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Hilarious Times Parents Treated Their Adult Kids As If They Were Children

Anyone with kids will know, it can be hard to accept that they are growing up and don’t need you anymore. Some parents never really do accept it, and continue to leave cute reminders of their love and desire to nurture well into adulthood! While the ‘kids’ on the receiving end of this coddling might be mortified by their parents’ behavior, we here at Bored Panda think it’s hilarious and adorable, and so we have compiled a lovely list of funny examples. Scroll down to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 My Mom Sneaks In My Office Building And Leaves Me A Surprise

34-Years-Old Married Father Of 3 And Sometimes My Mom Sneaks In My Office Building And Leaves Me A Surprise. In Order To Get In My Office, She Has To Get A Security Card From The Front Desk Guard And Take The Elevator 3 Floors. Trust me, any human being brave enough to carry a baby for 9 months and raising it has ZERO issue to face a security guard and 3 floors

#2 So For My B-Day My Mom Made Matching Ties For Me And My Cat

The most amazing thing about this picture is that the cat, instead of the usual “I will kill you all for this” face, looks like thinking “Hmmm, not bad at all”.

#3 I Am Lucky To Have A Korean Mother, Otherwise I Would Be So Dirty

I adore this photo. It makes me wonder what other items or people she’s done this to before. Like, does she have a pet such as a cat or a dog? Maybe the dog or cat gets the vacuum treatment also!!

#4 Mom Fixed Up A Knee Hole In My Pants. I’m 23, But I Love It

Well, one thing is for sure, this is a better look than the ripped-pants trends we’re seeing these days. Doesn’t it seem like every time you see someone wearing ripped jeans, its like there’s always someone there to say, “why would you buy those like that?”. This mom gets the win in the realm of ripped jeans.

#5 Today I Turned 28. My Mom Insisted On “Taking A Picture With The Balloon”

She might not be sad just because she wears black clothes. She’s probably just making that face because her mom made her hold the balloon and she feels silly. Honestly, it’s a great picture, I hope your mom was giggling.

#6 My Dad Sneaky Sneaks Money Around My House Whenever He Visits

This is literally the best scavenger hunt ever. It’s safe to say we all wish our parents treated us like this on a daily basis.

#7 I Told My Mom I Was Really Sick Today, An Hour Later She Showed Up At My House With This. I’m 30

My mom has always been an awesome cook, but when nothing has stayed down for a while, even she would break out the Campbells chicken noodle. If it was really bad, she took out all the stuff and had us drink the broth. You just have to love it when Mom comes through for the save!

#8 My Mother Comes In And Says, “Bought This 20 Years Ago, Totally Forgot About It….. Here”

It’s to the point now that we expect Christmas presents in April from my mama, she buys, then forgets where she puts things!

#9 Moved To Paris This Summer. Recently, My Mother Sent Me The Winter Coat I Had Forgotten. Found This In The Pocket

Mom is now on a well-deserved “trip” to Paris of her own. Wow…that might have caused some trouble when they would have toll-checked the shipment…”please don’t ring the house this weekend. Your father and I will be busy”.

#10 I Turned 31 Today And This Is The Cake My Mother Gave Me…


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