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Awkward Wedding Moments Caught On Camera

With a lot of pressure on everyone at a wedding, bad things and awkward moments are bound to happen. And there’s always a camera ready to immortalize the moment. 

Whether it’s a spoiled bride, a terrible wedding singer, or a grumpy groom, there’s always a moment to be captured. Prepare yourself for a laugh or two.

This couple decided to play fight over who gets to cut the cake. It was an awkward moment to watch in the first place, even before they toppled over the delicious 3-tier cake.

Needless to say, screams filled the room as other guest watched nervously on.

This wedding ceremony that took place in a church was memorable for the funniest reason.

Guest were first touched by the emotional groom who couldn’t stop crying. But then it became obviously that something was in his eye – literally. His best man passed him a tissue as he tried to retrieve his embarrassing eyelash.

This bride decided to wear her mother-in-laws wedding dress. The gesture made the groom quite emotional and the guests a little confused.

Usually, brides might wear their mother’s dress, not their husband’s mother’s dress. Each to their own we suppose!

This bride decided last-minute that she wanted to do a speech. The problem was she had a little too much to drink and it soon turned into a rant about all the things he does wrong.

Guests awkwardly stood and sat listening to a speech that she’d surely regret in the morning.

This couple was happily repeating their vows when the bride kept stumbling over her words.

On her third attempt to try to correct herself, her frame wobbled and she got up and ran out. She ran to the bathroom to throw up!

Someone posted online about a wedding they went to where a guest showed up dressed in white. If anyone didn’t know any better, she could have easily passed as the bride.

Wearing white to someone’s wedding is just a line you do not cross. Speaking of crossing lines…

This wedding turned into a showdown with officers as a guest who was banned from attending showed up and wouldn’t leave.

The bride had to excuse herself from the guests how shockingly watched on as she kicked her toxic mother-in-law out.

For a bride, shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful. Especially during a pandemic. But for some brides, no promising wedding dresses mean the end of the world.

This bride-to-be had a mental breakdown in public as her embarrassed friends tried to comfort her, while this bride experienced something completely different…

Someone posted this photo of a bride and her dad who attended her wedding in his uniform despite her pleas not to.

Guests watched as annoyance gave way to tears when he held out his hand to her for a father-and-daughter dance.

Someone posted about a friend’s wedding they attended a while back where the bride forgot her wedding vows and the groom got visibly upset about it.

Guests watched in awkward silence as he angrily questioned how she could forget it. Sounds like that wasn’t a pleasant moment to witness, just like this next wedding.

This wedding was just downright bad timing! Being the spouse of someone who works in the military is tough. Deployments can sometimes pop out of nowhere.

So when this groom’s deployment coincided with his wedding day, he just about tied the knot before he had to leave to fly to a combat zone. Guests had a hard time celebrating the day without half of the centerpiece.

These wedding guests laughed awkwardly as the groom walked up the aisle with an ex-girlfriend in tow.

It was an elaborated prank that, as you can imagine, didn’t go too well. Everyone was in on it besides the bride who didn’t take kindly to the surpide, unlike this next bride.

This photo was taken by a guest who was in on yet another bride surprise. Guests watched as the bride lost all composure to a surprise her husband had been planning for a while.

He brought in a puppy at the end of their ceremony which left everyone stunned! As did this hair disaster…

Sometimes people place too much importance on wedding day’s running perfectly that they get overly upset on even the smallest of hiccups.

When the wind blow too heavily and undid this bride’s hair, her screams for someone to help her, left the guests not knowing where to look.

This groom decided to have some fun on his wedding day and asked his brother to sing hymns on the alter. The only problem was his brother couldn’t sing and he didn’t tell his bride.

The singing left some guests awkwardly shifting on their seats while other couldn’t contain their laughter!

This was taken by a friend of the bride where a food fight went too far between her and her husband.

Guest were left to pick up the pieces and clean the mess of a situation that escalated way too fast.

A reddit user posted about a wedding they went to where the bride got so upset because the menu the venue served wasn’t what she asked for.

She ended up in tears on the phone with the manager as guests looked awkwardly on, enjoying the menu that she deemed a disaster!

Another reddit user posted a situation you just never think would happen. You know that piece of the ceremony when the ask if there’s any objections and no one ever says anything and the wedding moves swiftly on?

Yeh, well not this time. Someone stood up and objected to their union. Turns out it was an unwelcome ex who sneaked into the couple’s happy day.

“This could have been us!”. These were the words uttered by a friend of the groom that left him in a brawl during the after-party.

The groom broke up the fight and asked for peace before finding out what his friend had said to his bride. Awkward.


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