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Best Hairstyles for Thin or Fine Hair

Hair can sometimes be a blessing, but often times it can also be a curse. The nice thing about thin hair is that it’s not too heavy on your head, you don’t get headaches. And when you get your hair done at a salon it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars as it does for people with thicker hair.

But with all these good things there are a few bad things as well. With thin hair, there just isn’t too much to do with it. You can easily get sunburnt if you aren’t careful, that part sucks.

Bobs reign supreme on thin hair. With shorter hair, there isn’t as much weight pulling it down, which means there’s overall more volume. Your thin hair will look flamboyant and puffy. Layering it as well will take it to a new level.

But the bob requires a bit of skill to get right, so make sure whoever you choose to style your hair knows what they’re doing. Good stylists can help you pull off layering too. Also, try putting mousse in your hair followed by blow-drying it.

There’s nothing as good as curls when it comes to adding more volume to your hair. You can see many starlets on the red carpet sporting loose curls. Why are so many people choosing to wear their curls like this? It’s because it adds volume!

Thin hair will lift off your face and make it appear lighter. A curling iron or a perm are easy ways to get this effect. Also letting your hair dry while you have curlers in is a nice lazy strategy. just don’t sleep with them in!

When last did you move your path? It might sound peculiar, but moving your path will lift your roots and give them volume. It might feel weird at first but trust us, give it a try!

Having a side path will make it look like you have thick hair. This is one of the easiest tips we have on the list so give it a try! If you find it hard to keep your path in place, try spraying a little bit of hairspray.

Between dyeing your hair you should try root powder. It’s also great for anyone with a thinning hairline. Just get something close to your natural color and try it. It may take a bit of practice to get it looking perfect, even try applying different shades to suit your hair best.

Once you find what works well with your hair just apply it on your hairline or wherever you feel needs it. It’ll hide the thinning and make it look like you have a much thicker hairline.

If you feel that your hair is getting way too thin, get a shorter haircut. Here’s a classy haircut that will never get outdated. The hairstyle is light and allows the hair to naturally end up wherever it wants. But if you don’t like 

This hairstyle is also very easy to maintain. You’ll be using less shampoo and conditioner which means you’ll save more money. Lastly, you’ll be happy you have this haircut in the summer when it’s hot!

Root spray is an effective product that can work with any hairstyle. It makes your roots more rigid and feels just like a light hairspray. But with this it won’t feel like you have any kind of spray sitting on your hair.

But be careful, not all root sprays are made equal. Some aren’t as good and will leave your hair sticky, so shop around and find the one that’s best for you and your hair. Just remember, the more you pay, the better the product.

These things were used so much in the ’90s. Claw clamps are coming back into fashion though! They’re great for days when you don’t really feel like spending an hour or more trying to do your hair.

They make it so easy to just put them on and walk out the door. They’re versatile too, with many different looks that you can achieve with them. You can bunch all of you hair up and tame it with the clamp or you can let it waterfall down with it clamped at the top.

Ever seen women with perfect curls with volume and bounce? They’re called a blowout. This style is achievable with a bit of practice, or just ask your stylist. 

It’s not something that you can do without practice, and it will require a lot of it. But once you get good at it you won’t want to ever go out without styling your hair with it. Just make sure to treat your hair against heat before you try your hand at it.

Wild waves are amazing. This style hides thinning hair and it doesn’t take much to achieve. Just spritz on some hairspray and start teasing. If you’d prefer you can also get some products like mousse or gel to help you achieve this look.

Just be careful and don’t get a hairspray that will make your hair too stiff. This will make your hair look more like french fries than wild waves. There are some great hairspray that you can find, just find one that works for you.

This hairstyle complements your best feature, your face. Fringe bangs will make sure that all of the attention stays where it counts, on your face. It’s also not too hard to perfect every morning. Plus it doesn’t have to be a lot of hair, even a few strands will make you look good.

Call up your favorite stylist and ask them to give you these bangs, they’ll flatter your face well, and if you don’t like getting your hair done too often just get them cut a little shorter to compensate.

Regular braids are out of style? We really disagree. More and more, braids are showing up on the red carpet. Sure, some go with intense styles, but we prefer the old-fashioned braid. This style looks great as long as you don’t pull it back slick (which can make your hair look thinner).

For this one, all you need to do is braid it, and let it hang from the base of your head naturally. You can French braid the top portion if you want, but that part is totally optional.

Love bangs but hate growing them out? Just pin them back! Thin hair has the benefit of being able to keep their hair in place with few bobby pins. You may need a little spray for hold, but it’s definitely an easy look.

You can disguise the pin by choosing one that’s similar to your hair color. Then, give the pinned bangs a little volume by pulling on them very lightly. Pulling too hard could cause breakage so it’s better to pull too little than too much.  

Honey blonde has tons of dynamic color through high- and low-lights that catch the light as you move around. This color with a little bit of curl really creates a beautiful look that’s almost specifically designed for thin hair.

For honey blonde, getting great high- and low-lights are key. One solid color could make your hair look flat. While you may be tempted to do this one yourself, it’s much better to go to a stylist who can get that perfect shade.  

To make your hair look thicker in all the right places, put a little extra volume near the back of your head. Creating a subtle bouffant gives the illusion of super thick hair, and it just takes a little teasing.

When teasing, be careful not to be too rough. This could cause breakage. Always tease toward the scalp slowly while using a rattail comb or a boar-bristle brush. Adding texturizer spray will help if you’re not getting as much volume as you want.  

Have you ever thought about getting hair extensions? They’re a great way to make your hair look fuller, and tons of celebrities use it to “bulk up” their tresses. Have a professional put them on, and then learn proper care.

Hair extensions allow you to style your hair as if it were the real stuff, mostly because it is real! Taking care of them properly ensures a long lifespan. When you’re done with them, a professional can take them out just as easily as they put them in.  

Practice makes perfect with a French braid! If you want something that’s elegant that doesn’t take a ton of hairspray, this style is ideal. After you have it braided, pull on the braids just a tad.

This will make them look larger and fuller. Just be careful not to pull too hard because the braid can come out! You can also try a half-French braid if you’re short on time.  

Whether it’s summer or winter, blonde is always in. For thinner hair, cool blonde is a great color because it catches the light just right. Just make sure to get highlights and lowlights so your hair looks less flat.

To get a little extra shine between stylist visits, you can use a mask. Eggs and apple cider vinegar are two popular ingredients to bring the shine back to your locks.  

A little salt spray and scrunching is all you need. This style lifts your hair away from the face and gives a more voluminous look.

A middle part can look great with straight or curly hair. The trick is to train your roots to go to one side for a while, and then switch it up. It’ll create more volume and look thicker.

If you’re not a fan of the deep side part, try the middle part. It provides the same effect for those of us who mostly wear our hair in a deep side part.  

Blow drying and applying heat to your hair can actually cause your hair to look flat and dull, especially after years and years of heat. Even if you use heat protectant, it’s good to let your hair air-dry occasionally.

Allow it to dry and let your roots perk up on their own. You may be surprised how much texture is in your hair by letting it do its thing! If you want an extra lift, try root lift spray.

Wispy layers are great for thin hair because it gives your hair a bit of airiness to it. This makes it appear as though there’s more volume. Not to mention, it’s a hairstyle that works great on a windy day.

More wind means more volume! Just be sure to get enough layers to make the wispy look work. A skilled stylist should be able to create layers that flatter your face.

Framed bangs is another fantastic style that highlights your face in all the best ways. The best part about this style is that you can do whatever you want with the rest of the hair.

You can braid it, put it up in a messy bun, or pull half of it back. The wispier the bangs, the better! You can tease the parts near the crown for a little more volume, too.  

Don’t like the wispy or fringe bangs? Go for side-swept bangs. Celebs have loved his style for the last few years because it’s so versatile. You can use the bangs to pin back, braid, or use a hairpin to pull them to the side.

Side-swept bangs should be blow-dried in the morning when possible. This will help it keep shape throughout the day. Make sure to use a heat protectant and a bit of hairspray for those unruly days.

Blunt hairstyles can be a little tough to pull off, but it can look great with thin hair. It gives your roots a little lift and makes it look like you have thicker hair.

This style looks great with bangs or without. If you want a retro look, you can go with bangs. Without bangs, you can have a really sharp point at the end.

A pixie cut is a classic for short hair. You can part it down the middle, braid the longer front portion, or pair it with bangs! No one could every guess whether your hair is thick or thin. 

Your wispy bangs should be lightly feathered and look soft. As they grow longer, transition them into side-swept wispy bangs or pin them back.  

Undercuts are absolutely huge right now, and it’s a great time to give this style a shot. An undercut pixie is a little different because it has the back of the head shaved to a much shorter length than the rest of it.

The style is cooling during the summer and looks great with thinner hair. You can also choose how short you want it – talk about no-hassle hair! The only downside is that you have to get it shaved often to keep the look.

Balayage is a style that was trending quite a bit a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s faded out. It’s still extremely popular for a lot of reasons. Namely, because it can be worn by any hair type.

For thinner hair, it adds a little flair and makes it look like you have so much more hair, especially when you’re moving around. Waves look great with a balayage, but curls look even more stunning.

If you don’t want all over curls, you can simply curl the ends of your hair using a curling iron or curlers. For a little extra lift, tease the roots to puff out the part of your hair that isn’t curly.

For an easy way to get curled ends, put your hair in a ponytail. Then, take a small portion of the end, and curl it. When you’re done, remove the ponytail and fluff out the curl.

A choppy bob is another hairstyle that adds volume to your hair by making it lighter. The less weight you put on your hair, the more volume you’ll have.

Just ask your stylist for a choppy bob. We’d also suggest getting some products to lift the roots a little. This will give you great volume with a small amount of product.  


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