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Handyman Helps Scared Homeowner Finally Open This Trap Door, And Immediately Regrets The Decision

Discovering A Secret Door

When guests entered the dining room of his cabin, they couldn’t help but question the odd placement of his table. It appeared as though he was covering a secret door. Was he hiding something?

Why Was He So Afraid?

He Called On A Handyman

All of these questions were answered when the Imgur user decided to post a story about having a handyman come over to take a look. “Never had the guts to open it… Handyman came by and was all too eager to have a look,” the man said in his post.

What Nightmares Are Made Of

Spiders Everywhere

Not wanting to unnecessarily kill all of the spiders, the Imgur user and his handyman removed them one by one. It was a lengthy process, though, it made them feel better about the scenario and they were ready to continue their journey below…

Too far in…

Foul Odor

They shone a flashlight down into the abyss under the floorboards. As they first laid their eyes on the blank walls, they were greeted with a whiff of a foul odor. It smelled like rotting iron pipes. That’s when they located a ladder and decided to descend.

What Was Down There For So Long?

Unidentified Gnarliness

The poster referred to his discovery as “unidentified gnarliness.” It looked as though there was a slime lurking in a trough in the corner of the room. What could possibly be inside of it that was causing such a disgusting sight?

Poking At It With A Stick


He could only imagine how long that slime had been sitting inside of the trough. He’d lived in the cabin for years, was it below him all this time? Whatever it was, roots began to grow on the scummy sides of it and all without any light…

It Could Fit A Human

Descending The Ladder

Was there, perhaps, a hiker who’d gone missing years before he moved in? Could that person be in the trough? He was clueless, but decided to descend the ladder and see what he would encounter.

Not What He Expected

What Was It Used For?

It didn’t end there, as he was about to learn, there was still much more to be discovered. He later guessed on Imgur what the room could possibly have been used for, “Built as a cellar for cleaning game maybe? Cold storage? A bunker?”

Hole In The Wall

Pile Of Ash

When he shined his flashlight into the room, he saw something completely unexpected. There was a pile of ash, which he found strange, since there was no furnace in the room. What could have possibly been burning down there?

Keeping The Door Closed

A Sinister Experience

He didn’t find any evidence of something he should fear living in his basement. That “secret room” turned out to be just that — space under his floor! While he didn’t find anything too sinister, isn’t it kind of better that way? Now, he can rest easy knowing what’s down there!


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