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Hilarious Tweets About Traveling That Will Make You Laugh While Waiting For Your Delayed Flight

We all know the internet is a hilarious place, especially social media platforms like twitter and instagram. Flying is simultaneously some of the best and worst experiences humans can have. However, although sometimes it’s a great experiences, the act of flying in a plane and all the things you have to do that leads up to flying has become more and more frustrating. We have to deal with long security lines, expensive but cheap tasting airport food, luggage, flight delays, flight cancelations, and of course, other passengers. Here are hilarious tweets that describe the modern horrors of air travel to get you through your day spent traveling.

When Planes Are Really Just Jealous Exes

This guy is definitely just trying to make light of a situation. We’re still always nervous about what would happen if we left our phones on while in the air. They’ve never actually said what could happen, but let’s be honest, we still don’t want to risk it.

When We’ve All Thought About What We Would Do If We Had To Land Into The Ocean

Let’s be honest, the minute we start flying over the ocean we always imagine what would happen if we had to make an emergency landing. Would those life vests actually work? I mean, they’ve probably been sitting there for a while…

When We Find a Place In The Airport That Has Somewhat Alright Tasting Food

Airport food sucks. It’s not even remotely good, and if it is good, it’s probably extremely expensive. So, when you manage to find something that’s not too pricey but still tastes decent, you have to take advantage even if it’s very far from your gate.

We All Have Our Least Favorite Airline

We all have our least favorite airline. This guy seems to think that U.S Airways is like the Chinatown of the sky. Meaning it may look like a real airline but it’s probably faulty and can’t compare to the other ones.

We Always Forget How Awful It Is To Travel With Kids Until We Have To Travel With Kids Again

Traveling with kids should be an olympic sport. Especially if you have four kids. You need to make sure you have separate DVD players, and separate toys for each of them. How many times do you think you’ll probably have to tell them to stop yelling on the plane? Or to stop kicking the seat in front of them?

Why Are There Always People Who Have To Complain About Everything

There’s always those people when traveling who feel the need to complain about everything. If they’re complaining already, might as well really give those people something to complain about.

When You See Another News Article Having To Do With An Airline Mess Up

It seems almost everyday we wake up to another airline being in the news for some reason. At this point, can anything right with any airline?

The Struggles Of Trying To Get Wifi On a Plane Are REAL

It’s still incredibly hard to believe that wifi isn’t free on a flight yet. It seems that we have to pay to breathe on a plane at this point. C’mon you guys, can’t you give us a break? With the amount of money were spending on the flight itself and the awful food, the least you can do is allow us the liberty of some free wifi.

If You’re a Mythology Buff, You’ll Get This

Airline customer service is probably one of the worst to deal with. If you know anything about mythology, you’ll probably see it fitting that Hercules’ would have had to conquer United’s customer service rep as one of his tasks to become a god again.

With Modern Technology, You Would Think Flying Would Go A Lot Smoother

This one basically speaks for itself. It seems almost impossible to book a flight on the phone using miles, and that’s basically all we have to say about that.

The Second You Feel Turbulence You Suddenly Remember A Prayer You Hadn’t Heard Since Catholic School

As soon as turbulence starts on a flight, it seems even the biggest atheist on the plane suddenly remembers a prayer they haven’t heard since their parents forced them to go to catholic school when they were 12.

Honestly, Isn’t It Wild To Grasp That We Can Legit Fly?!

Let’s be honest, we still find it hard to believe that we can actually fly. I mean I know, we’ve put men on the moon and all that so flying isn’t a big deal. But still, it was decided that this big metal thing with fake wings would stay in the air for long periods of time. It’s very weird when you think about it.

Traveling Is A Really Great Way To People Watch

Let’s be honest, traveling is a great way to get some good people watching in. It seems airports are one of the only places where weird things are accepted. For example, it’s not weird for someone to be eating a pizza and drinking a beer at 10 AM. It seems time doesn’t exist in airports, and you seem to find the most interesting people there.

Have You Ever Thought You Could Probably Do It Better?

Sure, there are many people who are so done with watching their plane start and stop their engines, and they probably believe that they could just do it better themselves. To be honest, you most certainly can’t, and I most certainly wouldn’t let you drive the plane, sir.

TBH, We’ve Never Felt More Insecure In Our Lives Than When We’re Getting Checked At TSA

It seems we feel the most insecure when we’re going through TSA in an airport. I mean they basically make you remove all your comfortable and baggy clothing, and they’re checking out everything you have going on in your baggage. There’s no hiding anything from TSA.

Airports Can Sometimes Bring Out The Worst In People

Airports have the ability to bring us to our very limit. It seems that time, people, and everything else moves so much slower than everything else. Especially if you’re one of the unlucky people who ends up with a delayed flight. That is surely enough to bring out the worst in anyone.

The Moments Between Landing and Getting Off The Plane Are The Absolute Worst

Honestly there’s a bit of time that goes by between getting to your gate, and actually getting off your plane that seems to drag on forever. Especially if you’re all the way in back of the plane, it seems everyone else in front of you is moving at a snail’s pace.

We’ve All Probably Thought This Every Time After Traveling

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had this thought after traveling…..Until we’re forced to do it again. The plane ride is always dreaded, but I guess the memories we make in a foreign land is worth it…I GUESS.

When We End Up Successfully Sleeping The Entire Flight

We’ve all at some point knocked out pretty hard on a plane. The ultimate success is hoping you sleep through the entirety of the flight. However, if you don’t have a neck pillow with you, then your neck will probably end up feeling broken, or your head will wind up on the shoulder of the person next to you.

We Just Have To Question The Ridiculousness of TSA’s Requests Sometimes


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