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Neighbor Kept Blocking His Car, But He Finally Got His Revenge

Josh was on a mission to uncover the truth. He angerly typed in his horrible neighbor’s name into the search bar and impatiently waits for the results to load. When the results finally popped up, he could not believe what he was seeing. As he continued reading about his neighbor’s past, fear filled his entire body… 

He could not understand how his neighbor was roaming the streets given what he just read. He couldn’t make sense of any of this. He stumbled across a video that stunned Josh to his core. There was no way he could come back from this.

Josh Jones sure did love his neighborhood. He had lived there for 10 years and although he saw people come and go, he had always stayed. Whether it was the friendly faces or the white picket fences, something about this neighborhood appealed to Josh. There was nowhere else she would rather live. 

But something terrible was about to happen in this once idyllic neighborhood. And nothing would ever be the same again.

Josh arrived home from work on a cold Friday night to find a moving van parked outside the house opposite him. The house had been for sale for a few months, so it looked like Josh had a brand new neighbor.

Josh wondered what his new neighbor would be like. Everybody in this neighborhood was polite and warm, so his new neighbor had to be the same right? Unfortunately for Josh, he had no idea what was in store for him. 

Josh wasn’t afraid to make new friends, so he swiftly went around to his new neighbor and introduced himself. He rang the doorbell and waited for a few seconds. 

Then, the front door opened and Josh was introduced to a middle-aged man called Phil. He seemed nigh enough but Josh had no idea how wrong he was. 

A few months passed and it seemed like Josh’s new neighbor Phil had settled in fine. He was a quiet man, who kept himself to himself. Despite this, Josh always made sure to say hello whenever he saw him in the street.

But Josh had no idea that his quiet and reserved neighbor was in fact hiding a truly horrific secret.

Josh woke up on a Monday morning ready for a brand new week. As he pulled his curtains to let the morning sun in, Josh saw that his neighbor’s car was parked right behind Josh’s own car.

Why did he park there? Maybe he did it as a mistake? After all, surely he realizes that Josh can’t get out with his car parked there, right? Josh brushed it off thinking it was just a one-time occurrence. But he was so wrong.

The week passed and every single morning Josh woke up to find his neighbor Paul’s car parked literally inches from his own.

Josh could feel his blood boiling as soon as he saw it, for the fifth time this week. Full of rage, Josh marched out of his front door and went over to his neighbor to confront him not knowing it would be a catalyst to a horrific nightmare. 

Josh hoped his neighbor Paul would apologize instantly and promise to not park there anymore. But instead, Paul replied with a sinister smirk slapped between his cheeks and he muttered, “there’s no law against it.” 

Josh felt even angrier now. He turned on his heels and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Josh thought that perhaps Paul would take the hint and stop parking there, but Josh had no idea what was in store for him.

A couple of days passed and Josh shut his front door and saw that his neighbor was still parked inches from his own car. He let out a sigh of frustration before walking over. 

However, just as he approached his car, Josh gasped in horror as he saw his car get hit by another car before speeding off in the distance. This was his neighbor’s fault and this time, he had gone too far. 

Although Josh didn’t get to catch the license plate, Josh knew that this was his neighbor’s fault. If he hadn’t have parked there, his car would have gotten hit. 

Josh knew he was going to make him seriously pay for this. This was the last straw. 

Josh’s neighbor Paul had a van with his business name on it. Josh googled his business and found links that pointed to his website. 

However, when Josh went to check his website, it didn’t load. In fact, it merely crashed. Josh dogged a little deeper into Paul’s past, but he was seriously going to regret it. 

Armed with curiosity, Josh logged onto Whois.com to try and find his neighbor’s website. But his neighbor’s website wasn’t registered – it didn’t exist. 

Josh was stumped, but he had no idea he was about to uncover something truly horrific. 

This didn’t make sense. Why would his neighbor lie about a website? Was his business a fake? Was he, a fake?

Determined to find out the truth, Josh googled his neighbor’s full name, and what he found left him feeling sick to his stomach. 

Josh sits frozen in his tracks as he reads about his neighbor’s past online. He feels sick to his stomach. Surely this was some kind of joke? How could his neighbor be allowed out in public, key alone a mere few feet away from his home?

You see, 20 years ago his neighbor was arrested. But not for robbery, or possession of illegal substances. His neighbor was arrested for murder. 

Josh’s stomach was in knots as he researched further into his neighbor’s convicted past. He felt even sicker with every word he read.

He came across a video of his neighbor’s court case and trial and straight away Josh could feel his blood boil. Josh knew exactly what he was going to do with this video.

Josh quickly copied the video link and posted it online to his own personal Facebook page. He knew people in the neighborhood and town would see it. And within a matter of hours, word had spread all around town.

Many townspeople gathered outside Paul’s house and demanded him to leave. He did eventually, and the house was back up for sale and Josh finally had his parking space back.


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