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How A Protein Bar Company Is Destroying The Competition By Using Memes In Marketing

The CrossBar is anything but an ordinary protein bar and the marketing team at NEOH intends to prove just that. Their clever memes aim to destroy the competition by proving just how much more superior their product is and of course by pointing out the obvious… Unlike the leading protein bars, NEOH bars actually don’t taste like cardboard! Nothing like a little healthy competition, right?

Meet the new NEOH CrossBar! This bar is not your typical protein bar. It’s the result of a beautiful marriage between a candy bar and a protein bar, if you can believe it. Unlike the standard protein bar on the market, the CrossBar has the texture of a smooth velvety chocolate bar and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re going to lose a tooth trying to chew through it. 

The story of the CrossBar begins with a creative entrepreneur from Austria named Manuel. Manuel was sick and tired of the same old chewy, chalky tasting protein bars, so he decided that it was time for something different. Manuel enjoyed an active lifestyle and grew up playing soccer. After his games, he craved for something sweet, but candy bars lacked substance and protein bars lacked the sweetness he desired. Why couldn’t there be a cross between the two?! At this moment, the young entrepreneur had a revelation.

Manuel quickly decided that the world was in need of a better tasting protein bar, so he got to work crafting up recipe after recipe until he finally landed on a winner. It took him close to three years of studying nutrition and countless experiments in his kitchen, but with time and patience he was finally able to find the perfect ingredients to create a recipe for a bar that was packed with protein, low on sugar and that actually tasted amazing – so amazing that it might just have you stepping away from your current protein bar romance…

So, what’s in this bar? The CrossBar contains not one, but FIVE sources of protein, including cocoa, collagen, pea, soy and whey proteins. Unlike other protein bars that can contain up to 9g of sugar and upwards of 20g net carbs, the CrossBar only contains 1g of sugar and only 2g net carbs. With this much protein and so little sugar in this deliciously soft candy-like bar, you better believe your brain will be exploding.

While some protein bars contain slightly more protein, they are generally very high in calories. For a 30g serving, the CrossBar contains 8g protein and only 90 calories. Oh and did I mention that it tastes like an actual chocolate bar?!

This means you can indulge in something that tastes like a chocolate bar while still getting your dose of protein and other bonus essential nutrients like calcium and iron. Too good to be true? No protein bar could be so satiating and delicious at the same time, could it? Maybe you should tell bae to order some and find out for yourself.

Most parents wouldn’t think about letting their kids eat protein bars and they certainly shouldn’t become dependent on them. But since the CrossBar is high in calcium and iron it’s actually a healthy alternative to the standard protein bar and of course way healthier than feeding your kid chocolate bars.

Even better, is the fact that the bar is nut free so your kids can actually have them at school or at their soccer practice. Still not convinced? NEOH CrossBars contain xylitol, a natural sweetener, which has been proven to protect the sensitive enamel on your growing child’s teeth. So next time you see your kid messing around on your iPhone, don’t assume they’re up to no good. They’re probably just ordering their next box of CrossBars!

If the memes haven’t sold you on buying your first box of NEOH CrossBars, then let me just tell you that the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) recommends a daily intake of only 25g of sugar. Did you know that the average candy bars have way more than 25g in just one bar? Yep, and CrossBars have just 1g of sugar per serving. So, even if you’re extra hungry, you don’t have to be ashamed to eat more than one…

What are you waiting for then? Chocolate Crunch NEOH Crossbars are available for sale online at Amazon.com. Don’t settle for flavorless cardboard protein bars. Treat yourself to something that actually TASTES good and IS good for you!


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