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Try Not To Laugh At These Hilarious Yard Signs

Neighbors are often either a blessing or a curse. You either appreciate them a lot or you curse their existence every day. But sometimes a change in tension can make everyone laugh.

Here are some of the funniest yard signs that we could find while searching the web. But whoever made the signs is an evil genius.

This is an ironic sign that really makes us wonder. We haven’t gone to jail yet so we’re not sure how true this is, but the person who hosted the sale definitely had it on his mind.

But at least the guy had a sense of humor before he goes to jail – if he ever does. At least he was honest and open about it all.

In this area, it’s quite hard to sell houses apparently. This real estate agency clearly takes superstition into account when they try to sell their properties.

 The homeowner clearly gave some tips to the realtors about their house. Maybe they have a long history of hauntings? Who knows? We’re sure any prospective buyers will laugh at the joke and already break the ice.

A lot of people hate hearing a knock on their door when they’re in the middle of something. Salespeople are the worst! This sign is ingenious and will be sure to make people think twice about disturbing them.

We have no idea if this idea worked or not but let’s just hope that it kept a few people away from the door.

Here’s a sign on a tree in Minnesota. It’s just like one of those missing pet signs except it’s got a twist that could make anyone laugh. People need to watch out it seems.

We gotta admit, this one had us rolling on the floor laughing. We wonder if the turtle was really missing in the first place.

We hate people that brag too much but this is a circumstance where we have to admit that it is impressive. We understand why the homeowner decided to put up this sign, you would have done the same!

Their pride is something to definitely laugh about. We wonder if she made some friends over this.

This sign was made to try and keep thieves away from his house. After reading the sign we’re sure no one would change breaking in.

He wrote… “Beware of my wife’s cooking”. We’re sure everyone in the neighborhood laughs at the sign as they jog past. The only person that probably didn’t appreciate it was the guy’s wife.

This neighbor decided it would be hilarious to put up a funny yard sign just for the thrill of it. There’s no point to this one – other than to get a chuckle out of his neighbors and passersby. 

This man writes, “My wife said I never listen to her, or something like that”. Well whatever she said, she must have the patience of a saint! 

Some people are so enthusiastic about landmarks and heritage. They love looking at a site and imagining all the cool and ancient things that happened there. This homeowner understood that.

So he prepared a sign for all his fellow history-lovers!

This homeowner decided a security system was too far over his budget so he did something truly unique. He invested in a cool sign instead and customized it to his liking. 

This was the hilarious result: a black and white sign that got straight to the point with a witty sense of humor. Let’s just say, we’d take him for his word and not steal a thing!

Sometimes it takes hiring a security team to keep people off your lawn. But instead of using force, this neighbor decided to use empathy. 

You wouldn’t want to be woken from your happy slumber would you? So why would you wake this grass? This yard sign is striking a serious nerve and the neighborhood loves it. 

This yard sign said the following: ‘Hey girl, (insert Ryan Gosling’s face) I’m headed to this yard sale. Let’s go buy something together’. It finishes with an arrow pointing towards the yard sale. 

This is a hands-down winner winner chicken dinner! The only problem is there might be way more girls at that yard sale than men!

We’re not exactly sure what happened here but from what we can see, this is the scene of sweet, sweet revenge. 

We reckon a neighbor called the cops on this homeowner for having an unkempt lawn. In return, this homeowner decided to take things to the next level with a humorous twist. 

This home has a pool and obviously must get a lot of visitors. And where there are a lot of visitors, there also has to be rules – if you want to keep things safe. 

This cheeky home however, can’t tolerate running, jumping or peeing in the pool but it can tolerate skinny-dipping! Hey, whatever floats your boat people! 

Married life comes with its ups and downs. But when a partner crosses the line and betrays your trust, it’s only right to put your foot down and boot that person out of your life. 

It seems like that’s exactly what this wife did with a twist of revenge! We’re not too sure about the revenge part but what a hilarious sign to draw attention to a yard sale!


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