.” Regardless of hairstyle and cut, dyeing your hair an ultra-light blonde can make you look older, especially if it’s used to cover grays.

“Over-highlighting their hair when they get older tends to make them look older instead of younger.”

Vintage looks can often appear timeless, especially in our minds. But then when we wear it – say a vintage dress or something, it immediately feels old and outdated. This is exactly the same with this vintage pin-up curl hairstyle. 

“If you like a retro look, consult with your stylist to see how your favorite retro style can be given a modern twist,” recommends hair experts.

The front flip is closely related to the bouffant. It’s kind of like a mini-bouffant that was popularized in the early 2000s. But don’t let its once popularity fool you. This isn’t a flattering look. 

This is another style that can draw attention to your forehead and eye area, bringing aging features to the focal point.

It seems as though any kind of short curl doesn’t work well with making you look younger. This closely cropped curl won’t do much to flatter your face.

Although this style may add volume, it’s hard to maintain and gives the illusion of a rounder face, once again drawing attention to any harsh lines you’re insecure about.


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