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Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera

Unfortunately for those who have to fly, we live in a world that now needs strict and sometimes embarrassing security measures at airports. Fortunately for those of us sitting comfortably at home, we get to see those moments captured on camera and laugh. From unexpected traveling animals to questionable behavior these photos are sure to make your day!


Sometimes layovers can be very tricky. There isn’t enough time to leave the airport but too long to just sit and wait. This woman found a unique was to sleep in the airport on the uncomfortable seats.  Luckily she was skinny enough to lay under the armrests.

Tired Daddy

This exhausted dad completely gave up resisting his two kids during this airport stay. A stunned passers-by snapped this amusing photo of the little family.

Cheeky Lady

Sitting on a plane for 12 hours definitely can cause aches and discomfort. This German passenger came prepared with a travel pillow but since it was tied to her purse and slung low over her hips, it made people double take.

Strip Down

TSA is really getting personal these days. What did this guy have in his pants?

Jennifer Hudson

Even Acadamy Award winning actresses get searched when going through security. Jennifer Hudson even got her head searched for contraband.

Delayed Maturity

These days, millennials are less mature than the generation before them.  The babying of this new generation took new heights when this twenty year old greeted his parents at the airport with this funny sign.  The onesie pajama was the cherry on top of his look.

Caught With A Toy

This male passenger was caught with what appeared to be a sex toy in his hand luggage


  Traveling can be nerve-wracking especially with two kids. You already have to make sure you make it to the gate on time as well as make sure the little ones don’t wander off onto the wrong plane. This parent thought her job would be easier by using leashes for her children. Doesn’t look like it was a success.

Don’t Get Your Panties In A Twist

These men were caught in a very unfortunate position as they were waiting in the airport

Checked In

Sometimes traveling with your teenage daughter can be tough. She may be moody and have an attitude fueled by a lack of sleep. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just check her in with your suitcase and pick her up at luggage claim?

Shining Armor

These shoe shiners use polish and some elbow grease to give passengers’ leather shoes a shining before a flight. They usually cater to the business-class crowd, however, these comic con fans needed a little shining themselves.

Passenger Falcons

We’ve all heard of messenger pigeons, but these falcons on a commercial plane took it to the next level. A Saudi Prince traveling from the United Arab Emirates got passports for his falcons which allows the falcons to travel between certain Middle Eastern countries. Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways both allows falcons on board. This Saudi brought a whopping 80.

Check Your Lightsabers At The Counter

These Star Wars fans got together in Denver for a meetup just before the release of The Force Awakens. As a fun joke, some dressed up as stormtroopers, who held up a sign meant to catch the attention of their leader. They played the Death March when their leader came off the plane.

Inappropriate Clothing

Sometimes short skirts and short shorts are not appropriate for the airport. At least make sure we can’t see your underwear.

Too Specific

This Toronto family decided to prank their mom with a welcome home that she would never forget. When the mom saw the sign she started bushing. Her daughter revealed the “from prison” sign. Since she was jetlagged and absolutely mortified, she pretended not to know her own family.

Business Or Pleasure?

This traveler was tired of dealing with security and their humorless policies. Rules never said anything about removing your clothing, so this guy decided to forgo his business suit for something more comfortable, pink underwear. This smart guy was able to stick it to the TSA without getting any sort of extra interrogation.

Organized Security

This Italian airport allegedly has very tight security, but one passenger who passed through security noticed that their officers might not be as vigilant as they should be. Passport-checking software was open behind a game of solitaire.

Place All Cuddly Objects In A Bin

A big obstacle to get through when traveling with a baby is security. This lady absentmindedly placed her baby in a bin for inspection.

Flying To See Jenny

Traveling is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to see. This man at the Nashville International Airport was dressed exactly like Forrest Gump, complete with the haircut and Nike running shoes.

It’s Personal

This man has traveled many times in his life and has had the bad luck of losing his luggage multiple times. Airlines have sent his bags to the wrong city on multiple occasions, and once his bag was even stolen from the claims area. To make sure this never happened to him again, he decided to get his face printed directly on a hard-shell rolling bag with his most important items. What a genius idea!

Rolly Davidson

On the way to LAX, a couple driving over 70 miles per hour on a Kawasaki, was seen with a rolling bag driving along on the pavement.

The Grinch Of The Airport

Some things you cannot bring on airplanes are no-brainers. Firearms, knives, gas canisters, and anything that would be a risk to the passengers or cabin pressure are banned. Airlines do sometimes have strange restrictions. The TSA acted like the Grinch when they banned snowglobes, as they have water that might be switched out with a clear explosive liquid. The Bangkok airport banned flying with Durians, a fruit native to Thailand and Malaysia, as they smell bad and can make passengers dizzy.

Not Taking Any Chances

Maybe the most high-maintenance person to ever fly, he is wearing intense, noise-canceling headphones to block out the constant hum of the engines, a sleep mask to block out any light, and a surgical mask to block any germs. Hopefully his seat mate wont have to get his attention to use the restroom.

A Little Icy

It seems a little icy out there or maybe the pilot had a few too many iced beverages before flying.


All airports have the problem of birds flying and landing on and near the runway. In worst case scenarios, the birds can collide with engines, and cause what is known as cascading failure. The Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan decided to fight the problem by hiring an unconventional employee: a border collie named Piper. He patrols the perimeter, and chases animals and birds away from the runway, all while wearing ski goggles and ear protection.

One-Way To Antarctica

Even these adorable penguins were made to walk through airport security

Run(a)way Bear


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