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Homeless Man Gets A Free Makeover, Then This Happens

You don’t need to be extremely handsome or beautiful. All you need is to be groomed and have a lot of confidence. Unfortunately, a man from Spain lost his confidence, and after a long period of depression, he ended up without a job, without his self-esteem, and without a home.

One day, he finally agreed to a local barbershop to cut his hair for free. His makeover was so spectacular that he couldn’t even recognize himself in the mirror. This man even had the ladies’ attention even though he wasn’t pleased with the results! 

Depression is an awful state of mind that leaves people in the worst condition. 

But this homeless man’s confidence and will to live a better life were boosted right after he got a makeover. His life completely changed after visiting the barbershop…

Jose Antonio was still a young man when he started struggling with depression. 

He ended up on the streets and spent 25 long years as a homeless in Palma, Spain. The years spent without a roof under his head took a toll on him.

“With the depression, I’d basically lost interest in life and the way I looked and had health problems I wasn’t dealing with,” he explained in an interview with the local media after his makeover went viral on the Internet. 

Jose’s previous job was as an electrician, but when the depression hit him, he couldn’t even get up from bed…

Because of his condition, he couldn’t work anymore and later he was left without a home. 

But on the streets, he made a lot of friends around Palma. Locals loved him because he was a kind man and they nicknamed him Josete. 

Although not authorized, Josete was a parking attendant, allowing him to buy food and survive with the money he made every day. 

A little while before accepting the local barber’s free makeover, the abandoned house he lived in was brought down by the floods. 

He admitted that “parking cars and being like that does not make anyone happy,” and decide it was time he changed his life. 

He would soon look like a celebrity – the man didn’t even recognize himself in the mirror!

Josete knew that getting a new place to live and a new job required a particular look, and he received the help offered by Salva Garcia. 

Salva is a local woman that wanted to change his life. She invited him in the barbershop…

The homeless man followed Garcia in the local hair salon and listened to her offer. 

She told Josete that she would give a head-to-toe makeover and to let them film part of the moments to share with the world. He agreed, but had no idea that hours later, the man in the mirror was very different!

If you thought Josete was around 65 or 70 years old, you’re wrong! He was only 55 years old but looked older because of his unkempt appearance. In the video, you can hear him telling the film producer Dr. Filmgood:

“Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this.”

Josete sat down and looked at himself, then said to the cameras to close the mirrors: “close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.”

He had no idea that his transformation would be so spectacular!

The stylist did what she knew best. She cut Josete’s hair, took care of the beard, and had a massive surprise for him.

Her hands worked magic into her ‘patient’ whose hope was that this makeover would increase his chance of getting a job and making his life better. Jose’s anxiety escalates as hours pass…

Because Jose was only 55 years old, his white hair made him a lot older, so Garcia decided to add some color to Jose’s hair and beard.

The results made this man look 20 years younger. But this wasn’t the only adjustment.

Jose’s impressive beard was too great to be shaved away, so the stylist trimmed it and dyed it the same color as the hair. 

She also plucked a few loose eyebrow hairs and began cutting his hair…

After the hardships Jose has been through in the past three decades, he definitely needed to be pampered and get a star treatment at the salon. 

As Garcia cut his hair, his head felt lighter, and all those years on the street suddenly seemed to vanish from his face as the transformation took place! Jose’s reaction when he sees himself in the mirror is priceless!

Dressed with a new pair of stylish jeans and a white shirt, Jose was finally looking at the man in the mirror, crying and speechless! 

His eyes filled with tears, saying, “I’m so different, no one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am.” Would that be true? Let’s find out!

The new haircut and new clothes weren’t the only things that changed at Jose. 

Everyone around him saw that his posture changed, he looked more confident and couldn’t stop smiling. It was the makeover that brought this man to life.

It was time for dear old Josete to go back to the monument where he usually hangs out and the parking lot to see if anyone would recognize him. 

He was going there dressed in his new outfit, wearing a pair of sunglasses. Wait until you see him – this man is absolutely handsome!

The locals didn’t realize who that stranger was! When they heard his voice, women and all the other locals stopped to compliment and hug him. 

One local comes by and asks him a funny question: “Where’s your Ferrari, mate?”

Sitting at the bar that he usually frequented in Mallorca, the waiter served him coffee and didn’t recognize him until Josete said it was him. 

The extreme makeover went viral on the Internet, and everyone wanted to learn what happened to Jose later…

People have dubbed Josete the “Spanish Hugh Jackman,” and we’ve learned that now he has a place to live thanks to a company that has offered him help. 

As for his look, Jose chose to keep his silver hair and trimmed his beard.

We can all agree that this man’s makeover helped change his life and now he has a roof over his head, a job, and it’s all thanks to a stranger that decided to help him when he needed it the most. 

Thank you, Gracia and La Salvajeria, for your kindness!


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