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Hide and Seek Kids

There is nothing like a good ol’ game of hide and seek to take you back to your childhood days. Once you have your own little munchkins, it’s one of the most fun things you can do when the family finds themselves stuck inside on a rainy day or you just want to exercise everyone’s critical thinking and imagination. It’s truly the simple things in life like an impromptu game of hide and find with the crew, especially when the youngins haven’t quite grasped the concept yet and you find their “hiding spots” to be not that well hidden at all! Many children believe that if they cannot see you, then you cannot see them. You know, as long as their eyes are closed or their heads covered, they are certain to win. It’s all too entertaining to see some of their bright ideas! These kids have seriously mastered the art of hide and seek and by mastered, we mean EPIC-ly failed – but it’s too cute to miss!

1. The Force Is Strong With This One

2. Nothing Can Give Me Away

3. Damn Clear Storage Container

4. The Cushion Will Keep Me Hidden

5. Stupid Sun…Stupid Shadow

6. That Towel Is Just Too High For Me To Hide Behind

7. The Perfect Hiding Pla…Awwww, Shadow?!?!

8. Just Ignore The Teal Blob In The Middle Of The Floor

9. Ummm…How Did You Get Behind There Exactly

10. Surely I Am Thin Enough To Make This Work

11. Bookshelves Equal Stealth

12. Pay No Attention To The Legs Coming Out From Under The Area Rug

13. Books? No One Reads In This House, So No One Will Look Here

14. She Clearly ‘Cribbed’ This Technique From Someone

15. Something About This Doesn’t Look Right

16.Just Let Me Pull Me Feet In And I’m A Boss

17. Someone’s Been Watching Too Many Sitcoms

18. I’m Red. The Room’s Red. A Perfect Disguise.

19. I Can Do An Oil Change While I’m Under Here

20. Lace Does Not Make Good Camouflage

21. Is It Too Early To Learn The Lesson That Mirrors Will Always Let You Down?

22. Clearly She Thinks They’re Playing “Shoe” and Tell

23. Games? Zero. Me? Boss!

24. No – Not Too Creepy At All

25. Stop ‘Stairing’ At Me – I’m Trying To Hide

26. The Best Part Of This? The Kitty Litter Hides My Smell As Well

27. “Have You BIN Hiding There This Whole Time?”

28. LEGO? More Like Leg-NO!

29.This Attempt Is Narnia Approved

30. This Shopping Mall Bag Is Perfect To Hide In

31. Santa’s Outfit Is A Little Flashy This Year

32. We’d Hide From That Weird Looking Food Also

33.Clearly, This Peek A Boo Champion Is Unfamiliar With This Game’s Rules

34.Sippy Cups Are A Good Distraction

35. Cabinet? More Like A Cabi-Don’

36.Only A ‘Blind’ Person Would Fail To See This Player

37. Busted By A Bean Bag Chair

38. We’re Pretty Sure There’s A Kid In There Somewhere

39. This Shelf Support Should Do The Trick

40. Black And White…And Still Visible

41. Why Does It Smell Like Daddy’s Feet Here?

42. I Call This My ‘iHide.’

43. Keyboard Cat Suggested I Hide Here

44. This Is Where Mommy Works – She’ll NEVER Look Here

45. Post-Holiday Hangovers Do Not Help In Hide And Seek

46. You Don’t Think Santa Will Find You Here, Do You?

47. Under The Table…And Dreaming

48. The Ankle Gives It Away

49. Slats Are Where It’s At

50. Believe It Or Not, There Is A Child Hiding Here Somewhere


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