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Harry Styles Creates Mysterious Website And Fans Are Demanding Answers

Obsessive fans of British star Harry Styles are blowing up Twitter after the singer released a special website he created for his followers. This website caught a lot of people off guard… and his intentions are shrouded in mystery… 

The new website has already stirred up a global hornet’s nest of reaction — even though it’s almost too simple. People have no idea what’s truly behind this site. Speculation is rampant. Why Harry? Why now? The website asks a cryptic question that many fans find extremely personal… and the question makes some people uncomfortable.

In BIG BOLD Letters… THIS question is staring you in the face. “Do You Know Who You Are?” Seriously… we couldn’t look away until we followed the site’s instructions. 

The website asks you to enter your name — then click “Find Out”. There’s absolutely no other instructions, or hint at what could happen after you press the button. So we did it anyway…

On the other side of the mysterious button … is a heartwarming message. It actually surprised us ( in a good way ). Just one thing: We had no idea what “TPWK” means. Is it some kind of “inside joke?” But it gets even better…

Every time you put in your name… there’s a unique message for each person. So you can get endless, new compliments directly from Harry Styles. ( Seriously though… what is up with “TPWK”? ) Naturally, the internet is having some ridiculous fun and making memes. Some of these Twitter screenshots are our new favorite thing.

FANS ARE PUMPED!! “IT’S OUT IT’S OUT IT’S OUT #DoYouKnowWhoYouAre” @lepid_lou tweets. Harry’s most intense fans were really pumped with this new website! Check out their reactions…

What’s not immediately clear is… Why is Harry doing this? And what does “TPWK” mean? Some people are getting really suspicious. But Fans can’t seem to stop tweeting about the website to show their appreciation. Even some celebrities and real companies are getting involved…

Some people on Twitter got a little creative with the site. One user jokingly put “Minecraft” in the textbox and it had an interestingly hilarious result! 

It turns out TPWK is a phrase that Harry uses all the time. 

It stands for “Treat People With Kindness.” Ain’t that sweet! ( almost too sweet? ) People are asking questions about the motivations behind this.

@MattBellassai seems to smell something fishy from this whole situation. He jokes about being ready for Harry’s new music. Does this have something to do with the mysterious site? What could Harry’s reason possibly be for making such an inspiring website? 

Most people speculate that Harry did this to commemorate World Mental Health Day. 

But other people think there’s definitely more… 

Do we sense a new album coming up? 

It turns out, fans have been seeing signs of possible new material from Harry! 

People all over the world have been spotting these odd cryptic posters lately and everyone is eager to know what they mean!

“Go to Harajuku to find this. 原宿で見つけてね。Hurry Harry,” Instagram user Kunichi_nomura wrote in her caption.

Some users even consider Harry legendary for doing this. 

Fans are overjoyed and hyped! Hopefully, Harry doesn’t disappoint. 

Harry then tweeted this odd cryptic message on his twitter and people are trying their best to decipher what it means! 

What could Harry mean by this? It’s driving everyone crazy!

One lucky Twitter user got a response from the cryptic singer! 

We’re definitely excited to see where this development goes! Get your own compliment from Harry on the site: Doyouknowwhoyouare.com 


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