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Homeless Couple Couldn’t Recognize Each Other After This Amazing Makeover

The life of a homeless person is not as easy as you might think. The couple you are about to meet managed to overcome their problems together and find love. And that was only the beginning of it all – soon they would receive an amazing gift that would change their lives forever. A really skilled photographer from Kenya, who was working for Muchiri Frames had an inspiration and decided that it would be a great idea to do something really special for Valentine’s Day.

The photographer along with his team was shearching for ideas that would give them great photos for Valentine’s Day. Luckily for them, they met Sammy on one of Nairobi’s parks and he had a really special secret that inspired them!

Sammy was a homeless man that lived on the streets of Nairobi. However, when the photographer asked him if he had ever loved, something change on his face and a big smile appeared. What had caused this reaction?

Sammy told the photographer that he had a girlfriend and when he started describing her, his eyes lightened up. His girlfriend was also homeless and they met on Nairobi’s streets, where both of them were living.

Sammy seemed really happy when he was describing his girlfriend and it was really hard for the photographer not to ask to meet that lovely girl. And when he saw them together he was so inspired that he decided to do a really sweet thing for them!

He believed that their love should be celebrated and known to the public eye. And that’s when he decided that he wanted to offer them a makeover and to make a photo shoot with them in order to spread the message of love. 

Both of them agreed and that’s when the magic started happening! A crew came for them and started the makeover that would make them unrecognizable! Everyone seemed really happy through this process.

Sammy and his girlfriend took baths, had their hair done and they really enjoyed the experience. It was truly refreshing for them to be taken care of after so long. And the results took their breath away. Wait to see!

Sammy was really happy with his haircut and he was very touched due to the fact that he hadn’t seen himself so neat in a while. The whole process was truly touchy for everyone that participated.

Sammy’s girlfriend was also in good hands and after the pedicure she did manicure while a professional from the crew was taking care of her hair. Everyone seemed to be really happy and cheerful.

Everything was going great and there had left only few touches in order for the makeover to be completed. And the results were incredible! They couldn’t recognize their selves!

Here you see the last touches until Sammy’s girlfriend was fully ready. See seems to be unrecognizable. She looks and pretty and we’re sure that Sammy also agreed on that without hesitation!

Look how beautiful see is! It’s unbelievable! Who would have thought that this girl after some touch ups would look like a fashion model? She is amazing!

Sammy has also changed a lot! Look how happy he is! He also looks like a fashion model and together they make the perfect couple for sure! Wait to see them together after the makeover!

It’s truly unbelievable how good looking Sammy’s girlfriend is! She has really sweet and gentle face features and nice big brown eyes. She could definitelly be an Instagram model! 

After the makeover it was really hard for them to recognize themselves, let alone each other. When they met, the only thing they could do was to hug each other and smile.

After each photograph, it was proved how pretty and photogenic was Sammy’s girlfriend. She also looked so good in that pink dress. She seemed to be really fresh and happy!

“Under the inspiration of love in its simplest form, we celebrated Valentine‘s with these amazing souls and came out with great testimonies.” said the author of the photographer’s website. 

“Indeed, beneath all the dirt, tattered clothes and slurred speeches there lies beautiful individuals who would thrive like the rest of us if we offered them the opportunities,” he added.

“Love doesn‘t discriminate, here is proof,” he concluded. And it’s true. These two found the love between the dirt, the fear and the hard times and that made both of them stronger and fearless. 


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